The best methods to unblock Twitch fast and easy!

How to get unbanned from TwitchHow to get unbanned from Twitch

Twitch[1] is an online video streaming platform where you can watch how other gamers play video games. If you're an avid gamer, here you can enjoy watching the best world gamers in action. Everything would be great, but Twitch tends to block the accounts for unknown reasons. In this article, we are going to understand why does Twitch is blocking the accounts and how to get unbanned from twitch with a VPN. If you don't want to read all the article and want to get unbanned from Twitch fast, use the VPN[2].

You can get unbanned from Twitch by using the following methods:

Mainly Twitch account can be blocked by the users' IP address, and to bypass it, and you need to change your IP address. There are common methods of how you can do it, and it this section, we are going to show it.

1. Unblock twitch with a VPN

Any device that goes online receives an IP (Internet Protocol) address. Similar to a home or an office address, this is a unique piece of information for a particular device. So when your Twitch ID gets blocked, not only do they note your username, they also have the IP address which was used to access the site. This is where the VPN becomes a guardian angel.

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A Virtual Private Network stretches a private network over a public one, thereby allowing you to access remote sites. Primarily, a VPN server uses encryption to hide your actual internet connection and provides your device with a new temporary IP address, thereby making it difficult for outsiders to trace your exact whereabouts. That in itself is all the trickery you need to get on board Twitch once again.

Just don't forget that you will have to make a new profile. (Your username and IP address are both under the scanner, remember?)

2. Get unbanned from Twitch with proxy

You can try to bypass the IP restriction ban with a free or paid Proxy service. There are many of them on the market you can find many of them. We just want to warn you that Proxy servers do not encrypt your data and are much slower than a reliable VPN service. So if you will decide to try it, you will take the risk of your own responsibility.

3. Change your dynamic IP by restarting a router

Another straightforward method to change your IP is to restart a router. This method works not for everyone, but only for those who have an internet connection with a provided dynamic IP address. So if you are not sure your internet connection has static or dynamic IP try the following steps:

  • Open your browser and search a phrase on the google “What is my IP?”. You will see the numbers, and it is your IP address.
  • Now go to your router and turn off the power. When it restarts, go back by the PC. Ussually, it might take up 5 minutes while it will start work.
  • Ask for Google again, “what is my IP,” and if you will see the different numbers, it means that you managed to change your IP.
  • Now try to connect to Twitch, it should be fine.

It is the fastest way to to change your IP, but as it was mentioned before it works just for the dynamic internet connection.

4. Contact the support center of Twitch and ask to unblock your account

Sometimes the most simplest methods are the most effective ones. Why don't you try to write a short email to [email protected] and explain the situation, apology if you did something wrong and ask to unban your account? It might take up to one week while you receive a response, but in that case, you will be informed of why you were blocked. In case they did not agree to unblock your account, proceed to the second method.

Twitch bans users for the reasons, find out about it

More often than not, and especially if you're a non-US resident, the answer is some plain old geo-blocking[3]. Certain countries around the world are rather stringent with their broadcasting and censorship laws. At other times, some copyright issues play the spoilsport. In either case, we're the ones left heartbroken with no access to some brilliant content on Twitch.

banned on twitch?banned on twitch?

Also, there can be many other reasons for being banned on Twitch too. For example, channel owners and moderators can invite a ban in case they upload illegal material. This can also result when copyrights are infringed. Making unsolicited advances to other members, impersonate them, etc. can also lead to a ban. Whatever may have been the reason, unfortunately, there is no going back once a ban is imposed. That doesn't mean you can't work around it, however. A decent VPN service is the answer to all your woes, and the one certified way to get unbanned from Twitch lies in a VPN. The fastest way to unblock from Twitch is to use a reliable VPN.

The Right VPN for Twitch that is capable to unblock it

We now know only a VPN can bless us with lost access to the world of Twitch, but which VPN do you subscribe to?

Fear not, Friends! We did you a comprehensive guide to making the right choice.
There are several factors one must be mindful of when choosing a VPN.

Here's the Pro list of essentials:

  • Need for Speed – Do we even need spelling this one out? Imagine you do get unbanned from Twitch, but the network speed is just not letting you enjoy those videos you have now worked so hard for! Slow internet connection will have your videos endlessly buffered. What's even the point then, right?
  • It's all in the Numbers – The more servers a VPN owns globally, the more the amount of content ready for you to explore. A large number of servers ensures your network is spread more extensive, thus dramatically strengthening your shield against geo-blocking. And you believed quantity couldn't compete with quality!
  • Encryption On Point – Robust encryption keeps your data safe and guards you against any surveillance. A good VPN will encrypt everything in an ironclad manner and secure your online activities so that you can go on being the gamer you were always meant to be.
  • No Holding Back – A perfect VPN does not impose any bandwidth limitations on you, and it allows you to access all file types.
  • No Spying – If a VPN is keeping logs of your activity, you're only going to end up as fish bait. The purpose of getting a VPN gets defied if you can't access the internet anonymously. Your online presence is nobody else's business. There's a 'P' in the name itself to emphasize the sanctity of privacy. It essantial to choose no-log VPN[4].
  • Show Me The Money – We all work so hard to rake in the moolah; it'd be a shame to see it wasted on a product that does not deliver you the value for money that you're looking for. We always support penny-pinchers. It doesn't grow on trees, people!
  • Everyone Needs Support – Can it even be the right product if it didn't offer incredible customer support?
    Case closed.

Now you know what to look for in a VPN, we went a step further to narrow down the options for you – we're Pros, after all!

Free VPN is to slow and insecure for using on Twitch

Now that we know all there is to learn about the VPNs that can get you back on Twitch, we're confident you'd also be tempted by the plethora of free VPN services available on the market. It's difficult to resist, we understand! However, we feel it our duty to warn you about the pitfalls of such an adventure.

To start on the most straightforward note, free services are free for a reason. Free VPN services will always come with bandwidth limitations and slow network speeds, thereby hampering your video streaming experience.

People don't realize is that even though the service is provided free of cost to you (also if in poor quality), the VPN provider still ends up making money off of you. How? You may ask. Free VPN services do not provide any anonymity or privacy in your goings about online. The logs of your online activity get tracked, saved, and then sold to third party advertisers, hence, those annoying ads. We cannot tell you how often we have seen monitoring cookies being used to invade your privacy and market valuable personal data.

If you will become a victim of such an evil product, there's no rescue either! There is negligible customer support or assistance when you're using the free plan.

Options free VPN paid VPN
Changes your IP
Unlimited bandwidth
Fast internet connection
No-logs, no tracking
No annoying ads
Millitary-grade encryption
Wide range of server selection
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Setting up a new VPN for Twitch

Setting up a VPN is easier than signing-up for Gmail or Facebook, and here are the steps to do it, which do not take more than 2 minutes of your time:

  • Subscribe to a VPN service of your choice
  • Insert a suitable username and password and download the native app from the website
  • Install and launch the app on your computer
  • Enter your login credentials and select any server you want to watch Twitch
  • Click on Connect and Enjoy the stream!

Your VPN was created not only for Twitch

A VPN can come in handy in any number of ways, but especially if you are traveling and have to use public Wi-Fi on your device to check your emails and messages. It offers the level of security that usually prevents any type of illegal attempts on your device to steal your information, identity, and money. Other than that, due to its encryption method, no one could identify you online, whether it be your ISP, the government, or any petty cybercriminal.

Torrenting is illegal in several countries that implement the piracy laws on their citizens very strictly, but the fact is not everyone can afford the luxury to possess accounts of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, or HBO GO. This is where torrenting comes in, and a VPN can help you in accessing torrent sites with full anonymity so that no one could know that you were using torrents from your country of residence.

Furthermore, you can play any games you like, which is not available in your region with full features such. You can also bypass geo-restrictions and participate in any gaming competition you wish!

And lastly, you can access your favorite chatting site such as Chatroulette, Omegle, Ome.TV, and others, even they have banned you from their platform.
In plain words, the opportunity is limitless, and you must have a VPN to access anything that you desire!

Twitch is the biggest eSports video broadcaster in the world

Twitch started as an online video game streaming platform in 2013. Today it became a truly formidable video streaming giant that not only broadcasts your favorite eSports[5] competitions but also provides you some of the best music, interviews, and even “reality” TV. Twitch has truly made a commendable effort to reach out to a broader demographic than it can be assumed to boast of, and it has even succeeded in that to quite an extent.

Here you can learn many new tricks video gaming tricks which you can incorporate into your gaming strategy and annihilate your opponents. What better place to satiate the gamer within us than a session on Twitch!
But as happens with all things that make their way to our hearts, many in a relationship with Twitch are soon faced with its challenges. Hey! What's a good love story without a few obstacles, after all?!

In Conclusion

To sum it up, we understand the needs of the Twitch loyalist. To have a truly pleasurable experience and especially if you have stumbled upon a roadblock of sorts owing to a ban, VPN alone can be your savior. Do not get tempted by the free versions doing the rounds, however. Many reputable VPN service providers are offering great value for money subscription packages. Choose the best one for your needs.
Keep streaming, and when in doubt, ask the Pros!

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