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Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac[1] is developed by a multinational cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky Lab was founded in 1997 in Moscow, Russia by its current CEO Eugene Kaspersky. The company has been operating in the security marker for more than 20 years. Kaspersky works with premier software and hardware to deliver its customers the best security solutions possible for all the major operating systems, including Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. Kaspersky has more than 400 users in over 150 countries worldwide.[2]

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac review

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is one of the most advanced security suites for Macs that users can set up and forget. The package starts at $39.99 per year to protect a single device and $59.99 for three Macs.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is simple and easy to install on the system. The package supports macOS 10.12 Sierra and OS X 10.11 El Capitan and required at least 2 GB of RAM, 970 MB of free disk space and an Intel CPU.

Test Results

Antivirus protection

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac applies a traditional signature-based scanning engine which looks for known widespread malware samples, and behavioral-pattern recognition that aims to detect unknown, zero-day malware. In addition, all suspicious files are sent to Kaspersky’s cloud-based servers for further investigation. This network enables more than 400 million users around the world to share malware information and receive updates several times a day.

Kaspersky internet Security for Mac insecure Wi-Fi

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac also detects Windows-based malware and protects consumers from sharing infected files across other operating systems.

The antivirus solution was tested by an independent German-based testing labs AV-TEST.[3] It was mentioned that Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac has excellent malware detection and removal rates and successfully detected 100% of both, zero-day and widespread malware samples. It also did not deliver any false positives.


Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac includes a decent set of security and privacy features. The antivirus solution includes Safe Money secure browser and a Virtual Keyboard features that protect users whole banking or shopping online. Parental Control features allow users to manage online time for children and block certain websites. The suite also includes Tracking Blockers, Webcam Blocker, Privacy Protection features and a simplified security management.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac Parental contros

System-performance impact

One of the main advantages of Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is its system-performance impact. The security suite is designed not to drain the system and do not consume a huge amount of its resources. Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac system-performance impact was tested by using the OpenOffice. The security suite had a passive performance hit of 0%.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac had the lowest system-performance hit among all the security suites for Macs we tested.

Scanning performance

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac offers relatively long scans. The full system scan was completed in about 70 minutes. During a full system scan, researchers recorded a performance hit by 4.5% and an average Mac user should not notice any system slowdowns or other interruptions.


Kaspersky offers users technical support through its website my.kaspersky.com. In addition, users can look for answers to their issues by themselves at the official Kaspersky site, which offers FAQ section and security support forums.

User interface

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac has updated its interface. The most recent version of the application has a very modern and attractive interface. However, for some users, it can be a little bit confusing and inconvenient. 

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac protected

The final verdict

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac is one of the best solutions for Mac users. It offers flawless malware detection and removal rates with almost zero system-performance hit. The security suite also has a very decent set of security and privacy features, including parental controls and virtual keyboard. The application provides a reliable protection against various types of cyber threats, so users can install, set up and forget about the software. However, some users can find its’ interface confusing and dense.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Excellent
Additional features A decent set of extra security and privacy features
System-performance impact Low
Scanning performance Slow scans without a negative impact on a system
User interface Could be complicated for some users

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