VPN Gate review, analysis, and test results

VPN Gate VPN Gate is an experimental project developed by Graduate School of the University of Tsukuba, Japan. The purpose of the VPN gate Service is to expand knowledge of Global Disturbed Public VPN Relay Servers. VPN Gate[1] offers free and unlimited data. The service locates and connects to the VPN servers all over the world.

Free Performance hits and slowdowns VPN Gate is unlimited and free VPN service, however, its performance rates are very low and it’s client software only supports Windows.
Unlimited Slow speeds
Uses SoftEther VPN client software

Complex to setup

Its’ developers note that using the VPN Gate users can get through the government’s firewall to browse restricted websites, disguise the IP address in order to browse anonymously, and protect users’ identity by utilizing the VPN’s strong encryption while using public Wi-Fi. What we really liked is that the VPN Gate service is totally free, offers unlimited data and not a single registration is required. In addition, according to its developers, VPN Gate can get through most firewalls, unlike traditional VPN services.

The Test results of VPN Gate

VPN Gate is not a traditional VPN service and it only offers SoftEther Client for Windows operating system. Users can download SoftEther VPN Client[2] together with the VPN Gate Client Plugin. The download and installation processes can seem a bit complex. VPN Gate uses Public Relay Servers that anyone online can use. It includes the 7312 Public VPN Relay Servers provided by volunteers around the world. The setup process is a bit confusing. The VPN service supports Windows, Macs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices. However, it uses SoftEther VPN client software only for Windows. The list of the servers can be found here and basically, anyone with the internet connection can connect to them. The servers include various protocols including SoftEther VPN (SSL-VPN), L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, and MS-SSTP. VPN Gate Servers List

VPN Gate is a totally free tool made by the students of Japan university

VPN Gate is a totally free service that includes unlimited data and offers users to connect to its public servers all around the world.

A lack of features makes VPN Gate not the best VPN on a field

As an Academic Experiment Project VPN Gate does not include any additional features, instead it offers users to connect to its servers all around the world in order to get through the government’s firewall to browse restricted websites such as YouTube or Facebook, it also disguises users’ IP addresses to hide their identities while browsing the Internet and protects users by utilizing strong encryption while using public Wi-Fi.

Gatve VPN has some common data encryption protocols to offer

As it was mentioned before, VPN Gate[3] network consists of many VPN servers provided by volunteers all around the world. It supports SSL-VPN (SoftEther VPN), L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, and Microsoft SSTP protocols. VPN Gate also accesses anonymous connections, and user registrations are not required, so users can connect to one of the servers completely anonymous. Every single VPN server has a dynamic IP address which can change at a random period. Unlike traditional VPN services, VPN Gate Public Relay Servers are neither physically placed on a specific datacenter not a specific IP address range. VPN Gate Public Relay Servers are provided by many volunteers around the world are free of change and does not require any registration which provides users with 100% of anonymity. Connect to VPN Gate

The speed of internet connection is very slow

Most of the volunteers provided servers are located in Japan or South Korea, so no surprise that the connection delays are relatively long and performance of them are very slow. In addition, we have tried to connect the US-based servers and they were also very slow. The connection time was about 200% slower than the baseline and the latency was also very slow. All in one, the performance rates of VPN Gate is probably the worst among our tested VPNs.

There is no such a thing as customer support with VPN Gate

VPN Gate provides users with a very informative website which provides users with the guides how to connect to VPN Gate using the most popular operating systems, including Windows, Macs, iPhones and iPads, and Android devices. It also provides the information on how to connect to a particular VPN Relay Server of VPN Gate by using SoftEther VPN Client, L2TP/TP/IPsec VPN client, OpenVPN or the Microsoft SSL-VPN Client which is bundled with the operating system. The website also provides users with FAQs section, forum and other product-related information on its official website. However, it does not offer a traditional customer support. VPN Gate Established

Not recommended VPN service for more experienced users

VPN Gate is a great idea to provide users with free and unlimited VPN service. It offers various protocols to choose from and thousands of servers around the world. VPN Gate uses the SoftEther open-source VPN client software which provides flexibility and is relatively easy to set up. However, we do not recommend this service due to its low performance rates. However, if VPN Gate Academic Experimental Project will add more and faster US-based servers it would be a great choice for everyone – a fast, free, and unlimited VPN service.

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