What are the Instagram Proxies?

What are instagram proxiesInstagram Proxies

Instagram[1] is a photo and video-sharing social media service, owned by Facebook, which became one of the most popular ways for businesses to reach their targeted audiences and also potential customers. However, the competition for user attention in Instagram is fierce. According to Sprout Social[2], about 70 percent of businesses are using Instagram as a part of their marketing plan. As a result, some of the marketing managers decided to automate their social networking by using help of dedicated software. These automation tools can manage not one, but several social media accounts at the same time, and even generate different messages.

The Use of Instagram Proxy servers

In order to do so, these tools are connected through Instagram proxies that allow marketing managers to automate more than one Instagram accounts at the same time and manage them using a single tool. Even though it is clear what is a social media automation tool, not many of the marketing managers know that for these tools to function correctly, proxies are needed. In this article, we are going to find out what are Instagram Proxies and how they can be utilized for businesses using social media, particular Instagram. In addition, we will shortly discuss of advantages of Instagram proxies and why they need to be used responsibly. So first, lets’ find out what proxies are.

Proxy servers can help you to to automate several Instagram accounts at the same time

Originally, proxy servers were used in order to increase anonymity and privacy. However, as the Internet developed, users found new ways to use proxy servers. Today, proxies are widely used by marketing managers for research and marketing purposes. As a result, Instagram proxies were developed and used by marketers as they enable them, to automate several accounts at the same time.[3]

Even though there are many traditional proxy providers, when it comes to social media, or particular Instagram, the offers are still quite limited. Social media websites are highly restrictive and they usually block most of the regular proxies. As a result, Instagram and other social media packages are virgin private proxies with clean and never used IP addresses. This is why they are one of the most expensive proxies available in today’s market.

Instagram proxies can safe a lot of time for the marketingers

Those marketers that manage a single Instagram profile from one PC or other smart device do not need to worry about using proxies. However, those who manage more Instagram accounts, a private or any dedicated proxy would be a very helpful, as Instagram or other social media websites limit the number of the accounts that can be controlled using a single IP address up to five. As a result, if the marketer manages 10 accounts, they can be blocked due to this Social Network policy. In other words, proxies for Instagram allows marketers to permanently control several Instagram accounts using a single Instagram proxy server. It also can be used to manage a single account by several users working remotely. Instagram proxies enable users to limit and isolate each account, this way managers that are under control of a big amount of accounts can treat each account individually. It also minimizes the risk of having accounts blocked.

Proxies are used by remote social media managers

It is worth mentioning that not all managers that control several accounts use Instagram proxies. Some companies are employing remote social media managers to work from a different country. However, if the employee works from a different county, the Instagram account also can be blocked due to security checks that consider the connection as suspicious or insecure. Then, the proxies are used to tie the Instagram accounts to one dedicated IP address. As a result, the company and the employee working remotely can forward their account through a proxy server.

The benefits of using Instagram proxy servers

Firstly, the automation of social media marketing saves time. Managers get some extra time that was previously used for manually managing the account. It also allows marketers to expand their target reach. In other words, Instagram proxies allow managers to reach a lot larger audience with a better-focused marketing message, as well as spread a similar message through different Instagram accounts, reaching different audiences. To sum up, Instagram proxies allows to reach a larger audience, receive more precise results and A/B tests, and focus on individual marketing targets with several accounts. It is worth to mention that according to the Pew Research Center[4], Instagram is the most influential social network at the moment, to 32 percent of teenagers. This is why the automation and developing of a clear message is a crucial component for a successful marketing plan.

Instagram proxies should be used responsibly

Even though Instagram proxies seem like a very useful tool, sometimes automation is not used responsibly. For example, there are instances when managers abuse Instagram proxies and spam the network with irrelevant messages. As you can see, the use and benefits are up to the marketer. It shouldn’t be the issue for the conscious marketers who aim to boost the Instagram campaign performance by increasing its’ reach.

Instagram proxies and social media proxies

Instagram proxies and social media proxies, in general, are virgin private proxies with never used, highly dedicates IP address. Not every Instagram manager needs them, however for those who want to manage several accounts at the same time it’s crucial. An Instagram proxy server allows connecting accounts to social networks and to manage several profiles from a single device at the same time, and vice versa a single account from several computers or smartphones. Instagram proxies are used to avoid blocking the account, due to the strict social networking policies.

What is a Proxy Server?

As listed on Wikipedia[5] proxy acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. It also can be said that a proxy operates as a gateway between users. It is used to separate end users from the Internet and the websites they browse. Browsing the Internet through a proxy server, each website recognizes the proxy server and its IP.

Proxy ServerHow does a proxy server work

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