7StarHD- How to Download Hollywood, Bollywood, Dubbed 300MB Movies in HD?


Do you wish to download your favorite movie or tv for free in HD, and which also does not take much storage space? 7StarHD is the place to browse to make the intent into a reality.

Read our article as we will discuss the different methods to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies in HD with only 300MB file size. We will also discuss the technique to make the experience more secure and accessible for you.

7StarHD is an online file-sharing platform that offers the users an opportunity to download content related to showbiz(movies & TV shows) in HD for free. The best thing about the website is that the downloadable HD content is merely 300-550MB in size.

So if you are do not have much bandwidth or mobile data left and eager to watch a movie with a quality display, then 7starHD is the place for you. In this article, we will show you how to download content from 7starHD.

The Way to Download Download Hollywood, Bollywood, Dubbed 300MB Movies in HD

When you enter the interface of 7starHD, you will get the opportunity to download any content of the following genre for free:

  • Bollywood movies;
  • Hollywood movies(English & Hindi dubbed);
  • American TV shows(English);
  • Indian TV shows;
  • South Indian Movies in Tamil and Telugu;
  • Pakistani films and TV shows;
  • Korean movies;
  • WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment Shows(English).

Here is the way to download the content from 7HD on your computer quickly

  • Open the 7starHD’s official URL;
  • Locate the tv show or movie of whatever genre that you want to download and click on it;
  • A new page will open where you would have to click on the “Download” link;
  • You will be led to a different page. From there, you will have to verify the captcha. Once you do that, proceed to the next step;
  • Double-click on the new tab to generate the download link and continue;
  • Now click on the “Download Now” tab and then hit the “Unlock links” option to view the multiple download gateways;
  • From the list, select any web address and download the file on your computer. It is important to note that if one download link doesn’t work, then you can check the rest of them until one of them initiates the downloading process on the PC.

You will face a salvo of new tabs popping up filled with ads. We suggest adding an ad-blocking extension on your browser to bypass the distraction. It will allow you to follow the steps mentioned above more smoothly.

The Methods to Safely Access 7StarHD to Download Hollywood and Bollywood Movies

The platforms that offer the user the facility to download free content are not most the securest ones on the internet. It is up to us as the user to arrange for the appropriate steps to maintain the integrity of our security & privacy. It is why before downloading any type of movie or TV show from 7StarHD, we suggest lacing your device with the following tools to sustain its safety.

A VPN will enable you to Access 7StarHD if it is Blocked

Sites like 7StarHD fall under the category of torrent sites that are generally geo-blocked in several regions. Several countries implement the policy due to their strict copyrights and piracy laws where infringement in not encourage and is a rather punishable offense. Geo-blocking is applied by detecting the standard IP address of the user’s ISP and blocking its path to the website.

7StarHD- How to Download Hollywood, Bollywood, Dubbed 300MB Movies in HD?
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A Virtual Private Network(VPN) is a technology that bypasses any such kind of geo-restrictions and allows the user to open any website, sitting from anywhere in the world. A VPN provides the user with a new IP address from its own database so that the ISP wouldn’t be able to detect any anomaly. The IP masking ability will allow you to open 7StarHD and download any type of content you want.

Furthermore, the VPN will keep no log of your browsing activity and maintain your anonymity on the internet. It is important to get the VPN that does not operate within the jurisdictions of the Five-Eyes data-sharing alliance. If the VPN happens to conduct business from any of those countries, then the vendor may be bound by law to share the log of their customers.

Online data-stealing or hacking attempts have become a big issue for all users around the world lately. Hackers use multiple techniques to bypass the firewalls of the victim’s device and steal the relevant information to their benefit. These attacks could come in the form of a DDoS attack, virus infection(malware), or Wi-Fi snooping(through an open connection).

However, some reliable VPNs have the capability to detect and stop such attempts from ever causing any harm. Most VPN possess military-grade 256-bit encryption along with an OpenVPN protocol to protect the data of their customers from such hacking attempts. Features like killswitch, anti-phishing, and others make sure that you remain under the safety net of the VPN. These features are applicable under every situation, no matter where you are or what internet connection you are using.

Most users have shifted to smartphones, tabs, and similar portable devices to stream movies from sites like 7StarHD. It is why the VPN service provider needs to have native app support across major platforms/OS, including Windows, Android, macOS/iOS, FireTV, and gaming consoles.

Moreover, VPN service providers also allow the user to share their account on more than one device simultaneously. It permits them to share the VPN with other users(family/friends) and divide the subscription fee to ease up the monetary constraints.

Here is the method to set-up a VPN to open 7StarHD on your Windows PC to initiate complete protection:

  • Subscribe to any of the top-rated VPN available on the market such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or CyberGhostVPN;
  • Download the app for your Windows PC from the “Downloads” webpage from the official site of your VPN;
  • Install it and then launch the software on your device;
  • Once you see the interface, enter the login credentials(Username & Password) that you used to purchase the VPN and sign-in to the app;
  • Select any server, as 7StarHD will work will any VPN-owned server, and click on “Connect” before proceeding to the next step;
  • Open your browser and enter the URL of 7StarHD on the address bar before hitting enter;
  • If the 7StarHD website were not opening earlier, you would find that with the VPN, it will open quite quickly. Moreover, you will see a lot fewer ads, which will make the whole downloading process convenient.

Use a Tor Browser to Access 7StarHD if Blocked

The Tor browser allows you to access any website and stream geo-restricted content quickly, thanks to its Tor servers. These servers bounce and route your web traffic through the Tor network, thus, making you completely anonymous online. The browser is available on Windows, Android, Linux, and macOS X.

In technical terms, the Tor browser connects your device with a random entry node, provides a tunnel through a Tor relay, and unblocks the restricted content through the final node.

Upon starting the browser, you will instantly be connected to the Tor servers. From there, you can enter the 7StarHD website to download any movie or TV show you want. However, if for some reason the method doesn’t work, follow the steps below to fix the issue:

  • Open the menu tab that is accessible at the top-right corner of the Tor browser’s interface;
  • Click on “New Identity,” and a new pop-up box will open after you do that;
  • The box will ask you to close all Tor browser tabs and restart the browser. Click on “Yes” to continue to the next step;
  • After a few seconds, the Tor browser’s window will open. Enter the 7StarHD site address and see if the method works or not.

Use OperaVPN to Open 7StarHD if Blocked

If the Tor browser somehow fails to open 7StarHD for you on your PC, then try using the Opera browser. It is the world’s first browser with a built-in VPN feature, that is also completely free. All you have to do is download the Opera browser from its official website and follow the instructions below to access any site in the world:

  • After installing the Opera browser on the computer, launch it;
  • Once you see the display, click on the menu tab and locate the “Privacy and Security” section from the list;
  • Click on “Enable in settings” option in front of the VPN;
  • Toggle On the VPN and exit the settings display;
  • Enter 7StarHD on the address bar of OperaVPN and download any movie available on the platform.

Use a Proxy Server to Download Bollywood and Hollywood Movies from 7StarHD

A proxy server is a gateway to open websites for free that are blocked or not accessible in your region. The servers as a middle man between the content you want to open and the internet, which also safe keeps your privacy and anonymity. You only have to access the URL of one of the proxy servers, enter the address of 7StarHD from there. After that, you only have to follow the same downloading steps mentioned above to get your favorite movie for free. Here are some of the top and more secure proxy servers that are available on the internet:

  • Hidester – https://hidester.com/proxy/
  • me – https://hide.me/en/proxy
  • Hide My Ass – https://www.hidemyass.com/en-in/proxy
  • Zend2 – https://zend2.com/
  • Proxy Site – https://www.proxysite.com/

Try an Antivirus Software to Remain Safe from Adware and Malware while using 7StarHD

There is a consistent issue with annoying ad pop-ups with a platform like 7StarHD that offers to download content for free. These ads are mostly the only source of income for these sites and are not regulated by Google AdSense. It is why there is a high chance of those ads containing viruses such as malware and adware that could disrupt the efficiency of your computer.

You have to get antivirus software to tackle the problem mentioned above. Along with a real-time malware protection feature, some popular antivirus software offers efficient security options to protect the device from virus infection. Some of those features are as follows:

  • Adblocker – This feature is essential if you do not want constant ad pop-up that could ruin the entire browsing experience or possible worse, infect your computer with adware;
  • Browser protection – Some sites that offer to download content for free may not seem what they appear to be. It is why the browser protection will prevent those sites from opening on your browser;

Other facilities that come with antivirus software include the Parental Lock(to manage your child’s internet activity), Webcam protection, and even a VPN.

Getting an antivirus software is essential as there is no way of avoiding malware on the internet. If you have a habit of browsing through sites like 7StarHD or other torrent platforms, then it is all the more necessary.

Alternatives to 7StarHD to Watch Hollywood Bollywood Movies for Free in HD

Sometimes, the owners of platforms that offer free content for downloading have to take down their website to keep their identity private to throw the authorities off the scent. If you happen not to find 7StarHD’s web link on the internet, then consider using its alternatives to stream content for free in HD:

Alternatives to 7StarHD

Popcorn Time





Los Movies


Yes Movies

123 Movies


If you are not a fan of online streaming and wish to download content for free on your computer, then you can access the following torrent sites to download any movie/TV show in HD without any cost.

  • 1337x
  • The Pirate Bay
  • TorrentDownloads
  • LimeTorrents

It is worth mentioning that these platforms are in no way secure to browse. It is why we recommend using a VPN and antivirus software to prevent any damage to your data or device from happening.

Safety Comes First before Downloading Movies from StarHD – Final Thoughts

Given how vulnerable our data is on the internet, it is not advised to access platforms such as 7StarHD, mainly if you do not have the necessary protection. It is also not ethical to download content for free, and you will be violating several piracy laws as a result.

However, if you do decide to access 7StarHD and download Hollywood, Bollywood movies, and TV shows for free, then consider using a VPN. In this article, we discussed how to download content from the platform, its alternatives, and how to ensure full privacy while performing the activity.

If you have a loved one or friend who wishes to know the method to download movies/TV shows from 7Star HD or similar sites, then feel free to share this guide with them.

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