Free Internet security against malware: AVG vs PANDA

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You probably already know how important is to choose a security solution that is right for you. Reviewed by Pro is ready to help you and will provide you some basic and easy to understand information about two free Internet security solutions for Windows operating system.

avg vs panda antivirus 

This article will compare two free Internet security solutions, AVG Free Antivirus 2017 and Panda Free Antivirus 2017. Both security solutions are suitable for Windows and were tested by security experts at Reviewed by Pro on Windows 10 operating system.

AVG Free Antivirus 2017

To start with AVG Antivirus, the software was developed by AVG Technologies that has a great reputation and a strong user consumption community. Consumers can choose free low budget protection or a paid version, which offers extra protection against ransomware.[1]

avg internet security

According to security researchers at Reviewed by Pro, AVG security software is a great tool for everyone. The main advantages of the software are mentioned:

  • High virus detection and malware removal rates. The researchers tested software using a range of malware, Trojans, rogue-ware and adware. The software quickly detected and got rid of almost all malware. However, browser hijackers were not removed and required a lot of manual work to get rid of them.
  • Clear and easy user interface. Researchers noted that AVG has one of the best interfaces in the Internet security market because it is simple, good looking and very easy to use. In addition, the researchers noted that their good interface can be the reason why AVG is so popular.

It comes to mind that such powerful yet very understandable and easy to use user interface gives AVG so much popularity – this might be a very significant reason why AVG Free Antivirus is one of the most downloaded applications on the market.

  • Does not affect operational system activities and doesn’t drown it
  • What is more, AVG antivirus also offers quality real-time protection service which is also a very relevant factor when choosing Antivirus software.


However, even though AVG demonstrated great qualities, it also has a couple downsides:

  • The customer support is not helpful enough. Moreover, even if you need an advice from a professional or technician it will take quite some to do so because AVG only offers a frequently asked questions database.
  • In addition, if you get heavily infected, AVG does not offer free virus removal, in this case, you will have to pay. Another disadvantage of the system is the annoyingly long scan time.

Unlike Panda which only offers protection for Windows, AVG also can offer security solutions for Mac and Android devices.

According to the security experts at Reviewed by Pro:

All in all, AVG Free Antivirus 2017 is a decent program, but it doesn’t give a full set of tools to stay safe online.

Panda Free Antivirus 2017

When it comes to Panda Free Antivirus 2017, it is 18th version of this program established by Panda Security.
Revieved by Pro highlighted that Panda differs from security systems in the market due to its PC scanning technique – Panda starts to scan your device from the very first moment it is installed. The software runs smoothly so the device operates as usual during the scan.[2]

panda security package 

Panda identifies each process running and makes sure they are all using a secure connection. If the process is not secure the antivirus will terminate it. If you are sure that the process which got terminated is safe you can turn it back on.

When it comes to Panda’s advantages, here is a list of the ones that security researchers highlighted:

  • To start with detection rate, like AVG, Panda offers great detection rates.
  • Panda also offers consumers a rescue disk tool which is a great solution for emergency cases. If your computer is locked up and you cannot get it to go into safe mode, the security system has a USB drive with Panda Cloud Cleaner technology. This Panda’s feature is rated probably the best in the market.
  • A vaccination tool also demonstrates a higher level than competitors in the market. It can be on a manual or automatic setting, however, security experts recommend to enable the automatic setting which will quarantine virus and malware coming from attached devices, including USB sticks.
  • An innovated antiphishing technology offered in the 18th edition of antivirus blocks certain sites and, overall, works well.
  • Good looking and customizable user interface. The researchers indicated that Panda antivirus software has moveable tiles that you can customize the view, put in order that you want, or turn off functions that you don’t want to run. However, the customization makes it a bit difficult to operate. 

panda internet security

Surely, as like any other software Panda also has a couple downsides.

  • When it comes to operating system speed, Panda, unlike the AVG software, slows down Windows OS speed. It might not affect a business class or professional device, however, if you are using an average device you will notice some negative impact on your system’s performance.

The verdict provided by ReviewedByPro:

An attractive virus detection tool designed for better than average computers.

To Summarize

So, to sum up, it can be said that both AVG and Panda provide consumers with quality security systems for free.

  • When it comes to malware detection and removal rates, both systems demonstrate strong performances, but it is worth mentioning that Panda security system offers more useful features.
  • In addition, both security solutions provide a good-looking user interface. However, even though Panda security software can be customized, it is not simple to operate. In this case, AVG actually gets a higher rate, due to the simplicity and convenient operation.
  • If customer service is one of the main factors that impact your choice for the security provider, we would definitely recommend you Panda over AVG. While Panda demonstrates operative technical support, the AVG antivirus’ technician support could even take couple days in order to respond. In addition, if your computer is highly infected and runs AVG the removal of malware is not free. So if you are looking for completely free security software, we’d recommend Panda.
  • To end with, let’s summarize how the security software impacts your computer’s performance. AVG has no noticeable impact on processes’ and OS’s speed and doesn’t drown the system. When it comes to the competitor, Panda antivirus has already been known for having a negative impact on processes and the 18th version did not improve enough. If you have business class or high-end device you might not feel the difference, however, for the average user the software has a negative impact and slows down the machine.

So if you are looking for a completely free antivirus that demonstrates quality protection for better than average computers we would recommend you Panda.

However, if you own an average device and care about OS speed performance as well as do not require immediate consumer support, AVG would be the security solution for you.


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