AVG Free Antivirus for Mac uninstall guide


This short guide will provide you with the information how to correctly uninstall AVG AntiVirus for Mac from your Mac. Please note that dragging the AVG AntiVirus for Mac icon into Trash bin will not remove the program correctly, so if you want to completely uninstall AVG AntiVirus for Mac please follow the article. If everything is done correctly, the uninstallation should not take long.

The article will provide you with two methods how you can uninstall AVG AntiVirus for Mac from your system correctly.

Uninstallation of AVG AntiVirus for Mac

Method 1

In order to correctly uninstall the AVG AntiVirus for Mac application, please take the following steps:

  1. Firstly, launch AVG AntiVirus for Mac on your system. On the main Menu bar click AVG AntiVirus and select Uninstall AVG AntiVirus.
  2. Click on the Uninstall button.
  3. Then, the system will prompt you notification requesting your system password. Type the password and then click OK.
  4. The uninstallation should be completed.

Method 2

If for some reasons the application was not uninstalled by following the previously described guidelines, take this instruction:

  1. Navigate to the main menu bar, click on the Go button and select Utilities from the provided list.
  2. Choose Terminal.
  3. Then, Copy and Paste this command on the command-line: /Library/Application\\ Support/AVGAntivirus/components/uninstall/com.avg.uninstall.app/Contents/MacOS/com.avg.uninstall
  4. Select and press the Return button in order to execute the command.
  5. Click on the Uninstall button and take the following on-screen instruction.
  6. AVG AntiVirus for Mac should be removed from your system.

Congratulations! If you took all the mentioned steps correctly, AVG AntiVirus for Mac should have been removed from your macOS system!

We hope these guidelines help you to uninstall the unwanted or unused application. It is important for you to remove all unused applications in order to have your Mac running smooth and without interruptions.

Do not forget that Macs are vulnerable to cyber threats just like Windows PCs and a volume of malware targeting Macs is increasing. So, in order to have a protected and malware-free Mac, a reliable antivirus application is necessary. So make sure to reinstall updated AVG AntiVirus for Mac or choose another antivirus and Internet Security solution for your Mac.

If you want to reinstall and install a different antivirus system for your Mac, we highly recommend you to restart your Mac first and see if AVG AntiVirus for Mac was successfully removed.

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