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Does the term Virtual Private Network (VPN) say anything to you? Well, if you are an experienced Internet user, it should. A VPN is a great tool that gives you the security you need when browsing on the Internet. When you are online with the service of a VPN, there is a virtual encrypted tunnel between your device and the Internet.  It is not possible to monitor your online activity anymore, whether it's the government, your Internet provider, or annoying hackers. You see, when using a VPN, you gain another IP address from the country of your choice. In this way, nobody knows your true location and you can surf anonymously. Coming from a different country (virtually), you can now go to all the pages that are blocked by your own government. For example, if you live in China where the majority of Western sites are banned, you can access them with the help of a VPN. You can also use a Virtual Private Network when you visit P2P file sharing websites. It is a good idea not to have your IP address exposed when torrenting, so a VPN is a must in this situation.

The features of VPNArea

Pros Cons Verdict
High level of security Confusing User Interface A decent long-term solution with good security
Supports Netflix High price for one month
Kill Switch
Adblock Relatively small number of servers

VPNArea is created by Offshore Security EOOD, a Bulgarian company. The program has been known for quite a while and has already earned a spot as a trustworthy solution. It has 220 servers in 69 locations worldwide. It is a decent number of servers, but many other VPN providers have around 1000 servers, so there is a chance that VPNArea might sometimes get overcrowded.

You can Install VPNArea on any operating system

VPNArea is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. Each version is made to be fully compatible with the operating system used, which proves that the developers truly care about their services. However, there are VPNs that are compatible with even more systems, so this feature of VPNArea is quite common.


Military-grade encryption ensures your online protection and privacy

VPNArea uses 256 bits AES encryption, which is the strongest encryption available, to the contrary to 128 bits encryption. What is more, it has a built-in Anti DNS Leak system, which assures you that your Internet provider won't be able to see any of the websites you visit.

 VPNArea anti-DNS leaks Unlimited bandwidth VPNArea offers unlimited bandwidth, which means that you can use the service without restrictions on the speed or the amount of data you download.

Kill Switch

Not all VPNs have a feature called a Kill Switch, but this is an extremely useful tool to have. So, how does it work? Basically, it is a feature that will disable your Internet connection once the VPN gets disconnected. This is done in order not to accidentally expose your IP address, especially when you are using P2P sites.


This Virtual Private Network has integrated system against online ads, which adds more security when it comes to browsing the Internet. Usually, you can see tons of ads on various web pages. However, not all of them are safe to click on. This is especially relevant in regard to shady pages that have a lot of weird-looking advertisements that can redirect you to extremely dangerous pages filled with viruses. To sum up, this is a really good feature to have.

VPNArea Kill Switch

The user interface is not the best we have ever seen

The User Interface (UI) is a bit complicated, especially if you use VPN services for the first time. It is bulky and does not look very professional, as opposed to many other VPN UIs.

  VPNArea main page

Despite this fact, VPNArea User Interface is quite informative, showing you your current IP address, the status of your connection, and the distance between you and the VPN server.

VPNarea provides an average pricing packages comparing to the market

If you want to try VPNArea for one month, you can consider buying a 1-month license for $9.90. This subscription has all the advantages of long-term subscriptions, except for the possibility to purchase a dedicated IP option. However, the price is a bit high in comparison to some other VPN providers. A license for 6 months makes the price a bit lower – $8.33 for a month, adding up to $50.00 in total. The best option is obtaining a full-year subscription for $59.00, which makes you pay only $4.92 per month. In this way, VPNArea can be considered as quite inexpensive, but you have to be committed to using it for a long period of time.

VPNArea prices

Overall, VPNArea is a trustful and secure VPN solution

VPNArea is quite a decent option for you if you are looking for quality in your VPN services. It has the Kill Switch, blocks ads, and offers unlimited bandwidth. However, the number of servers, although decent, is not impressive, and the price for one month could be a little lower.

VPNArea servers and speed

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