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is down?is down?

Are you trying to access and can not seem to open it? Is the site down or is there some other reason preventing you from opening it. We are going to reveal it all in this article.

Watching porn on the internet is still a taboo in some parts of the world. It is why platforms that enable porn viewing get instantly blocked upon detection. Furthermore, there could be some other possible reasons that could lead the site to inaccessible. These reasons include traffic overload, as Pornhub get roughly 16 million views per month. It is also a fact that notably, 35% of all internet downloads in the world are related to pornography.

As of 24 hours before writing this article, our team noticed more than 16 Pornhub outages across from 7 countries, and the reasons were still unknown.

In this article, we are going to discuss various factors that could result in the Pornhub website being down. Besides, we will also show ways to fix the issue and enable you to open the site again.

If you don’t want to get much into the details of the discussion, then this segment is for you. We are going to summarize the complete reasons for Pornhub being inaccessible and how to fix them.

Reasons behind Pornhub being Down:

  • Geo-blocking;
  • Server overload;
  • Maintenance of the website.

Solutions to Access Pornhub again:

  • Get a VPN to open Pornhub;
  • Use the Tor Browser;
  • Access a Proxy Server;
  • OperaVPN;
  • Modify the D.N.S. to Access Pornhub.

Reasons behind Pornhub being Down:

As discussed earlier, despite the negative press sites like Pornhub get, they are still prevalent on the internet. Several users all around the world open their computers and the internet for the sake of using Pornhub or similar sites.

Nevertheless, access to such platforms is not always convenient. The users may find trouble in opening Pornhub more often than not due to several backdoor factors. We are going to discuss each reason in complete detail as to why Pornhub in your area is down.

Geo-Blocking Preventing you from Opening Pornhub

If you are living in a conservative country in South Asia or the Middle East, then you would probably already know what geo-blocking is. You would also know how such restrictions affect the overall convenience and integrity of the internet altogether. Porn sites such as Pornhub are among the top platforms or suspects to get geo-blocked around such countries where watching porn is considered offensive or unethical.

So what really is geo-blocking? Well, it a policy that your I.S.P. or the Government implements to regulate what type of content you should be watching on the internet. It is relatively simple to implement nation-wide geo-blocking. All the entities mentioned above need is the collective I.P. address of the users and the URL of the site they intend to ban.

So, if you ever try to open Pornhub from your browser and find the message on the interface:

“This site can’t be reached’s server I.P. address could not be found.”

Rest assured that the site has been geo-blocked by your Government thanks to the I.S.P. and your local telecommunication authority. However, there are more than enough ways to bypass geo-blocking, and we will discuss them later on in the article.

The Overloading of Pornhub’s Servers;

Though the chances of server overload are rare, it doesn’t mean that it could never happen, given the amount of web traffic Pornhub generates.

porn hub server responceporn hub server responce

Here are the causes that could lead to server overload of any particular website, not just Pornhub:

  1. Overload due to Viruses, Malware, or Worms: Website servers are susceptible to malware, viruses, and worms, much like an average computer system. If you are not able to access Pornhub or any other site, for that matter, then there is a chance that it could have become infected by a virus. The virus infection causes a sudden rise in high web traffic that could completely disrupt the regular flow of server operation of a website.
  2. Sudden Spikes in the Website’s Traffic: During the event of Valentine’s day or similar such thing, Pornhub allows the users to access their premium service for free. It is the time when too many individuals try to open the website at the same time. Such sudden surge could inevitably result in the servers to overload and crash. It is why the handlers of such platforms should arrange for the appropriate backup and settings before releasing such offers.
  3. Website Down due to being Hacked or DDoS attack: Porn sites such as Pornhub are susceptible to hacking attempts or distributed-denial-of-service/DDoS attacks. Hackers launch such attacks on websites to make the server malfunction and become unavailable for the general populace. These attacks typically consist of bombarding the servers of the site with false requests and crashing them as a result.
  4. Server Unavailability due to Maintenance: Much like any other thing in the world, a website also needs an occasional tune-up. The tune-up is referring to server maintenance of the site like Pornhub. Though such sites have backup servers at their disposal, sometimes they are not fully capable of handling the extra traffic and could fail to respond. Such overbearing traffic could result in a sudden malfunction of the server and also cause the site to crash.

The Methods to Fix the Down at the Moment Issue

Though not all of them are correct, the internet is still filled with remedies to fix tech issues. The same is the case in finding you more than one convenient way of accessing Pornhub without any hassle. In this article, we are going to discuss, not one but five expedient methods to bypass Porhhub down at the moment issue. By the end of reading them, you’ll be able to open Pornhub with ease.

Get a VPN to open Pornhub

If Pornhub is not opening on your browser, then it could be due to the geo-restriction policy of the region you live in that is preventing you from using the website. The most suitable and secure way to fend of geo-blocking is by purchasing a suitable VPN for porn service. We recommend NordVPN as the best VPN solution overall

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The VPN service bypasses geo-blocking by masking your original I.P. address and handing out a brand new one. The new I.P. address given by the VPN would not only be hard to track by the I.S.P. but would allow you to access any other website in the world, other than Pornhub.

Conveniently, a VPN does much more than just opening a mere site like Pornhub. If you had purchased one of the more prominent names of the VPN game, then you would be able to stream your favorite show on Netflix U.S.A., while sitting in whatever part of the world.

geo restriction pornhubgeo restriction pornhub

Pornhub and similar pornographic platforms are widely considered a nucleus of viruses and malware that could infect and destroy the computer device within minutes. The VPN’s security and encryption features can detect the malware beforehand and prevent the damage from ever occurring in the first place.

Not only that, with the VPN software’s cross-platform support, you could access Pornhub from any device you want.

Use the Tor Browser

Opening Pornhub through the Tor browser is a secure and free way to bypass geo-restrictions and other such policies. The Tor browser is based on the interface of the Mozilla Firefox browser. It instantly connects you to one of its servers and bounces of your I.P. address across several relays to avoid being tracked.

The Tor browser may open the path to Pornhub, but you’ll notice a slight dip in internet speed when you try to stream a video from the platform. If one server fails and you are not able, then by clicking on “New Identity” from the settings, you’ll get a new server again.

Access a Proxy Server;

Numerous proxy server websites on the internet allow users from countries where content is restricted to access their intended platform with ease. These proxy servers act as an intermediary between the computer device, and the server of the site the user visits are as follows:

  • KProxy;
  • ProxySite;
  • HMA;
  • Hidester;
  • Anonymouse;
  • Megaproxy;
  • NewIPNow.

It is best to arrange for preventative measures such as enabling antivirus software on the computer before using a proxy server. These servers often contain malware and malicious ads that could harm your device.

Access Pornhub with OperaVPN

Though it is not ideal for streaming videos due to the visible lack of stability in the internet connection speed, the OperaVPN is still better than many other options. The OperaVPN is a built-in feature of the Opera browser. It allows the user to access every limited or restricted website with a full sense of security. It is also much better than using the proxy servers as they are noticeably slow and unreliable.

Refresh the Webpage Continuously

If there is some issue with the servers of Pornhub, then it would take a few moments for the site to get back up and running again. Meanwhile, all you have to do is keep hitting the “CTRL + F5” key from the keyboard to refresh the page. It’ll lead directly to the Pornhub’s webpage, once the servers get back up

Try Alternatives to Pornhub.

There is a countless number of porn sites in the world. If one such as Pornhub is not working, then you can quickly jump on to the next one to view videos. Here are some virus free porn sites:

  • RedTube
  • PornMD
  • Brazzers
  • Digital Playground
  • Reality Kings

Modify the D.N.S. to Access Pornhub

If, after all of that, none of the methods are working for you, then try tinkering with your Domain Name System/D.N.S. You could switch to Google’s public D.N.S. from your ISP’s to see if Ponhub opens on your browser. Here are the steps to perform the D.N.S. change:

  1. Right-Click on the Wi-Fi icon right next to the taskbar and click on “Open Network & Internet Setting.”
  2. Click on “Change Adapter Option” and proceed;
  3. Double click on your internet connection once you locate it from the new display window;
  4. Click on “Properties” and double-click on “Internet Protocol Version 4/IPv4” to go forward;
  5. Click on the option “ Use the following D.N.S. server addresses” and enter Google’s public D.N.S.:
    Preferred DNS server:
    Alternate DNS server:
  6. Click on “OK” to initiate the settings;
  7. Go to your browser and open You’ll be able to browse around the platform with ease.

You can also clear your local DNS cache to make sure that your I.S.P. is functioning correctly and here are the instructions to do it:

  1. Right next to the “Start” button, type “cmd” on the Windows search bar;
  2. Click on the option “Run as Administrator” and proceed further;
  3. Enter the command: ipconfig /flushdns
  4. Your D.N.S cache will get flushed soon after that.

The Threats of Visiting a Porn Site like PornHub – Final Thoughts

As mentioned in the first half of the article that porn sites such as Pornhub are not the most secure platforms in the world. As much secure as a free platform can get, they are often a vast hub of computer viruses consisting of malware and even ransomware. Here are some of the threats that could occur or happen while accessing Pornhub or sites of the same genre:

Third-Party Trackers:

Every time you visit a website, you leave your digital footprint behind. It could be instrumental for the hackers in tracking your activities, your personal information, and even your location. It is why it is best to avoid using such platforms altogether. It could also result in someone leaking your data and causing you severe emotional harm.

Viruses and Malware:

Pornhub and other pornographic platforms contain a ridiculous number of ads. There is also no way of knowing which one of those ads is safe or even real. They may contain adware or even ransomware, that could cause catastrophic damage to your device and the data inside. It is vital to arrange for a VPN or antivirus software before using the porn site to ensure complete safety.

Conclusion: use a VPN to access blocked PornHub from any country

Is Down at the Moment?
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Our Rating Is Down at the Moment? (Excellent – 4.9/5)
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