Adaware Web Companion review, manual and guides

Ad-Aware Web Companion[1] provides users with antivirus-level security features that boost the browsers defenses.

Ad-Aware Web Companion is developed by Lavasoft. A software development company that produces spyware and malware detection software. The company was founded in 1999, in Germany, and is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada since 2002.[2]

Adaware Web Companion Review

The company offers various products including Ad-Aware Antivirus, Ad-Aware Ad Block and Ad-Aware Web Companion.[3]

Ad-Aware Web Companion is a browser extension that secures the browser against unauthorized adjustments and detects and blocks malicious sites.

Ad-Aware Web Companion fulfills users’ antivirus and browser’s protection against the latest and freshest malware and attacks.

It is worth to mention that some antivirus programs can flag Ad-Aware Web Companion ad malware or virus. This could be likely caused due to false positive detection, behavioral detection, and policy detection. In addition, some malware could be camouflaging as Ad-Aware Web Companion, in this case, make sure to download this browser security tool only from legitimate, trusted or official websites.





Only compatible with Windows

Ad-Aware Web Companion provides a reliable Browser protection and allows users to experience smooth and secure browsing experience. 

Does not conflict with other security and antivirus applications

Does not offer product-related customer support

Detected all known malicious and dangerous websites

Can be flagged as malware by antivirus programs

Test results

The download and installation of the program were quick and smooth. The estimated size of the installer is just 11.75 MB. Ad-Aware Web Companion is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. We tested the software using our Windows 10 PC. Ad-Aware Web Companion supports Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

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During setup, Ad-Aware Web Companion creates a startup registration point in Windows Operating system to automatically start once the system is booted.

In addition, the software adds Windows Service, which runs non-stop in the background. It also adds a background controller service which is set to automatically run by default.

Ad-Aware flags malware at the URL level before your browser infects your browser and device.

Ad-Aware Web Companion is not an antivirus product and is compatible with all antivirus on the market.

The browser security tool did not impact the system-performance while working in the background. It also detected and blocked all of the known malicious sites we visited.

It is worth to mention that Lavasoft Ad-Aware Pro Security and Antivirus applications were tested by the independent testing lab AV-TEST in 2012 – 2013. Ad-Aware Pro Security detected 95% of zero-day malware attacks, including web and email threats, and 99% of widespread and prevalent malware. At the time the industry average was 93% and 100% respectively.[4] However, Ad-Aware was not tested in the most recent tests conducted by AV-TEST testing lab.

Adaware web Companion Security Update


Ad-Aware Web Companion protects users against malicious and fraudulent websites that might cause damage and deliver malware infections, phishing attacks, exploits, unauthorized redirections and browser hijacks.

Ad-Aware Web Companion includes the following browser security features:

  • Reliable protection against dangerous sites – the feature detects and blocks dangerous and phishing sites.
  • Robust privacy shields hide your tracks – the feature detect and block websites and intrusive ads from tracking user data and block invasive pop-ups.
  • Fast and secure search functions – the feature detects and block dangerous and phishing sites.

Customer support

Ad-Aware Web Companion does not offer technical customer support but it has a FAQs section that includes all product-related information.

Users can contact Ad-Aware customer support and visit Ad-Aware Antivirus support web page. The company offers customer support page that includes fixes, FAQs, support for Ad-Aware Antivirus, Ad-Aware Ad Block related products, forum, and product manuals.

Adaware Web Companion Search Engine

The final verdict

Ad-Aware Web Companion protects users against dangerous and malicious websites and secures users’ web experience. The tool works flawlessly and detected and blocked all malicious sites we visited. The tool is only compatible with Windows OS and does not offer technical support.

Keep in mind that Ad-Aware Web Companion does not replace antivirus and security application, it only provides web browsing protection and does not monitor background processes or analyze files on computer or external drives.

Note: “Ad-Aware Web Companion is most commonly distributed within another software product that you or someone who uses your PC has elected to install. This is known as “bundled software distribution” and is a practice widely used by software makers worldwide to make money while delivering free software to their end-users.”

The company claims that Ad-Aware Web Companion is bundled with only reputable and legitimate software vendors, and also to ensure that the consent screen is clear and accurate.

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