Malwarebytes VS Avast

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Malwarebytes VS Avast

If your computer started to act weirdly and you keep noticing system slowdowns and interruptions, these could be first signs that you might be dealing with malware.

Do not forget that Windows PC remains the most targeted operating systems, so a reliable anti-malware software becomes relevant for every Windows PC user. Reviewed by Pro constantly tests new products in order to provide you with up-to-date information and reviews of the latest Internet security and antivirus applications, privacy solutions, recovery tools, and other utilities, not just for your Windows PC, but also for your Mac and Android devices.

If you are struggling to choose the security software for your PC, continue reading this article, as it will reveal some of the main features of two security products: Malwarebytes and Avast.

Malwarebytes or Avast?

If you do not have time to read the entire article, here is the table which provides with the main features we tested and one winner.

Malwarebytes offers lower prices for its paid plans.
Antivirus protection
Avast detection rate is praised by independent testing labs, while Malwarebytes has not been tested.
Security features
Avast has a wider selection of security features.
System-performance impact
Avast demonstrates better performance rates.
User Interface
Avast's interface is more intuitive and less complicated.
Avast has the largest market share in the industry.

Malwarebytes Overview

Malwarebytes for Home | Anti-Malware Premium | Free Trial Download

Malwarebytes[1] is one of the most popular anti-malware applications. It was first released in 2006, but various updates are still coming regularly to this day.

This software is known for its reliability and ability to find various threats surprisingly quickly, including all kinds of malware

The company provides home users with anti-malware protection across all the major operating systems including Malwarebytes for Windows, Malwarebytes for Mac, and Malwarebytes for Android. In addition, Malwarebytes offers Malwarebytes Premium that is capable of protecting small offices, teams, and startups.



Anti-malware protection


Security and privacy features

Limited feature set

System-performance impact


Scanning performance

Fast and accurate scans with a negative impact on a system

User interface

Intuitive and simple to use

Avast Overview

Avast[2] is one of the largest companies that operate in the cybersecurity industry. The company applies next-gen technologies in order to provide its users with reliable and advanced software that prevent and protect them against any cyber threats.

avast banner

Avast security software protects over 435 million its customers in 186 countries around the world and prevents 3.5 billion attacks every month.

Avast develops a variety of products for business users and consumers, including free and paid antivirus and Internet security solutions (Avast Antivirus for Windows, Avast Security for Mac, Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus for Android), performance tools (Avast CleanUp) and privacy (Avast SecureLine VPN) applications across all the major operating systems and IoT devices.



Antivirus protection

Very good

Additional features


System-performance impact

Slightly better than the average


Mediocre speed scans without a negative impact on a system

User interface

Modern-looking, and simple to use interface


Malwarebytes provides users with a free version of the application that scans the system for malware, viruses and other similar cyber threats and PUPs, and cleans infected devices. Malwarebytes Free complements antivirus, while Malwarebytes Premium is able to replace antivirus.

Malwarebytes home users offer proven Malwarebytes antivirus technology for various devices:[3]

  • Malwarebytes for Windows
  • Malwarebytes for Android
  • Malwarebytes for iOS
  • Malwarebytes for Chromebook

All Malwarebytes Antimalware products:

Products for Home users Price / Devices / 1-Year Get it
Malwarebytes for Mac $39.99 / 1-device / 1-year
Malwarebytes for Windows $39.99 / 1-device / 1-year

Once the software is downloaded and installed Malwarebytes provide users with a 14-day trial of the full version.

When it comes to Avast, the company offers a decent set of security and privacy features even in its free package, including a secure web browser, a password manager, home network scanner, or a hardened browser. Many of these features usually come only in paid antivirus programs, while Avast offers them for free. Also, Avast includes the following:

  • Avast Internet Security also includes premium features such as protection while banking and shopping online, Sandbox suspicious apps, a strong firewall against hackers, protection against spam and phishing emails and an extra layer of ransomware security.
  • If you need more, Avast Premier protects against webcam spying, allows users to permanently delete sensitive files and information, and automatically updates applications on the PC.
  • Avast Ultimate offers all above and also includes Avast SecureLine VPN, Avast CleanUp Premium and Avast Passwords Premium.[4]
Product Price / Devices / 1-year Get it
Avast Pro Antivirus $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Internet Security $47.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Premier $63.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Ultimate $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Business Pro Plus $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Secure VPN $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Clean Up $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast Security for Mac $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast CleanUP for Mac $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast antivirus for Linux $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
Avast android security $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device
All Avast products $39.99 / 1-year / 1-device

avast banner


Malwarebytes Premium can replace antivirus software and can be mixed and matched between Windows, Mac, Android and Chrome OS.

Malwarebytes Premium adds anti-malware and anti-ransomware features, protects from malicious and fraudulent websites, stops malware that decreases computer performance, cleans up infected computers, and protects Identity and Privacy from hackers.

So, that's probably it, when it comes to Malwarebytes features. It is an Anti-malware application that focuses on detecting and removing malware and other threats from your PC.

As you can see Avast if a full-featured antivirus and internet security software, while Malwarebytes Anti-malware is not a full-featured security software is offered only anti-malware features.

Antivirus protection

Malwarebytes is very powerful and demonstrated pretty good malware detection rates, as it detected more than 98% of malware on our test computer.

However, we cannot compare our test results to any independent testing labs’ results, such as AV-TEST because Malwarebytes was not tested by any of them. So we do not know how the application would be rated in bigger tests.

Malwarebytes Premium Protected

When it comes to Avast the program was tested by the most recent test conducted by AV-TEST but the results were not perfect either. Avast detected 99.4% and 99.3% of zero-day malware attacks, and 100% of widespread and prevalent malware.[5]

Avast free antivirus

Even though Malwarebytes provides a very strong malware detection engine and techniques, we do not know how it would be rated by independent testing labs, in this case, Avast is a winner.

System-performance impact and scans

Malwarebytes Anti-malware has a relatively heavy impact on system-performances and can cause lags and interruptions. The application uses more system resources than most of the antivirus products. As we tested, Malwarebytes Anti-malware had an impact by 30% on our test computer which is more than the industry average.

Malwarebytes Anti-malware offers users quick and stable scans. The application offers users three types of scans, including the full system scan or the Threat Scan, Custom Scan and Hyper Scan.

Malwarebytes Anti-malware was not tested by any of the independent testing labs, it is unknown how the application would perform on bigger tests.

Malwarebytes Premium Settings

According to our simple test, Avast did not drain the computer system and did not use many system’s resources. In addition, the antivirus does not have a noticeable impact during scans.

AV-TEST also tested the program’s performance. According to the latest tests, Avast has a lower than average impact on a system.

  • Impact while launching popular websites – 10%.
  • Impact while downloading frequently-used applications – 2%.
  • Impact while launching standard software applications – 17%.
  • Impact while installing frequently-used applications – 26%
  • Impact while copying files – 2%.

It also offers various scanning options, scheduled scans. If users want to scan a particular file or folder, instead right-click, they can use a Drag & Drop feature, which is also convenient.

Avast free antivirus passwords

All in one, Avast has better performance results.

User interface

At first sight, the application can seem a bit complex, as it hosts of status details, multiple icons, assorted buttons, and five tabbed areas. However, once you use it, you will see that actually, the program is very simple and intuitive. The interface is easy to understand and navigate

The Avast’s interface is simple and easy to navigate, as all major categories appear in the main window. It also has a very convenient left-side menu.


According to OPSWAT’s streamlined Windows Anti-malware Market Share Report[6], which includes the most recent data collected for 6 months from June to December, Avast Software has the largest market share among the most popular anti-malware products with 18.44% of the total antivirus market share. Malwarebytes appears in third place and takes 12.23% of the market share.

Antimalware marketshare report

As you can see in the graph above, other popular products include McAfee Inc., Bitdefender, ESET, Webroot, Kaspersky Lab, Safer Networking Ltd with SpyBot Search & Destroy, Avira, and Symantec with Norton.

So we have to admit that Avast Software has the largest market share in the security industry. It is worth mentioning that its market share also includes AVG users.

The final verdict

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is created for every user – whether you are a businessman, a CEO of a large company or an individual user.

This application will protect your computer not only from the usual malware, but from ransomware, infected sites, and various small threats. Malwarebytes is a great anti-malware software and worth its price after all if you need real and reliable protection against the latest threats on the Internet.

Avast offers decent but not perfect malware detection rates, light but a notable impact on the system and variety of additional security, privacy and performance features.

Final thoughts

According to our test, Avast demonstrates better performance and lower impact on a system. It also includes wide additional security, privacy, and performance feature selection, such as VPN, CleanUp and others. Meanwhile, Malwarebytes Anti-malware is limited to protection features and can work great alongside other security software.

avast banner

If you are looking for a simple, full-featured security product, then Avast is a better choice. However, if you want to fulfill your security, you can get both. Malwarebytes works great along with other security suite and provides an additional layer of security and anti-malware protection. Malwarebytes for Home | Anti-Malware Premium | Free Trial Download

The table below summarizes our test results. As you can see both programs have similar malware detection and removal rates, performance and usability results.


Detection rate









If you are still not sure which program to choose, our researchers constantly test and review different security applications for Windows, Macs, and Android devices. Check out our Security section and choose the right solution for you!

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