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Are you a massive fan of Korean content such as their movies and music and unable to download it from the TorrentKim platform? Well, you are in the right place as we will share with you the necessary information to download Korean content. We will also discuss the names of the best sites to use instead of TorrentKim.

TorrentKim was a P2P file-sharing to download Korean content

Korean TV shows, music, and films have found new fame all over the world due to their uniqueness and high-quality. More and more people are lining up to see what the whole fuss is all about. The eagerness gained steam amongst the average users when the Korean movie “Parasite” overcame all odds and won the “Best Picture” and other numerous awards during the 92nd Academy Awards.

Unfortunately, due to the different hurdles such as language barriers and content distribution, many people around the world never got the chance to watch the movie in their regions. The same is the case with all the other Korean productions. Conversely, that was not the case in the past as there was a torrent site named TorrentKim dedicated to sharing files like Korean films, shows, and even their pop music.

However, in the present, TorrentKim is a mere shadow of itself as it stopped working. Much like several Torrent sites before TorrentKim, it went out of service without any explanation. If you ever decide to visit the once official URL of TorrentKim, you will find nothing more than ads and random pop-ups on its page.

Fortunately, the internet never disappoints, and if one door closes, plenty more open at the same time to fill the void. The same is the case with TorrentKim, as there are several other sites available that are more than capable of offering all the latest Korean content for you to download. If you wish to access everything related to the Korean Genre, then keep reading this guide as we will talk about the best sites to use instead of TorrentkKim. We will also share the means to make the activity and the whole endeavor secure and private.

The best and functioning sites to use instead of TorrentKim to download Korean movies and TV shows

TorrentKim was unique in its way, and for that, it developed a considerable following. Still, there are worthy alternatives to the site that bring the latest Korean content. In this section, we will look into some of the top sites that you can access to download and watch your favorite show or movie without any worry of getting reprimanded. Further on, we will also discuss the means to keep accessing the alternative to TorrentKim that will make the whole content downloading endeavor safe for you.

1. Replace TorrentKim with TorrentRG and access any Korean movie or show you like

If you are looking for a platform that is not only Korean centric and but offers to download content produced in other parts of the world, then TorrentRG is the site for you. The simple layout of the site provides users from all types of backgrounds to reach their desired files and download them.

The site is highly operational, and you will find all the latest Korean movies and dramas on TorrentRG. Not only that, but the platform also contains links to international content with Korean dubbing and subtitles. We recommend checking out this site to fulfill your love for Korean films and other productions.

Furthermore, TorrentRG is not just limited to dramas, movies, and music, as the platform is a hub to download the latest software for free. The site has a dedicated community forum where users can request the admins to put out specific torrent files if they are not available. The FAQ guide section of the site has answers and information to every possible problem one could face during navigation.

2. Use PirateBay instead of TorrentKim download Korean content

The Pirate Bay is one of those torrent sites that are always there for its users, even under the most gloomy circumstances. The site is a major hub for all the local and international content available on the internet. Every old and new torrent file related to Korean movies, shows, music, and other things is easily accessible from the platform of The Pirate Bay.

The website holds an Alexa ranking of 253 as of now, which points to the popularity of the platform. However, such prevalence is not sometimes good as relevant authorities have taken down the site on multiple occasions. It is why there are so many mirror links to The Pirate Bay, which offer the user to keep access to Korean content even when the original site is redundant. You can access any of the mirror links of The Pirate Bay stated below:

The Pirate Bay Mirror Sites







3. Not need to use TorrentKim when you have sites like 1337x to download content from Korea for free

1337x is the best torrent site to use instead of TorrentKim. From Korean movies that are popular all over the world to even their unknown shows, waiting for someone to discover them, 1337x has got it all. With an Alexa ranking of 310, 1337x has become the go-to torrent site for users of every region.

The best thing about the site is that it is still working, and only a handful of countries have banned user access to it. The website has a very user-friendly layout, and content is easily accessible through a variety of categories. Ad pop-ups are scarce on the site, which makes the browsing experience all the more worthwhile on 1337x.

If, for some reason, the site is inaccessible, then you will get the full opportunity to download anything from the official mirror sites of the platform. Some of the fast speed mirror links of 1337x are as follows:

1337x Mirror Sites







4. Access RARBG instead of TorrentKim for quality ad-free service

The third most used and known site to download not just content from the Korean genre, but every possible category is RARBG, which holds an Alexa ranking of 523. Much to our surprise, we didn’t find any ad pop-up while exploring the site, which intrigued us even more, to add it to the list of websites to replace TorrentKim. RARBG has categorized every genre which allows user to easily reach the intended file and start downloading with BitTorrent software in no time.

Though relevant authorities have seldom taken down the RARBG from the internet, we have learned that it is geo-restricted in several regions around the world. It is the reason why RARBG has more mirror links, unlike any other web platform we had researched before writing this guide. You can access any of the top five proxy links to RARBG if you are unable to open the original URL due to whatever factor:

RARBG Mirror Sites







5. Download Korean content from Tcafe2 in place of TorrentKim

Tcafe2 is a site based in Korea that is designed solely for Korean users and people who under the Korean language. We had to use the Translate feature from the Google Chrome browser to navigate around the website. Upon converting the site’s language to English, we found the web interface to be extremely choppy and distracting. We were also clueless about where to go next to download any related content from Tcafe2. The site also had excessive ads that popped out at random moments, and we often found ourselves on the wrong webpage.

After digging deep into the platform, we finally discovered the files we wanted to download. Despite its many flaws, TCafe2 had the latest content from the Korean genre. It was the sole factor why we included it into the list of the best sites to use instead of TorrentKim. However, we were unable to find any mirror links to the platform on the internet.

6. Get the latest Korean dramas today with the DramaFire platform instead of TorrentKim

If you are an avid follower of the Korean soap operas and wish to access them as soon as they air on the regional television channel, then DramaFire is the answer. The platform is the best alternative to TorrentKim, which contains links to download all the latest Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese dramas in none other than HD.

However, we do not recommend using this site in front of children as we happed to found a whole flurry of ads containing adult content. Such ads continued to pop-up at random moments and disrupted the entire procedure to download the Korean drama we wanted to access.

Despite the negative publicity surrounding adult ads, we discovered that DramaFire catered to international audiences as well by offering English subtitles to a majority of the Dramas available on the platform. For that purpose, we decided to include DramaFire into the list of the best sites to replace TorrentKim.

Ensure safe and anonymous browsing with a VPN while using sites instead of TorrentKim to download Korean content

As discussed earlier, P2P file-sharing and other torrenting platforms are not the safest and purest places on the internet. You will find inappropriate ads popping here and there, which might infect your device with viruses like malware and adware. These viruses could become an accessory in leaking or stealing your information to hackers and other interested parties to their gain.

Furthermore, many regions consider the practice to download content for free from sites such as TorrentKim and others to be illegal. It is why the ISPs prevent their users from accessing such sites in the first place. Excessive downloading from such platforms could also result in internet throttling enabled by the ISP and much more.

The only solution to get around related issues and to bypass geo-restrictions of every kind is by using a VPN. The VPN has the ability to give the necessary protection against malware and malicious sites with adult ads while providing the user with a full chance to download any content. If the site containing Korean shows and movies happen to be inaccessible in your region, then with a single click, the VPN will unblock your path toward it.

High-end encryption protocols such as AES 256-bit protection, PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP, premium VPN services are capable of protecting your identity and data 24/7. Once you subscribe to any one of the services mentioned below, you will instantly enjoy such a level of freedom on the internet that you had once hoped to achieve.

Unblock all the alternatives to TorrentKim with NordVPN

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Nord is the best VPN whole around that has a wide accessory of servers and high-performance security protocols for users to download Korean content freely. If any of the sites that we mentioned to replace TorrentKim happen to be not working in your area, then NordVPN special unblocking features will open them. The VPN service has more than 5800 servers across 59 countries with unlimited bandwidth and high-speed internet connection to gain complete internet freedom.

You will achieve complete anonymity while using Nord and its several security features like CyberSec, AES 256-bit encryption, Kill Switch, and much more. If you don’t wish to access torrent sites for whatever reason, then with  NordVPN, you can still access relevant Korean content from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

Nord offers the user to share and use the credential of a single account on as many as six devices for a small price of  $3.49 per month with a 30-day refund guarantee.

Get the security you need to open the sites to download Korean shows instead of TorrentKim with ExpressVPN

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Everyone in the cybersecurity business considers ExpressVPN to be the benchmark of quality service for a VPN. It offers state of the art features that makes it impossible for the ISP, the government, and any hacker to access information of its users. Each of the 3000 servers that the VPN has spread out across 94 countries brings high-speed with infinite bandwidth to the table. Such an abundance of servers allows Express to bypass geo-restrictions to open sites that offer Korean content in place of TorrentKim.

Most of the servers of ExpressVPN offer protection protocols such as OpenVPN UDP/TCP, IPsec, IKEv2, and L2TP for proper protection of its user’s identity. Features such as IP masking, kill switch, and DNS leak prevention will keep your identity anonymous on the internet, once you subscribe to the service.

Express allows its users to share the details of a single account on a maximum of five devices at the same time for a price of $8.32 per month with a 30-day refund assurance.

Download content with CyberGhost VPN quickly from sites in place of TorrentKim

cyberghostvpn review
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CyberGhost VPN, as the name suggests, will make you completely hidden on the internet away from the reaches of cybercriminals and other entities. It doesn’t matter if TorrentKim or its replacements are not available in your region, CyberGhost will bypass geo-restrictions to open them without breaking a sweat. It is only because of the VPN’s ample gallery of 5900 servers across 89 countries that you could open sites like Netflix US and Amazon along with P2P platforms.

As far as the security functions of CyberGhost VPN goes, you will get 24/7 256-bit encryption, Wi-Fi protection, and IP masking to achieve complete anonymity. The VPN service also has features like Kill Switch, IP Leak Protection, and much more across every notable platform.

By availing the service’s 45-day money-back guarantee offer, you will get the chance to test out all the features of CyberGhost for free. The subscription fee isn’t expensive either as the most popular plan of CyberGhost VPN is available for a small cost of $2.75 per month.

Using a free VPN to access the best alternatives to TorrentKim

Using platforms that don’t expect you to pay for their service like OperaVPN, Tor browser, and free VPN can bypass geo-restrictions applied by your ISP.       However, this is as far as they’ll go in giving any freedom as you will not be able to open sites like Netflix and Amazon or shop online with these services. You will also not be able to enjoy encryption protocols of premium VPNs with such services, and there will be a visible decrease in browsing speed. It is why we do not recommend using such tools to access torrent sites in place of TorrentKim or any other purpose.

How to set up a Premium VPN to access alternative sites to TorrentKim

It doesn’t matter if you alternative sites to TorrentKim are accessible or not in your region, you should use a VPN under every scenario. For that to happen, you will have to subscribe to a VPN service. Once you do that, follow the steps stated below to set up the VPN on your computer:

  • Download the native app of the VPN from the service’s official downloads page and install it on your C drive;
  • Run the software as soon as you download it and once the interface pops up, enter your login credentials
  • Now click on the the “sign-in” tab before checking out the next step;
  • Select any server or preferably a Korean server to access the torrenting site to download Korean content;
  • Now close the window of the VPN app and open your browser;
  • Enter any TorrentKim replacement sites that we had mentioned in the article above and download any drama, movie, or other files from the platform.

It is a shame that TorrentKim isn’t available on the internet as it was a secure platform to download Korean content for free without any extra hassle. Thankfully, there are more than a few platforms available that offer the same level of convenience and content coverage as TorrentKim used to provide.

In this article, we had shared with you the necessary information on torrenting sites that are the best alternatives to TorrentKim, containing the latest bit of Korean content. We had also shown you the way to make the whole content downloading from such sites both secure and ad-free at the same time. It is unarguable that using a premium VPN service is the best practice one could perform to maintain total protection on the internet.

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