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Did you know that the Google Chrome browser has partnered up with the ESET antivirus software to detect malware within the premises of the browser while the user opens websites?

Google and ESET antivirus software working together

Cybersecurity is essential, and recently, and it is about time high-level companies stepped up and did something about keeping their customers’ data and privacy intact away from the hands of the criminals. Google followed through with the promise of keeping its customers’ personal computers, and other smart devices would be safe for any malicious program.

The company’s Google Chrome browser updated itself to clean up and to warn Windows users about malicious software inside the computer systems and the content they access through the browser. The latest update featured the new sandboxing technology that is capable of detecting new malware all across the website that the user visits, providing maximum web security in collaboration with the ESET antivirus software, which is among the very best players in the antivirus game.

The new update was an unprecedented step by Google Chrome as it already had a suitable program in place to prevent the accessibility of any malware induced website or file into the computer. However, this also confirmed the reports that Google Chrome still allowed powerful and signatureless malware to enter the premises of the browser, and it needed an ally to maintain the integrity of its security for the users.

The update includes three vitals features that will keep the user secure

Three significant security features in the Chrome browser were added in the recent jump to the latest version of the product and one of them was with the antivirus giant ESET:

The First Update:

According to Philippe Rivard, product manager at Google, the first update is related to the Chrome browser’s trademark extensions section, which will help prevent spam extensions from entering into the user’s account. He also stated the following:

“Now, when Chrome detects that user settings have been changed without your consent, it will offer to restore the modified settings. In the past month, this feature has helped millions of people recover from unwanted settings.”

The Second Update:

With the latest update, the user will be able to see a more powerful Chrome Cleanup feature. Its primary task is to find and detect malicious programs/malware and notify users about their presence if it finds one. Not only that, the user would be able to get rid of the detected malware instantly before it causes any chaos inside the browser, mainly in the form of a third-party toolbar or sometimes a proper hacking tool.

The Third Update:

Finally, the more robust focus on upgraded features of the Chrome browser was created together with cybersecurity company ESET. The security company offers both business and individual customers a wide range of Internet security systems and antivirus software as it has been successfully leading the cybersecurity industry for over 30 years, ever since the dawn of the internet.

The feature that was introduced with Google Chrome was that it had integrated the ESET malware detection engine straight into the Google Chrome browser. With this ability, Chrome would be able to detect and remove unwanted or malicious programs. Google’s product manager also indicated this new upgrade inside Google Chrome, making the browser even more potent against its competitors.

Besides, Jurai Malcho, Chief technology officer at ESET, was also enthusiastic about the new collaboration and stated the following:

“Using the internet should always be a smooth and safe experience for everyone. For three decades, ESET has developed a number of security solutions that allow users to safely enjoy their technology and to mitigate a variety of cyber threats. Chrome Cleanup addresses unwanted software that can negatively influence a users’ experience on the internet.”

The method to use the built-in malware scanner inside Google Chrome powered by ESET

The technique to manually perform the cleanup operation is pretty straightforward, and anyone could achieve it, no matter the knowledge of their technical background. You should immediately implement the cleanup process if you feel that the browser is acting sluggish or not up to the mark.

Here are the steps to manually perform and use the ESET powered malware scanner on the Google Chrome browser:

  1. Launch the Chrome browser on your Windows PC;
  2. Available at the top right corner of the browser’s interface, click on the menu tab;
  3. Go to setting and locate the search bar;
  4. From the search bar, type “Cleanup” and you will see the “Cleanup Computer” option. You could also type the following URL “chrome://settings/cleanup” to reach the destination;
  5. Click on it and then click on the “Find” button to search for harmful software;
  6. Chrome will start searching for malware or malicious software as you would have to wait a few minutes;
  7. Close the browser once the interface cleans up harmful software from it.

Do not rely on just one security provider and keep yourself prepared for every type of malware threat – Final Thoughts

Much like bacteria, which adapts to its surroundings and becomes more evolved and deadly with time, a computer virus also possesses the ability to adjust. It is why new and more dangerous malware with zero software signatures are being inducted online to harm the data and digital devices of users from every background. It is essential to keep yourself loaded with extra security measures as it is better to be safer than being sorry. Here are some ways that you could lace your devices against online threats:

  • If you feel that your data is irreplaceable, then you should always keep multiple copies of your files across various platforms so that you are able to reaccess them if they fall prey to a virus such as ransomware;
  • Investing in added security measures like VPN for online web protection and antivirus software so that if any malware enters into your device, it will get instantly detected and removed;
  • Please avoid accessing and downloading stuff from the unverified websites that is the obvious Hellgate for malware to infect your computer
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