How to get unbanned from Omegle? 2020

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How to get unbanned from Omegle in 2020?How to get unbanned from Omegle in 2020?

Did you recently get banned on Omegle[1] and do not know how to get unbanned? Then you are in the right place as our article contains complete information that will allow you to chat with random people around the world within a few minutes. Also, we will find out what causes the ban on the omegle and how to avoid it. If you don't have time to try all the listed methods to remove Omegle's ban, try 100% working method with a tested NordVPN.

If you want to unban Omegle, you need to change your IP!

Getting banned on video chat platform might be a stressful thing for some people, because it is one of the most entertaining activities on the internet. You don't need to worry, because we have listed all the possible methods on how to get around the Omegle's ban.

Have you ever wondered how Omegle instantaneously bans the users doing unfitting things from its platform even though it does not record the user’s personal or account details into their database? The answer is that Omegle keeps a hold of the IP[2] addresses of all the individuals who use the chatting service at least once. Omegle bans the ISP-assigned IP address, through which all of the conventional usages of the internet takes place.

If you feel that you didn’t do anything wrong and got banned from the service under false pretenses, then we have different methods for you that will not only instantly allow you to use Omegle again but give you more sense of anonymity with the things you perform on the internet.

Get unbanned from Omegle by the following steps:

1. Get unbanned from Omegle with a VPN

The best way to unblock and unban Omegle is to use a VPN[3] service. VPN (a virtual private network) can change your IP address easily and in this way, you will unban Omegle. Many users around the world are using VPN service to bypass various restrictions and bans.

unban omegle with a vpnunban omegle with a virtual private network
Also, VPN encrypts[4] your connections and protects your privacy. It means that nobody can track your IP and location because you are connecting to the Omegle via another server. Also, it is worth to mention, that VPN server scans all the data and gives you clean traffic without any viruses, malware, spyware, and adware. VPN slightly reduces an internet connection speed, but it is worth to sacrifice it for your own privacy and safety. That’s why it is very important to pick a VPN service with a high internet connection speed.

Also, it lets you bypass geo-blocking[5] by changing your IP address and lets you to restricted content. One of the best VPN for Omegle is NordVPN[6]. It can give you all the privacy options and security features.

Tested VPN that can get you unbanned from Omegle

nordvpnlogonordvpnlogo nordvpnlogo

NordVPN – ultra-fast VPN service that can change your IP and unblock Omegle instantly.

Also, it can offer military-grade data encryption for maximum privacy.

NordVPN is rated as one of the best VPN in the
world and fits perfectly for using on Omegle.

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Try it 30 days for free

The other ways of using a VPN

In case you are wondering about where the use your newly purchased VPN other than getting it to unban you from Omegle, then here is a list for you:

  • Open Torrent sites without the fear of anyone noticing;
  • Shop online with a VPN to keep your online payment info encrypted;
  • Play games that are geo-blocked for any illogical reason;

Setting up a VPN for Omegle

Download the app of the VPN that you have subscribed to and follow the steps below to start using Omegle at once:

  1. Clear browser cache (important!)
  2. Run the VPN app on your PC and enter your username and password, once you see the interface;
  3. Press the “Sign in” button and proceed;
  4. Select any server you wish to open Omegle or any website and hit the “Connect” button;
  5. The last logical step is to test the VPN service’s ability. You can do that by opening your browser and access Omegle to see if it got you unbanned or not;

2. Remove Omegle ban with Free Proxy Server

Also, you can try open Omegle and other restricted sites with the assistance of proxy servers[7]. These servers connect your PC to independent servers online by hiding your IP address with the one they assign for you.

unblock omegle with proxyunblock omegle with proxy

You can surf the internet using the below-listed Proxy server links, thereby protecting your IP address behind the new one:

  • HideMyAss;
  • AnonyMouse.

If you are fed up with your unfair ban from Omegle and do not like the internet speed of the proxy servers mentioned above offer, then it is best to get the service of a reliable VPN. It will get you unbanned from Omegle, and provide high-level of security and privacy. Your data will be safe from cybercriminals trying to snoop around.

3. Unblock Omegle and chat freely with TorBrowser

The Tor browser[8] is one of the most precious gifts of the world of technology. If you do not have the resources to access expensive applications to bypass geo-restrictions and use your favorite service, then Tor Browser could be a solution too.

unblock omegle with tor browserunblock omegle with tor browser

Tor browser routes the IP address to the independent servers located all over the globe and assigns you a new one to you access the chats like Omegle. If under some circumstances, your new IP gets a ban on Omegle, then click on the green onion icon from the Tor browser's toolbar and select “New Identity”. It will assign a new random IP address, and you will be able to Use Omegle again. The most significant disadvantage of the Tor Browser is that the internet connection speed drops dramatically.

4. Get around Omegle ban with OperaVPN

The Opera browser offers the world’s first official VPN designed by a browser. It allows limitless bandwidth and the freedom to select three server locations with random IP addresses to use Omegle. The best thing about it is that OperaVPN[9] is entirely free,but don't forget that it offers not the best type of online privacy.

get unblocked from omegle with operavpn for freeget unblocked from omegle with operavpn for free

However, the OperaVPN, much like all the VPNs that offer free of cost service, is extremely slow, which may ruin the whole video chatting experience. If you need a smooth internet connection and a lot of bandwidth OperaVPN is not the best solution for that purpose. OperaVPN also do not offer any proper guarantee of online safety, so think twice before using it.

5. Bypass an Omegle Ban by restarting a router

Many Internet service providers are using Dynamic IP[10] addresses for their subscribers, so you might be able to change your IP to the new one.

resart a router for omegle new ipresart a router for omegle new ip

  • Step: Type in google search bar “What is my IP” and you will see your current IP address. Please remember or write down your Current IP address.
  • Step: Reboot your modem. If your ISP is using a dynamic IP address system, you will be assigned to the new IP address after the modem reboot.
  • Step: Go back to Google and enter again “What is my IP”. Check if the IP is changed from the previous one you have written down. If it is changed, that means you have changed your public IP address.
  • Step: enjoy the Omegle again and try not to be blocked again.
    If this tutorial did not help, that means that your ISP is using a static IP address system and the public IP address is assigned to your place permanently. In this case, we recommend using a VPN to unblock Omegle.

6. Bypass Omegle ban by Contacting the support team and asking for a ban removal

contact omegle support if you want to unban omeglecontact omegle support if you want to unban omegle

You can email and ask why did they block your account. There are some chances that they will respond, and your account will be unblocked. But it might happen only then if it appears as a mistake. It always depends on the situation, and the reply can come only after 1-3 weeks. If you do not have enough time to wait, use a VPN.

What is Omegle?

Omegle is an online chat facility that is entirely free, doesn’t ask you to create a proper account on its website, and allows you to chat with people around the world randomly, through the site’s matching algorithm.

As mentioned in the statement above, Omegle does not ask you to get registered on their platform but instead get other types of information from you, such as your hobbies, interests, and other things. It allows the matching process much more convenient, and the chances of chatting with a more compatible person increase significantly. It also provides a “Spy Mode” in which you can view the conversation between two casual users and asking them one question at a time. However, once you do that, you will not be able to converse again during the entire chat session.

Unblocking Omegle on an Android Phone

Android by Google is unarguably the most popular mobile-based OS in the world, and it is not a surprise that people wish to access Omegle through the convenience of their smartphone. Although the method to open Omegle on an Android phone is not straightforward if you get banned from the service. We will show you how to do that. Please follow the steps to access Omegle through your smartphone:

  1. Open your browser;
  2. Go to browser settings and open privacy and security tab;
  3. Clear all temporary files and cache;
  4. Intall a VPN;
  5. Reopen the browser;
  6. Launch Omegle site.

The danger of using a free VPN on Omegle

Can a free VPN remove Omegles' ban? The answer might be yes, but there is a dark side of a free VPN you should know about. VPN services like HolaVPN and similar are playing not a very clean game in the VPN market.

  • Limited bandwidth – many free VPN services are limited on bandwidth. It means that you can use 10 GB, and the session will be over. They will offer you to buy a paid version anyway.
  • Annoying ads – Free VPN can make you blue with the flood of annoying pop-ads and banners.
  • Slow internet speed – don't expect ultra-fast internet connection fro a free VPN service. It will be slow as a turtle. Not suitable for using with Omegle at all.
  • Privacy – Free VPN services like to spy on you and collect your browsing data. Logged data will be sold to the advertising agencies, data traders, or to the other third party companies.
  • Encryption – as we have tested many free VPN services, we can say that many of them do not encrypt your browsing data at all. Those others who do encrypts it does with outdated encryption algorithms. That's why the speed of it so slow and insecure. We think that military-grade encryption is a must for sites like Omegle. You never know what hackers can think.
  • Server coverage – don't expect the extensive server selection list from a free VPN service. You will get a maximum of 4 of them to choose from.
Options free VPN paid VPN
Changes your IP
Unlimited bandwidth
Fast internet connection
No-logs, no tracking
No annoying ads
Millitary-grade encryption
Wide range of server selection
Customer support

Choosing a trustful VPN for secure Omegle sessions

We consider the somethings to be a must for the VPN to be regarded as the best available service provider on the market. These are a few things that you should keep in mind before going out shopping for a VPN through the internet, and they are as follows:

  • The speed of VPN matters: One of the most crucial aspects while choosing a VPN for Omegle is connection speed. It is always better to choose a VPN with a more reliable internet connection speed. Otherwise, your video chat will be freezing.
    If you are already using the VPN service, it is straightforward to check the connection speed. Just open and start the test.
  • Server coverage: A VPN must possess enough servers to open any limited content on the internet, regardless of the location they feature in, along with offering to bypass geo-blocking of any kind. A reliable VPN server should offer a wide server selection range. The more servers it can offer, the more changes do beat various IP blocks and bans. It is because those systems like Omegle fights with VPN users, and some VPN might be already blocked. If you choose a VPN with a low number of servers, the chances are that those IPs might be banned. Also, it is crucial when you want to unblock various streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and CBC all access. For example, if you live in Canada, you cannot watch American Netflix. It is because of the geographical restrictions of Netflix. In other words, Netflix wants to show their movies, TV shows, and serials only for American citizens. So if the VPN service providers have many servers in the United States, you can connect and watch the American Netflix by bypassing the geographical restriction. VPN service providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN or CyberGhostVPN, have many servers around across the world, so you have many chances to get unbanned from Omegle.
  • Complete Protection: It is beyond any shadow of a doubt the most crucial job of the VPN and the VPNs we have selected to unban your access to Omegle are more than capable of offering fantastic protection in the online world;
  • Cross-platform/device coverage: Given the number of devices that a person use daily, there is nothing more vital for the VPN to offer coverage across every platform and more than one device at a time;
  • Customer support: There could be various cases when you might need a customer support service. For example, you cannot connect to Omegle again. What to do? The first idea would be to ask for help at the live support centre. Our experience has shown that many VPN service providers do not have support at all. You can just read resources and try to fix the problem by yourself.
  • Price: This is another critical thing that could influence the decision-making process of a person when they are out to get a VPN. A VPN should not be over the top expensive beyond the reach of the average user;

Also, you can check our article about the best VPNs for Omegle.

The ways to avoid being blocked on video chats

Omegle is a great way to interact with fellow college students if you add your school-enabled ids to the registration panel. It can also get pretty chaotic if the students are from a rival university, which may heat things up between the online chatters. Although Omegle keeps a close look at specific patterns of users, it still doesn’t ensure the fact that someone will misbehave on the platform. It is why Omegle bans its users from time to time by distinguishing their IP address and disabling their ability to open the website once in for all. In this section, we will discuss several reasons that may result in getting banned from Omegle, and in the latter part, we will show you the severity of the bans that the chat service imposes on its blacklisted users. Here are the factors that could cause an indefinite ban on Omegle:

  • Getting Reported – Getting reported online is among the most common ways of getting removed from a platform. Many successful services such as Facebook and Youtube follow the same pattern in removing inappropriate content or misbehaving users from their site.
    If people that you chat with on the other side of the screen on Omegle find your behavior offensive, they have the right to report you. This call to action will force Omegle’s ninja bots to check the chat, and if they find any sort of conclusive evidence, then they can add your IP address to their database and ban you for good from the service
  • People Refusing to Chat with you on Omegle – If you are watching TV and do not like to see a specific channel, then with the TV’s remote control, you have the complete freedom to change the channel. Omegle follows the same method after it matches two random strangers inside a chatroom. It allows you to drop the other user if they are doing something you find out of proportion. If that user gets dropped from chat on more than one occasion, then it leads to that user getting blocked from Omegle.
  • Government-level Restrictions – Most regimes or countries in the world do not offer the kind of internet freedom that people living in the west possess. Countries like China do not even provide their users to use Facebook and Google. If you are living in any of the countries mentioned in the table below, then there are strong chances that you would not be able to use Omegle through your normal ISP and its IP address: Pakistan Syria China, Sudan Ethiopia, The United Arab Emirates, North Korea, Iran, Qatar.
  • Spamming – Omegle is a very popular platform for advertisers. They have developed automated bots which are sending commercial messages to the users of the system. Naturally, Omegle band all these types of bots. If you will drop a link, which might trigger an automated anti-bot system, you will be banned straight away. So better watch out for sending advertisement links to your stranger friends.
  • The usage of restricted words – Also, we have figured out that Omegle is using a restricted words dictionary. If you will be using the restricted words too often you will trigger the algorithm and you will be banned automatically. We have found some words, but we don’t want to mention them. We just can say, that it is similar words you would not say loud at the airport.
  • Nudity – If you will decide to show your natural beauty to the stranger and stranger will report you, you will be banned very soon. So better keep your assets in the safe place and don’t show it to the web camera.
  • Playing music in a video chat background – Another reason for being blocked on Omegle is music in the video chat background. As we think, it might violate the author law and it is not allowed on Omegle. So if you will be playing the music while video chatting, you might be blocked by the bot of Omegle, so better don’t do that.
  • Changing chats to often – If you will start switching chats without any conversation very often, you might be blocked also. Omegle doesn’t like users like that who are just snooping around. You might look to them like spy or policeman. Maybe, for them, it is better not to have visitors like that. If you will be banned for the first time, it will last for one week, if you will be banned for the same reason the second time, it could last for 4 months.
  • Other Violation of Terms and Services – Every professional set up needs to uphold its reasonable terms and condition by asking the users to read them and follow them. If the user fails to abide by the rules presented by the platform such as Omegle, then the chat service has all the right to take appropriate steps and ban the user from using their service ever again. The most common conditions that such platforms carry out on their users are not to show nudity of any kind, never to do sanctioned advertisements/promote music, and to avoid racism/obscene words all the time.

The common types of Omegle bans

If Omegle’s bots find its users doing any of the banned things stated in the previous section, then according to the severity of the offense, it can impose three types of bans on its guilty users. The types of bans are listed below:

  1. A ban for one week when you get dropped off from chat more often than now and if you are caught doing any other sort of soft violation of policy, such as playing loud music in the background.
  2. 120 days ban – once one week gets completed, you are in full liberty to use the service again. But if you get caught and find in a problem by repeating the above mentioned-mentioned offenses again, then Omegle will ban you for 120 days, upon violation of the terms of agreement for the second time.
  3. Permanent ban – a person will get permanently banned from the service if they ever perform illegal advertisements of a sanctioned product, spam the chatbox with it. If a person does anything like showing nudity or insulting the other person with racial, homophobic, or xenophobic slurs, then there is no place for them on Omegle, and they will not be allowed to do chatting ever again.

The summary on how to remove Omegle ban

There is a rare chance of Omegle banning a user without any proper evidence or purpose, and most of the time, it is the user’s fault that usually leads to such a mess. However, if you feel that you have been hard done by and wish to reaccess the service for the purpose of entertainment and relaxation, then the ways that we have discussed are enough to solve such a problem.

Even though there are free methods to open Omegle again, but they do not offer the mandatory protection one needs in this wild online environment. Only a VPN can give you such a level of privacy and security, and it is the reason why we have named the 5 best VPN options in our article for you.

Also, don't forget that Omegle is not the safest site on the internet, you should care about your privacy on it.

Methods Pros and Cons

Unblock Omegle with a VPN

nordvpnlogonordvpnlogo nordvpnlogo

Works 100%. It changes your IP and encrypts browsing data for maximum online security and privacy. NordVPN is the best solution for unblocking Omegle.

get it now NordVPN with a special discountSpecial offer on NordVPN subscriptions Special offer on NordVPN subscriptions

Use a proxy to mask your IP Comparing to a VPN, a proxy connection do not encrypt your data and it might be interrupted by the cybercrminals. To get unbanned from Omegle, you need to open it in the web proxy site. The speed performance is also lower than a VPN. Some websites are blocking proxy sites. A limited number of servers and locations to connect from.
Use Tor Browser to change your location The Tor browser can change your IP address and encrypt your browsing data, but Omegle is fighting with the Tor users, and this method does not work every time. Also, it performs slowly.
OperaVPN It is a free built-in service and able to unblock Omegle, but sometimes it is getting very slow. Also it offers only three locations to connect from.
Restart a router to get a new dynamic IP Not every Internet service provider is using a dynamic IP system. This method can work only with a part of internet users.
Contact the support team It takes very long to get the response and there are no guarantees that your account will be unbanned


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