Now Google Chrome includes ESET malware detection

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From now on, the updated Chrome Cleanup will warn Windows users about malicious software. Google seeks that its customers’ personal computers and other smart devices would be safe of any kind of malicious programs. As a result, the latest version of Google Chrome browser consists sandboxing technology that detects malware and provides maximum web security.

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Unfortunately, even with these security solutions, safe browsing technique, sandboxing and automatically updated, malicious actors may still compromise your computer. Thus, Google together with a cybersecurity company, established anti-malware features into Google Chrome browser for Windows.

In addition, the browser was recently updated with three major security updates. According to Philippe Rivard, product manager at Google, the first update is related to extensions. P. Rivard stated that:[1]

Now, when Chrome detects that user settings have been changed without your consent, it will offer to restore the modified settings. In the past month, this feature has helped millions of people recover from unwanted settings.

The second update is completely upgraded, simpler, and even more powerful Chrome Cleanup. The main task for Cleanup is to find malicious programs and notify users about them. The updated Cleanup also combines the ability to get rid of the malicious software once it is detected.

Finally, the more powerful focus on upgraded Cleanup is created together with cybersecurity company ESET. The security company offers both, business and individual customers a wide range of Internet security systems and antivirus software, and successfully leads the industry for over 30 years.

Google, together with ESET, has integrated malware detection engine straight to Google Chrome browser. The product manager at Google also indicated that now Chrome has a capability to detect and remove unwanted or malicious programs, thus, Google Chrome users can benefit even more,

In addition, Jurai Malcho, Chief technology officer at ESET stated:[2]

Using the internet should always be a smooth and safe experience for everyone. For three decades, ESET has developed a number of security solutions that allow users to safely enjoy their technology and to mitigate a variety of cyber threats. Chrome Cleanup addresses unwanted software that can negatively influence a users’ experience on the internet.

Google also highlights that Chrome Cleanup is not a replacement for Internet Security software and only detects and blocks software that does not comply with Google’s unwanted software policy. In order to reach the maximum security and protect your device make sure to use reliable Internet Security solution or antivirus software.


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