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Cryptocurrencies have gained so much global grounds and acceptance since they first came into existence. Businesses are beginning to use them as a means of transaction. They are also being used in games. One such game is Roobet which is an online casino that uses cryptocurrency to play the various casino games it offers.

In Roobet, you have access to play virtually all the games you normally would play when you walk into a casino. Games like Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Dice, Crash, Mines, Towers, and Game shows. It was established recently in 2019 and has since grown popular among casino players.

Roobet has a user-friendly website that makes it easy to navigate your way through as you play the many Casio games found on Roobet. However, it uses cryptocurrency online.

Normally, you can play Roobet from anywhere in the world depending on whether the country where you are domicile allows online gambling or not. It won't be a problem for you if no laws are preventing you from gaining access to Roobet's website. However, it means you will entirely miss out on this epic online casino if there is censorship in place. But don't worry, I know just the right tool for you to use.

With a VPN, you can easily pass through any restrictions without anyone noticing your IP address. A VPN will simply assign you a different IP address, hence, concealing your real IP address. It means you can enjoy hours of gameplay and win on Roobet without having to answer to your country's authorities.

How to connect to Roobet Using a VPN

You can connect to Roobet and begin unrestricted access to your favourite casino games in very easy steps.

First, choose your favourite VPN from the list I will be showing you shortly and sign up with them. Then connect to the VPN under good internet access.

From here, head to Roobet's website sign up and open your account. From here, you just enjoy unrestricted access to play your favourite casino games online. You can do so anywhere with your VPN connection in place.

Why Would Anyone Need a VPN to play on Roobet?

Like I mentioned earlier, not every country allows online gambling. So if you are from these few countries that restrict online casinos, you will be restricted each time you attempt connecting to the Roobet website.

However, VPNs have a speciality in knocking down those restrictions. It will bypass any restriction by hiding your real IP address with one from any content that allows it. It ensures that you surf the net the entire time you are connected as an anonymous. VPNs  your privacy and security tight.

The Best VPN for Roobet

There are a good number of VPNs that you can use to gain access to Roobet. However, not all of them offer the best features and protection.

I'll be showing you some of the best VPNs that you can use to connect to Roobet from anywhere. Then you'll decide which one you think it's best for you.


Best VPN for Roobet
Official website
Our Rating Best VPN for Roobet (Excellent – 4.9/5)
Available applications  Best VPN for Roobet
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $3.49/month (-70% deal)
Visit website Best VPN for Roobet
More information NordVPN review

NordVPN is a great VPN for you to connect to Roobet. It has the powerful ability to bypass geo-blocks and gain you access to censored content from any country around the world.

NordVPN has over 5,500 servers scattered over 59 countries. It gives NordVPN global coverage. That means you can easily connect to Roobet and enjoy your favourite casino games from anywhere in the world. Another fantastic thing about NordVPN is that you can use it to stream videos online with the 140+ streaming services it can work with. It works very well with the best streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and so much more.

NordVPN uses the SmartPlay technology that easily bypasses every geo-block, allowing you to enjoy a smooth game experience and also stream media content in HD. It also supports point-to-point traffic on most of its servers.

Talking streaming in HD and your online gaming, NordVPN's ultra-fast speeds let you enjoy HD content without any buffering moment. You can also use NordVPN for torrenting. It also supports WireGuard that greatly increases its speeds.

NordVPN does not leave your security to chance while you are on Roobet using the best encryption available to secure your data. It uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. With this kind of encryption, you can be certain that no one will ever crack into your data. No one can crack into your data to steal your wins.

It also uses an automatic kill switch that disconnects you from the internet whenever you lose connection with the VPN. It prevents your IP address from being exposed. Your DNS requests will not also be leaked. There is additional leak protection that prevents your DNS and IP address from leaking no matter what happens with your internet connection.

NordVPN runs a strict No-logs policy that prevents anyone from laying hands on your online activities. None of it is even stored on any of NordVPN's servers. It means you are completely anonymous online. All your online activities cannot be traced back to you.

The CyberSec technology it uses removes ads and malware. You can safely stream and surf the net without having to worry about the annoying ads and malware that pose a great threat to data and obstructs your play while on Roobet.

You can enjoy all these on 6 devices at the same time as NordVPN allows you to connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.

The customer service is superb with 24/7 live chat support and a 30-day money-back guarantee period.

If this sounds like the VPN for you, do subscribe to any of NordVPN's plans. As it is, you can cancel your subscription and get back your money within the guarantee period.

A Quick Summary of Features

  • Has over 5,500 servers scattered across 59 countries
  • Very fast VPN speeds
  • Has P2P-optimized servers for smooth HD streaming
  • Supports WireGuard
  • Makes use of CyberSec, the Ad and malware blocker
  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy
  • Can work with: Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, Disney+
  • It is compatible with: Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Firefox, Chrome, routers


expressvpn review
Official website
Rating  Best VPN for Roobet (Excellent – 4.8/5)
Available applications  Best VPN for Roobet
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $6.67 (-49% deal)
Visit website Best VPN for Roobet
More information ExpressVPN review

ExpressVPN comes next on my list. Having blistering speed for smooth gameplay, you would not regret choosing this VPN. Because of its super-fast speeds, you can comfortably enjoy Roobet and stream in HD. You can also enjoy torrenting with it.

ExpressVPN has proved to work perfectly with most of the streaming platforms including Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. This, coupled with its 3000 servers spread in 94 countries, means you have a plethora of viewing choices. Amazingly, ExpressVPN also works well, even in many countries, even those with strict censorship.

With its incredible speed of connection and performance, ExpressVPN is just incredible. For example, the average speed of streaming Netflix in HD is 5Mbps, but ExpressVPN records a download speed up to 55. 73 Mbps in the UK, and a little less in other countries. With such speeds, you can do virtually anything online without delay or lagging. Bringing this to your gaming experience, it will seem like you are physically playing the casino. 

ExpressVPN uses the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption to encrypt all your data as you communicate with the internet. With this encryption, no hacker can crack into your data while you are playing on Roobet. There is also a handy kill switch that automatically cuts your internet connection if there is any breakdown in your connection to the VPN.

ExpressVPN also has good leak protection. It ensures that your IP address is protected, and prevents your ISP from accessing anything from your DNS, even while you are on Roobet. All the servers used by ExpressVPN VPN are under leak protection. Your privacy is assured with this VPN.

ExpressVPN has user-friendly apps that easy to navigate. They work well with Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

It also has a Split-tunneling feature. With this feature, you can be connected to Roobet through the VPN and still be able to use your local IP for other online activities that don't necessarily require you to hide your IP address.

Also, it is possible to connect up to 5 devices as you enjoy the multiple connections.

For customer satisfaction, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 live chat support. Try it out to see if it is the VPN for you.

A Quick Summary of Features

  • Has over 3,000 servers in 94 countries
  • Has MediaStreamer that allows streaming on all devices
  • Has unlimited bandwidth, lightning speed, and no throttling
  • A guaranteed 30-day money-back policy
  • Can work with: HBO GO, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, HBO GO, Shudder, Amazon Prime Video, Showtime
  • It is compatible with: Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, Routers, smart TV, Chrome, Firefox, Amazon Fire TV


cyberghostvpn review
Official website
Rating  Best VPN for Roobet (Great – 4.5/5)
Available applications  Best VPN for Roobet
Money-back guarantee 45-days
Price from $2.75 (-80% deal)
Visit website Best VPN for Roobet
More information CyberGhost review

If you are looking for high speeds and ease of performance, CyberGhost offers you just that. With its simplicity and speed, it comes up among the best VPNs for Roobet. It is only easy to use.

CyberGhost has an unlimited bandwidth that allows you countless hours of gameplay on Roobet. You can also connect up to 7 devices at the same time. And enjoy the online protection.

CyberGhost is simply easy to use. Even if you are new to VPNs and just want a VPN you can connect to easily and focus on your game on Roobet, CyberGhost gives you just that.

With over 7000 servers in 90 countries, you can gain access to a wide variety of media content even when you don't feel like playing casino on Roobet. CyberGhost works with many streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, among other streaming services. With these many servers scattered over many countries, you can be sure to be connected to the best available server.

When it comes to the speed of operation, CyberGhost is not left behind. It has its highest download speed of 55.73 Mbps in the UK. With the NoSpy option, CyberGhost connects you to the safest independent server among its many servers. The NoSpy option also ensures that no one can trace the connected server. It brings about increased speed and privacy.

For security, CyberGhost uses the military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. It also has a kill switch that works automatically to cut off your internet connection when your VPN connection breaks. It also has an intact IP and DNS leak protection.

CyberGhost also ensures your privacy and security by blocking malware, and ads that are harmful to the system and your data. It also runs on a strict No-logs policy. So, as you play your games on Roobet, you do not need to worry about your government's prying eyes.

With CyberGhost, you enjoy safety and privacy, at the same time, enjoy comfort playing on Roobet and HD streaming of media content. 

If you do not like this VPN and want to cancel your subscription to get a refund, you have a grace period of 45 days. During this period, you can get your money refunded if you cancel your subscription.

For your inquiries and complaints, you can contact their 24/7 live chat help desk.

A Quick Summary of Features

  • It has fast speeds for uploading and downloading
  • Uses military-grade 256-bit encryption, a no-logs policy
  • Has unlimited bandwidth and allows simultaneous connection for 7 devices
  • Has a 45-day money-back guarantee period, and 24/7 live chat
  • Works with: Netflix, HBO GO, BBC iPlayer, ESPN, Sky Go, CBS All Access, Sling TV
  • It is compatible with: Windows, macOS, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV, Android, iOS, Firefox, Chrome

Private Internet Access VPN

private internet access review - main
Rating  Best VPN for Roobet  (Great – 4.3/5)
Available applications  Best VPN for Roobet
Money-back guarantee 30-Days Money Back Guarantee
Price from $2.99/month
More information PIA PVN review

PIA is one of the best VPNs for Roobet owing to how comprehensive its performance is. It has one of the best VPN services available.

PIA has 3,381 WireGuard servers operational in 41 countries. It means you have a wide variety of global content to enjoy even as you get to play the best of casino games on Roobet.

PIA is also among the VPNs that have WireGuard. However, it is only the latest version of PIA that comes with WireGuard. The WireGuard on this version is turned on from the settings menu.

With the WireGuard turned-on, your connection speeds are increased. It makes for an even greater gaming experience. You can easily connect to HBO Go, Netflix, and many others. However, PIA doesn't work with Vudu, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu.

PIA It uses RESTful API, which is protected by RSA. This additional layer of privacy ensures your online activities are not saved on the VPN. PIA's no-logs policy also prevents the WireGuard it uses from storing the IP address assigned to you when you connect with the VPN each time you want to play on Roobet.

PIA also automatically deletes all your logs after three minutes of inactivity. However, you wouldn't even be notified. It is part of measures put in place to guarantee your privacy.

PIA also blocks ads and malware as you surf the net and enjoy your online casino.

Private Internet Access is a fantastic choice for playing casino games on Roobet. You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

If you experience any challenges while using PIA,  you can access help from the 24/7 live chat support. You also enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee policy to test this VPN and see if it works for you.

A quick summary of features

  • Has 3,381 WireGuard servers in 41 countries
  • It simultaneously connects ten devices
  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy
  • Can work with: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Showtime, HBO Go, DAZN
  • It is compatible with: macOS, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux

Conclusion: Do not use Roobet without a decent VPN

With the VPNs I have listed in this article, you can enjoy unrestricted access to play any casino game of your choice available on Roobet. Neither your government nor the best of hackers can lay hands on your online activities.

Do check them out and see which one is best for you. All the mentioned VPNs offer money-back guarantee periods that vary, depending on the subscription plan they offer. In the end, the goal is that you will enjoy unrestricted access to play the casino games you love on Roobet.

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