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HitmanPro review

HitmanPro, also known as HitmanPro malware removal tool, is a powerful app that will remove malware from your PC. It is created by SurfRight, which belongs to the Sophos family[1]. Sophos was established in 1997 and has offices in many European countries.

HitmanPro is a very simple yet professional malware removal tool for every user. New malware files are being spread over the Internet every day[2] and HitmanPro will block them from downloading or will find and remove them if there are any in your computer already. This software is lightweight and can be used directly from a desktop or even USB flash drive.

Pros Cons Verdict
Very lightweight Too expensive for basic features only Great for users who just want to check for malware while other functions are unnecessary and not important

Portable Misleading interface
Detailed information about threats

HitmanPro download and installation

To start using Hitman Pro, download it from this page.

Hitman Pro supports Windows XP (only 32 bit systems), Vista, 7, 8.1, 10.

The installation is simple – just click on the file you downloaded and follow the instructions. The installation will be completed in only a few minutes.

HitmanPro malware removal tool is unique for its portability.

HitmanPro is very light and you can perform an anti-malware scan on any computer without even installing the software. To do that, open the file and follow the instructions until you get to choose whether you want to install HitmanPro or use it without an installation. Just choose the “No, I only want to perform a one-time scan to check this computer” and a computer scan will begin without installing the software.

HitmanPro test results

The HitmanPro anti-malware software was tested for about 30 days. The computer that we used the software on had an Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and HDD. The operating system was Windows 10.

The scan generally takes about 12 minutes to complete. It depends on the number of files and the computer speed. The results are great – such a simple anti-malware scanner detected many threats which weren’t detected by other, even bigger, anti-malware programs.

HitmanPro has a really high virus detection rate because of cloud computing[3]. It lets the program to use multiple servers to determine whether a detected file is malicious or safe. This is a real advantage, especially for such a compact application.

There is a quick scan feature. The quick scan takes only about 2 minutes to complete. Anyway, this scan is not as effective as the full scan and will not detect all threats.[4]

It is simple to use HitmanPro.

The program itself is very simple and there are only two main noticeable features – scanning and removing. Because of that, it is great for users who just want to perform scans while other functions are not very important for them.

We were pleased that HitmanPro has a quarantine function[5]. This function lets you put detected files in a safe place, which can be reached at any time for further actions.

It is important to note that, to reach the main interface menu, you have to click “Settings” – this can be a little misleading, as other anti-malware programs have an interface that pops up instantly after starting the program.


HitmanPro.Alert is an upgraded version of HitmanPro. Basically, it has more features that can help you protect your PC from viruses.

The HitmanPro.Alert security tool has a lot of advantages. For example, it detects not only regular malware, but also zero-day threats. Moreover, it eliminates PUPs. One neat feature is the protection from ransomware, which not a lot of security application can offer. The program stops the ransomware before it can encrypt your files.

HitmanPro.Alert main window

HitmanPro.Alert also secures your online banking, prevents exploit techniques from invading your device, does not let keyloggers record your passwords, and warns you in case of your webcam turning on.

If you want to find out more about HitmanPro.Alert, click here.

Customer reviews

According to some of the reviews on the Internet, most users are happy with HitmanPro, although there are some who recommend others not to buy the full version of HitmanPro because it only offers a malware removal function, but you can still use a scan after the trial period has ended.

Many users are happy with the anti-malware application.

There can be various negative reviews about the software on the Internet. Usually, these reviews are wrong and written by customers who didn’t understand how to use the software or by other anti-malware software developers.

The final verdict

Hitman Pro is a very simple anti-malware tool. That is why it is great for users who just want to check for malware while other functions are unnecessary and not important.

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