The comprehensive review of Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN[1] is developed to protect user privacy and enable its customers to access media content with no regional restrictions. Astrill VPN was first released in 2009. Today the VPN is expanding to USA, EU, Middle-East and Asian markets and it provides a personal VPN service, VPN routers, and business VPN services.[2] 

The company is registered in Seychelles which gives it an advantage against VPN providers based in 14 eyes countries and other overreaching governments.[3] Astrill VPN has 327 VPN servers in 65 countries.

Astrill provides free easy-to-use VPN applications for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and router. Enjoy website and device filters, app guard, smart mode and other features. Connect any device to VPN with Astrill VPN on your wifi router.

Astrill VPN has shown high performance and privacy results

Once download and installed, we had to log-in and choose the server we want to connect. Surprisingly, we were connected to the VPN server in less than 3 minutes.

Strong military-grade encryption Relatively expensive Astrill VPN offers fest speeds and strong protections. In addition, it has one of the longest feature lists and is great for Netflix and Torrenting.
Various extra features, such as VPN filtering Some features might be never used
Good performance & fast speeds Does not include a knowledgebase

The Pricing packages of Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN like most of its competitors allows users to choose from various plans. The company claims not to offer cheap and lifetime plans as they value the quality of the service. Every plan includes up to five simultaneous connections in one household.

  • 1-month plan comes at $15.90 and is billed $15.90 every month.
  • 6-month plan comes at $69.99 and is billed every 6 months ($11.65 per month).
  • 12-month plan comes at $99.90 and is billed every year ($8.33).

Astrill VPN also offers a 7-day free trial. Astrill VPN Pricing Payments can be made using Credit Card, Union Pay, PayPal, Perfect Money, Alipay, Bitcoin or Bank. As you can see the monthly price is one of the highest in the industry, similarly to ExpressVPN ($99.95), while other popular VPNs including NordVPN ($83.88 per year), CyberGhost ($63.00 per year), or Avast SecureLine VPN ($79.99 per year) offers better prices per annual subscriptions.

Astrill VPN provides users with all the necessary features for better privacy and security.

Astrill VPN provides basic VPN features, as well as some unique ones. All VPN plans include:

  • Connect unlimited devices;
  • Unlimited Bandwidth;
  • Unlimited server switches;
  • Unlimited speed;
  • 24/7 support;
  • No logs policy;
  • Port Forwarding;
  • P2P support;
  • Fix DNS, IPv6 and WebRTC leaks;
  • Adblock;
  • Customizable kill switch;

Astrill VPN provides more unique features comparing to the competitors

  • Smart mode allows tunnel only international websites through VPN, while local ones can be accessed directly with the real IP for faster browsing.
  • Site and app filter allows choosing which applications and websites go through VPN connection, and which can go through the real IP.
  • VPN Sharing allows sharing BPN connection using the PC with other devices on the networks without any extra hardware or VPN router needed.
  • Multi-hop VPN provides better anonymity and optimized routing, by allowing users to connect to one entry server and have traffic routed from another existing server.
  • Onion Over VPN allows accessing deep web and .onion domains without Tor.
  • Torrents welcome feature allows users to download torrents.

Astrill VPN Connect

An application ensures data encryption protocols for every case of use.

Astrill VPN is based in the Seychelles that gives it a great advantage, thus the company is not under the jurisdiction of any overreaching governments. The company also has a strict no logs policy that does not cooperate with any third parties. Astrill also claims not to keep your usage logs. When it comes to connection logs, the company keeps the last 20 connection logs, which is not very bad, but still, there are other VPNs that do not keep any logs. Astrill offers SSL 256-bit encryption on all plans they have. SSL 256-bit encryption is military-grade encryption – one of the strongest in the market. The company offers plenty of encryption options including OpenVPN, StealthVPN, and OpenWeb (StealthVPN and OpenWeb are proprietary protocols created by Astrill). The most used and recommended is OpenVPN – the truly secure option. The company also supports all the major protocols including OpenVPN, IKev2/IPSec, L2TP/IPsec, SSTP and Open Connect There are other protection features including DNS Leak Protection and Kill Switch.

The connection speed results has shown an excellent score

So far, AstrillVPN looks like one of the best VPNs out there. Lets' check how it performs and its speeds. The company claims that it offers the fastest speeds in the market. We tested a couple of the servers using

  • The Asian server in China Suqian: Ping – 35ms, Download 650.44 Mbps, Upload – 151.74 Mbps.
  • The EU server in the Netherlands: Ping 5ms, Download 941.13 Mbps, Upload 741.72 Mbps.
  • The US server in LA: Ping 8ms, Download 1379.90 Mbps, Upload 921Mbps. Switching servers is also quick.

As you can see the speeds are pretty consistent and we only needed to reconnect the VPN once in 24 hours. Astrill VPN Off

Our security experts recommend Astrill VPN as fast, secure and trustful VPN service

Astrill VPN provides secure VPN connection using military-grade encryption, as the Top VPN services. It also has fast speeds and includes a variety of features.

  • Supported platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Apple TV, DD-WRT, Tomato, TomatoUSB, ASUS Merlin, RMerl/asuswrt-merlin based WiFi routers, and Boxee.
  • Allows third-party connections: Yes, for Above.
  • Simultaneous connections: Up to 5 devices.
  • User data required: valid email address.
  • Supported protocols: OpenWeb, StealthVPN, RouterPro VPN, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and Cisco IPSec
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