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Total AV Antivirus Pro[1] is a security and optimization tool that supports Windows PCs, Android, macOS and iOS devices. The company aims to safeguard users against various cyber threats.

Total AV Review

The company provides three packages of security including Essential Antivirus, Antivirus Pro, and Ultimate Antivirus. The entry-level protection starts at $99.95 without an offer, however, at the time this article is being written the package costs $19.95 per year. Antivirus Pro retails at $119.95 per year without an offer or $39.95 per year with an offer. The most expensive tier is Ultimate Antivirus which is $149.95 or $59.95 with an offer per year. All the packages come with the licenses for Windows PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices, so even the software can seem bit pricey, it offers five licenses, which looks cheap on a per-device basis. In addition, users also get 30-day money-back guarantee. Total AV allows users to manage installations from an online console.

Total AV was founded in 2016 and it is one of the newest companies in the market. Even though the company is very young, it already offers a great feature set for multiple devices across most popular operating systems. 

The installation process is simple but can take some time, as firstly users can sign up on the official website which requires having an account. Once installed on Windows PC, Total AV offers a free feature-limited edition of antivirus, that scans the system from malware and vulnerabilities. Only the paid version will actually remove the threats.

Total AV Antivirus

Test Results

Antivirus protection

As a very new software, any independent labs such as German-based AV-TEST[2] or AV-Comparatives have not tested the software yet. It is worth to mention that Total AV licenses have its antivirus engine from Avira, which has demonstrated almost excellent detection rates in recent tests. However, it does not mean that Total AV has same skills.

The antivirus application uses signature-based detection and heuristic, behavior-based detection. According to researchers at Reviewed by Pro who tested the software, Total AV Antivirus Pro detected about 85% of both zero-day[3] and widespread malware samples, which is not good.

In addition, Total AV protects users while browsing the web. The antivirus includes browser extension called Safe Web that analyses and blocks suspicious sites. Safe Web detects phishing or spoofed sites, imitate real websites to steal user data. According to the test, Total AV eliminated almost 86% of malicious downloads. In addition, Total AV offers users a separate  Web Shield extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The extension also offers Ad Blocker, users can clear cookies, delete history or launch a private browsing session.


Total AV Antivirus Pro includes a number of useful features and covers up to three devices. The features include Advanced Ransomware Protection, Real-time Antivirus Protection, Virus, Trojans Adware Spyware and Malware Protection to ensure that your device is malware-free. Anti-Phishing features prevent phishing scams. Optimization tools and Disk Cleaner help to free up system space and increase device’s performance.

Total AV smart Scan progress

The package also includes Remote Firewall Protection, Stay Safe Online with Web Shield Extension, Web Browser Cleaner and Manager, Antivirus eBook, and Safe Password Vault. In addition, Total AV Antivirus Pro Web Security’s feature comes with Safe Browsing – a full VPN service that protects users privacy.

System-performance impact and scans

One of the good sides of the antivirus is that Total AV does not use a lot of CPU even during the scans. The antivirus program does not have any negative impact on a system, at least an average user is not going to notice that. Total AV would also perform well on older versions of Windows and the laptops from the early 2000s.

A full system scan took longer than average – almost an hour. The scans are informative and surprisingly detected filed that are already quarantined. So we would recommend you delete all the files from quarantine before the scan. The second scan took less than half an hour.

User interface

Total AV has a well-designed user interface. Users do not have to put much effort on it to find any features, as they all easily accessible. The interface is dark with white type. The security measures can be easy to understand through the selected colors: green means safe and protected, while red means that there are some security risks. The menu is intuitive and users can change categories of threats quickly.


Only the most expensive tier of Total AV Ultimate includes VIP customer support that is available 24/7. Other users can use 24/7 live chat through the Total AV official website.

Total AV system boost

The final verdict

Total AV is a very new brand in the antivirus market and already demonstrates a reliable and trustworthy protection. The package includes a very decent set of security and privacy features at a very competitive price. However, the package does not include parental controls so would not be a perfect solution for families. The antivirus engine demonstrates mediocre rates that would be enough for an average user. The interface is simple and informative, and the antivirus does not eat many CPU or RAM resources, so users will not even notice the antivirus working in the background.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Mediocre
Additional features A reliable privacy and security feature set
System-performance impact Light
Scanning performance Long scans without a negative performance hit
User interface Well-designed and intuitive

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