Speedify service review and test results

Speedify Review

Speedify[1] offers users various services, including channel bonding, link aggregation, and a virtual private network also known as VPN. Speedify aims to increase the speed, security, and reliability of Internet data and steaming applications.

Offering free data Not a truly VPN service Speedify is not a truly VPN service, but it works fast, has a pleasant interface and offers users free data of 5GB.
Wide geographic range Requires at least two internet connections
Works fast Based in the USA

The review of Speedify service

Speedify is developed for those, who want to increase speed or on-the-go connection continuity. It is not the typical VPN service as it combined the bandwidth provided by all of the device’s available Wi-Fi network, cellular and wired connections.

Speedify is a new kind of VPN. It combines Wi-Fi and Cellular into one super reliable, super secure mega-connection.

The service was first launched in 2004 and is based in Philadelphia, PA, USA.[2] Today the company has more than 1,000 servers in 28 countries. Speedify

We tested the Speedify for about two weeks. The download and installation of the program are pretty quick and simple. Speedify is compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices. However, the service is not compatible with the Linux operating system, Windows Phone or routers.

Not the cheapest and limited selection of the pricing packages

Speedify offers 5 GB monthly data for free and it does not require you to create an account. It also provides a Premium plan with unlimited data included for individuals, teams, and enterprises. The unlimited version for individuals starts at $8.99 per month or $49.99 per year and can cover up to 5 devices.

Speedify offers some good features that can increase your online privacy significantly

Speedify provides users with speed, security, reliability, privacy and accessibility features.[3]

  • The service includes Channel Bonding which combines Wi-Fi network, cellular data, Ethernet, and similar features in order to increase bandwidth, lower latency, and better reliability.
  • The Security features include ChaCha or AES-based encryption which prevent hackers to snoop on the traffic.
  • The Reliability feature reduces packet loss by combining various techniques to fix lost and corrupted packets. In addition, Speedify transfers the data across all available connections to provide users with reliability and consistency.
  • The Privacy features include VPN. The service has a strict no log VPN policy and claims not to log users’ internet activities and hides the customers’ IP addresses from ISPs and hackers.
  • The Accessibility features allow users to unlock apps and services while at work or school and bypass geo-restrictions while traveling. Speedify is also BitTorrent friendly.

Additionally, Speedify includes Redundant Mode which ensures maximum reliability, Automatic Failover which traverses networks even if the user gets disconnected from an Internet connection and allows to Test VPN Speed. SPeedify Screenshot mobile

Speedify is using 256-bit ChaCha encryption in order to protect its data transfers

As it was mentioned before Speedify has more than a thousand servers in a range of countries that Premium customers can access any of them. In addition, users can choose between the Wi-Fi network and the mobile-data sources. The service employs advanced protections that include parallel TLS transport and uses 256-bit ChaCha encryption in order to protect its data transfers. However, it is worth to mention that the channel-merging does not work if there is only a single Internet connection available. In addition, if there is a cellular data used along the Wi-Fi connection, the service will quickly use all of the carrier’s monthly data allowance.

Speedify is realy speedy according to our tests

Speedify demonstrates excellent rates at performance and is one of the quickest services we have reviewed so far. The service speeds up the broadband connections due to its channel-bonding features, while other VPNs slow them down. The connection time was only two seconds, and once it was on, the service speed up the phone download speeds nearly three times. When it comes to latency, Speedify boosted it from 30 milliseconds to 20 milliseconds, which makes it great while watching videos or listening to music online.

The Customer support center knows how to help to their clients

Speedify customer support can be reached via email. In addition, Speedify provides very informative support websites for both, mobile and desktop versions. The support page includes tutorials and manuals, FAQs section, product-related articles and other information, such as account, subscriptions, and billing, using Speedify and Troubleshooting and more Speedify Dashboard

We did enjoy the modern looking interface of Speedify

When it comes to the user interface, Speedify is actually one of the best-designed services we reviewed. It looks fresh and modern. The mobile version takes up an entire screen and displays the data sources and how much data has been already used. It also shows which VPN server the device is connected to and provides users with the bar graph which shows the data flow and a button “Test Speeds” to test the current speed.

Not a typical VPN service, but it is worth to try it

Speedify is not a typical VPN service due to its additional features and unique channel-bonding service. The service is very fast and increases the connection performance. It also offers a wide geographic range and free data. However, in order to use it, the device should have at least two different internet connections.

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