How to get unbanned from Runescape?

How to get unbanned from Runescape in 2021?How to get unbanned from Runescape in 2021?

Imagine the anticipation you feel as you try to log on to the Runescape site to enjoy a game on the fantasy world of Gielinor. Suddenly, you receive a message that you have been banned from this world you were looking forward to enjoying your role-play. The disappointment you must feel is quite understood in 2022.

Getting banned from Runescape happens to users for various reasons. However, the good news is that you can get unbanned from Runescape. Well, dive into the rest of this tutorial, and you will find out how.

What is Runescape?

RuneScape is an online game based on fantasy. It is a very popular MMORPG, i.e., Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. 

The setting of this fantasy world is called Gielinor, a medieval realm divided into different kingdoms, regions, and down to cities—all fantasy. Using their avatar on the screen, players of this game navigate these cities and regions and kingdoms, carrying out quests after completion.

Why will Runescape ban a User?

           RuneScape administrators can decide to ban a user for any of the reasons outlined below:

  • Violation of RuneScape Rules of Service: This is straightforward. If you violate any of the rules of service of this game, the administrators can decide to ban you from the game,
  • Account Jacking: A gamer can decide to hijack another’s account for all kinds of reasons. Once the admin finds out about this act, they can ban the defaulter.
  • Real-world Trading: If a user decides to use RuneScape as an avenue for real-world trading and the administrators find out, they will ban such a user. RWT involves using real-world money to trade outside of Runescape but involving RuneScape services, items, and vice versa.
  • Bug Abuse: Because gamers want to win quests at all costs, they may take advantage of a glitch in the game to their advantage. If a gamer discovers a bug in the game (intentionally or by accident), the gamer may decide to exploit it and gain an unfair advantage over other gamers. Once the administrators find that a gamer has this advantage and deliberately refused to inform them, they will ban such a person from RuneScape.
  • Permanent Bannable Offenses: Some offenses can bring about permanent banning from RuneScape; they include manual offenses like fraud, activities that threaten the community’s safety, and so on.

How are Players Banned from RuneScape?

The process of banning players on RuneScape is quite straightforward, so it also keeps track of these players that have been banned. RuneScape tracks the IP address and username of the players on the platform. This double combination ensures that even if a player logs on to the fantasy world on a different device or uses a different username, the admin can still track such a player. 

RuneScape players’ terms and conditions agreed to when registering on the platform have a Code of Conduct (CoC) incorporated into it. When players agree to these rules, they also accept that disobeying any of the rules should result in getting muted or banned. In reality, most players do not read these regulations before agreeing to them. That does not make it less binding. If a player commits any of the offenses mentioned in the section above, they can get banned and tracked simultaneously.

A player is banned on RuneScape if such a player keeps repeating offenses that go against the Rules of RuneScape. The Customer Support section of Jagex Moderators is in charge of bans and blocks on RuneScape. The status of a player’s account is viewed through the “Account Status” system. If it’s in the green zone, it means the player is not an offender. However, if the offenses accumulate, this color progresses to orange and then to red. Bans can be either temporary or permanent.

Take a look into a brief expose on the types of bans on RuneScape:

  • Game Bans: This ban stops a player from gaining access to his or her RuneScape account. The player’s account may either be restored or permanently muted if they appeal the ban. A player that has been permanently muted or banned may get a chance to appeal for the last time.
  • Forum Bans: A player can also be banned from a RuneScape Forum for offenses such as spamming, flaming, advertising other websites, or breaking any other Forum rules. Although this affects the player in the Forum alone, a permanent ban, in this case, may affect the game account status of the person. A game ban means an automatic Forum ban, but a Forum ban does not necessarily mean a game ban unless this becomes permanent.
  • Instant Permanent Bans: This occurs due to offenses like Macroing or botting, real-world trading, bug abuse or cheating, etc. That is where the article will educate you on how to go around the blockage and get unbanned.

How to get Unbanned from RuneScape in 2022

There are two ways you can get unbanned from Runescape. One is by appealing to be unbanned, and the other is by going round it with a VPN. Both methods are below. You can try both methods and apply what works for you:

1. You can appeal a ban if you feel that you were wrongly or mistakenly banned.

The RuneScape administrators will look into it and unban you. However, if the ban results from such serious offenses as hacking attempts, your appeal may be unsuccessful. If you are in a lost cause, do not even bother to contact them. 

Here is how to appeal bans from RuneScape administrators:

  • Go to the RuneScape website, and on the login page, select “Can't log in?”
  • Choose the option stating that you are having other issues logging in to your account.
  • From the list of articles that appears, click on the one about account bans.
  • Scroll down the article to the bottom and choose to appeal your ban.
  • Some questions will appear; answer each question:

“Has your account been banned or muted?” The answer is “Banned.”

“Can you log into your account?” Select “yes.”

“Is this your first time appealing the ban on your account” Choose “yes.” Indicating that you have appealed before (even if you have) will not work in your favor as recurring appeals are less likely to be attended. They are moved to the trash.

You will see a list of offenses as mentioned in the section on reasons for banning above. You will be asked if your account was banned because of one of the offenses. Your response should be “No,” indicating “Yes” will mean the moderators won't review your appeal.

  • You will be required to log in again once you have completed all the steps above. 
  • One more set of questions to answer:

Where you are to state the reason for the ban, select “Macroing,” which means “botting.”

You will be asked why you are appealing the ban. State that you admit breaking the rules and apologize (even if you didn't break the rules, which was all a mistake). This response produces a greater success rate than other responses.

  • Now click on the “SUBMIT” button and wait for the response to your email. Within thirty days, the moderators will inform you if your appeal was a success or not. If it is successful, go ahead and start using your RuneScape account. However, if your account is still banned, then you have another solution to try.

2. Go around from a RuneScape ban with a VPN

A VPN unblocks many websites, and RuneScape is one such website you can unblock with an effective VPN. 

A VPN will typically assign a new IP address to you when you subscribe to its service. This new IP address will have a new location, giving you a different user logging in on a different device, and the location will be wherever you want it to be. This way, you can connect to RuneScape and create a new account without getting banned. 

It is important to note that when you create a new account, do not use a username that bears any semblance to your previously banned account. That is to avoid any form of suspicion from the administrators. You do not want to be a source of investigation now, do you?

How does a VPN Work?

You’ve seen one aspect of a VPN working, which concerns the topic at hand. However, for a broader knowledge about what else VPNs are capable of doing, consider the following:

  • With your device connected to a VPN, your online activities are protected from the prying eyes. These include government officials, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), network administrators, and even some random guy that can use the public Wi-Fi hotspot at Starbucks to track your online traffic. 
  • The military-level encryption that a VPN provides is ideal for protecting your personal information online and even beyond.
  • VPN does not only temporarily give you a new IP address to enable you to go past RuneScape's ban; it enables you to do the same for other gaming and streaming sites. These include the Fortnite game, League of Legends, Minecraft, the Final Fantasy game, the Twitch streaming service, World of Warcraft (the game), and the Discord messaging service. These are major platforms with many users worldwide. There are bound to be many users that experience issues logging onto the sites. That is the part where VPNs come into play.
  • More so, if you have been geo-blocked from certain content on certain platforms, a VPN will help you go around this. Sites such as Hulu, Netflix, some gaming servers, streaming providers, and other online services are known to geo-block some or all of their content. If you are a subscriber that has probably traveled to a location where you do not have access to your favorite shows, a VPN can come in handy when you need to change your location and access these shows.

What is the Best VPN to Unblock RuneScape?

While you may want to use any VPN to unblock RuneScape and have you unbanned, you should note that the free VPNs are usually laden with too many issues that will only add to your problem. You may end up getting new malware in your device, and the authorities of the RuneScape program who are searching for users of VPNs can also detect you.

Thus, you should pay for a reliable VPN that will get the job done and ensure your online security. Below is a list of VPNs you can choose from: 

  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • VPNarea
  • PureVPN
  • VyprVPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • IvacyVPN
  • PrivateVPN
  • Hotspot shield
  • ZenMateVPN, etc.

Steps on How to Unblock RuneScape with a VPN

Now that you have a list of VPNs to choose from, you can follow the steps below to unblock RuneScape and get unbanned:

  • Log on to a VPN service and subscribe. Choose from the list mentioned above.
  • Download and install your selected VPN provider.
  • Launch the VPN app and from the list of servers connected to the VPN, select one. You must select one server that is not far from your location to make for a faster and stronger connection. 
  • Now you are free to connect to RuneScape since VPN has misdirected your true location.
  • Create a new RuneScape account and login
  • Enjoy your fantasy world from the start! It is quite simple.


No matter the reason for you getting banned from RuneScape, you can get unbanned. Whether it's due to a fault on your part or it's by mistake, you should endeavor to behave yourself when you successfully get unbanned. The fun of RuneScape is when everyone plays together and plays well.

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