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New types of various cyber threats and malware samples are on the rise. For example, Trojans, ransomware, spyware, PUPs, and adware, attack users daily. Even though some of them are harmless, others can potentially cause a lot of damage to the device or/and sensitive and personal information.

If you want to protect yourself and your device against these threats, then security software is necessary.

However, it may seem difficult to choose the Internet security and antivirus provider and a package which suits your needs best. This is why Researchers at Reviewed by Pro constantly test and review Security solutions.

So, if you are trying to choose between two reputable security providers Avast and ESET, you came at the right place!


Avast or ESET?

This article will provide you with the most recent evaluation of two reputable security providers Avast and ESET.  If you are not sure, which security package to choose, check out this article.

If you do not have time to read the entire article, the table below reveals the main features we tested including offerings, antivirus protection, security, and privacy features, system-performance impact, design and popularity, and one winner.




Avast offers more flexible plans and offerings.

Antivirus protection

Avast demonstrates better malware detection rates.

Security features

Avast offers more generous features.

System-performance impact

Avast has a lower impact on a system-performance.

User Interface

Both applications and intuitive and easy to use.


Avast has the largest market share in the industry.

Avast Overview

Avast Software Inc. is a multinational cybersecurity software company that protects more than 435 million users in the world.

Avast[1] is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic and has 25 offices worldwide. The company was initially founded in 1988 and still constantly develops its products by using next-gen technologies such as artificial intelligence based processes.

avast banner

Avast develops a variety of products for business users and consumers, including free and paid antivirus and Internet security solutions (Avast Antivirus for Windows, Avast Security for Mac, Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus for Android), performance tools (Avast CleanUp) and privacy (Avast SecureLine VPN) applications across all the major operating systems and IoT devices.



Anti-malware protection


Security and privacy features

Limited feature set

System-performance impact


Scanning performance

Fast and accurate scans with a negative impact on a system

User interface

Intuitive and simple to use

ESET Overview

ESET[2] has been known for its quality products for a while – established in 1992, it has been awarded to be the best Slovak company three times already. The company is well known for its innovative and comprehensive security and antivirus products for both business users and individual users. 

ESET develops a variety of products for home users covering all major operating systems, including ESET NOD32 AntivirusESET CyberSecurity for MacESET Mobile Security for Android, and iOS devices.



Antivirus protection


Additional features

The suite lacks some premium features that other competitors offer

System-performance impact


Scanning performance

Average scans that have a medium impact on a system

User interface

A bright and very functional user interface


Avast offers Windows users free version and three paid versions of security software including Avast Internet Security, Avast Premium, and Avast Ultimate.[3]

Product  Price / Devices / 1-year  Get it
Avast Pro Antivirus $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Internet Security $47.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Premier $63.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Ultimate $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Business Pro Plus $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Secure VPN $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Clean Up $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Security for Mac $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast CleanUP for Mac $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast antivirus for Linux $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast android security $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
All Avast products $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device

Avast offers a 30-day money back guarantee or you can download a free trial to try the software before purchasing.

Avast Protected

ESET offers a variety of products for Windows devices.[4]

Users can choose from the following:

  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus provides users with basic antivirus features.
  • ESET Internet Security offers advanced protection.
  • ESET Smart Security Premium.

All ESET products:

Products for Home users   Get it
ESET NOD32 Antivirus (PC) from $39.99 for 1 device
ESET Internet Security from $39.99 for 1 device
ESET Smart Security Premium from $39.99 for 1 device
ESET Mobile Security for Android from 29.99 for 1 device
ESET Multi-Device Security from 69.99 for 3 device
Products for MAC users    
ESET Cyber Security Pro (Mac) from $49.99 for 1 device
ESET Cyber Security (Mac) from $39.99 for 1 device
Products for Business users    
ESET Endpoint Protection Standard (for Business)

from $165.00 for 5 devices

ESET Small Business Security Pack (for Business)

from $190.00 for 5 devices

ESET All products for Home Users from 29.99 for 1 device

ESET offers free 30-day trials for all its products.

ESET Installation


Avast offers not just security software, it also develops a variety of free feature-limited and premium tools, including VPN, Password Manager, AntiTrack, Secure Browser, CleanUp, Driver Updater and more.

The main Internet Security and Antivirus products include the following.

  • Avast Free Antivirus offers a decent set of security and privacy features, including a secure web browser, a password manager, home network scanner, or a hardened browser. Many of these features usually come only in paid antivirus programs, while Avast offers them for free.
  • Avast Internet Security also includes premium features such as protection while banking and shopping online, Sandbox suspicious apps, a strong firewall against hackers, protection against spam and phishing emails and an extra layer of ransomware security.
  • If you need more, Avast Premier protects against webcam spying, allows users to permanently delete sensitive files and information, and automatically updates applications on the PC.
  • Avast Ultimate offers all above and also includes Avast SecureLine VPNAvast CleanUp Premium and Avast Passwords Premium.

avast products

As it was already mentioned before, ESET for PC users offers three packages. The cheapest tier from ESET, NOD32 offers limited feature set and covers basics, such as Anti-Phishing, Exploit Blocker, UEFI Scanner, Ransomware Shield, Free Support, Script-Based Attack Protection, and others.

ESET Internet Security adds features such as Banking and Payment Protection, Firewall, Network Attack Protection, Parental Controls, and others.

Finally, ESET Smart Security Premium offers features as Password Manager and Secure Data.

Antivirus protection

Avast and ESET both utilize similar antivirus technology. The antivirus defenses start from a traditional malware signature-matching engine and heuristic monitoring. Anything suspicious is sent to the companies’ cloud-based servers for further analysis. 

We tested Avast Antivirus on our Windows 10 test computer and the full scan detected all of the malware samples we have installed.

According to the latest test conducted by AV-TEST[5], Avast caught 100% both, known and unknown malware.

When it comes to ESET, the antivirus did not participate in the most recent, but in the previous tests, ESET NOD32 detected 98.9% of zero-day malware attacks and 100% of widespread and prevalent malware.

In this case, it is hard to tell about ESET’s detection rates as it has not been tested in the most recent tests.

However, we would say that Avast offers better antivirus protection rates.

System-performance impact and scans

As we tested the Avast Antivirus, the application is developed not to drain the system or consume an abnormal amount of the system’s resources. In addition, the antivirus does not have a noticeable impact during scans. The full scan took similar was finished in just up to 50 minutes.

  • Impact on a system when launching popular websites – 25% (19%).
  • Impact on a system while downloading frequently-used applications – 0% (1%).
  • Impact on a system while launching standard software programs – 13% (8%)
  • Impact on a system while installing frequently-used programs – 18% (25%)
  • Impact on a system while copying files 2% (3%)

When it comes to using CPU and system resources, we couldn’t say that ESET is a market leader. The boot time takes a few seconds longer than the competition average.

However, it won’t drown your system resources when ESET is running in the background, nor will it cause any problems when it runs a full system scan, as it takes up no more than 9% of RAM memory.

We have also checked AV-TEST results and noted that ESET demonstrated a pretty heavy impact on the system. Worth mentioning that ESET did not participate in the most recent test, so the data is taken from the previous tests.

  • Impact on a system when launching popular websites – 8% (13%).
  • Impact on a system while downloading frequently-used applications – 8% (1%).
  • Impact on a system while launching standard software programs – 66% (15%)
  • Impact on a system while installing frequently-used programs – 40% (26%)
  • Impact on a system while copying files 1% (3%)

To sum up, Avast demonstrates better performance rates and lower impact on a system both, during scans and working in the background. 

Customer Support

Avast does not provide free customer support. The 24/7 customer support is offered with the most expensive Avast Ultimate. Avast offers a very informative support webpage. Users can find their tips, manuals, FAQ section, useful links, and more product-related information.

ESET also provide a customer support page. Users can find manuals, FAQs, knowledge base videos and find more security and product related information.

User interface

Avast has an interface that looks dark and attractive. All the main features appear on the main window, and it has a left-side menu bar.

Avast Scan

When it comes to user interface, ESET has a convenient interface and a navigation system. Even though the text is relatively small on some of the settings and options, we had no problem while using the software. 

ESET Antivirus

We can say that both of the programs have simple and user-friendly interfaces.


According to OPSWAT’s streamlined Windows Anti-malware Market Share Report, which includes the most recent data collected for 6 months from June to December, Avast Software has the largest market share among the most popular anti-malware products with 18.44% of the total antivirus market share. ESET appears in fifth place with 9.09% of the market share.[6]


As you can see in the graph above, other popular products include McAfee,  Malwarebytes, Bitdefender, Webroot, Kaspersky Lab, Safer Networking Ltd with SpyBot Search & Destroy,  Avira, and Symantec with Norton.

Avast has the largest market share among all its competitors. It’s worth mentioning that the Avast results also combine the AVG’s market share.

The final verdict

Avast is a decent security package that is capable of protecting the entire family. It is simple to use and provides advanced protection against malware and viruses.

When it comes to ESET, It really has everything that an average user would need from an anti-malware program. Also, it is likely to be a good choice for an advanced user.

ESET managed to make a user interface that is good enough for both types of users.

Final thoughts

Avast and ESET both are developed by cybersecurity giants. The providers offer reliable and advanced technology, in order to protect users against various cyber threats and other useful security, privacy, and optimization features.

The table below summarizes our test results. As you can see both programs have similar malware detection and removal rates, performance and usability results.

avast banner

Avast is a winner in his one!


Detection rate









If you are still not sure which program to choose, our researchers constantly test and review different security applications for Windows, Macs, and Android devices. Check out our Security section and choose the right solution for you!

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