Does worth your money? Read our review and find out vpn vpn review 2020 VPN[1] is a relatively new VPN service developed by Malaysian-based VPN security and privacy provider. The VPN service offers privacy protection, Wi-Fi security, and encryption that allows users to experience private web browser experience. 

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Variety of VPN protocols supported Performance hits and slowdowns is one of the most flexible services out there offering client software for mane platforms and free data.
Client software compatible with many platforms Midrange speeds
Offering free data Premium version may seem expensive is a full-featured and flexible VPN provider. VPN helps you stay anonymous on the internet and encrypts your connection so no one other than you can know what you do on the internet. VPN offers has more than 150 gigabit servers in over 45 locations in 34 countries all around the world. provides users with the client software across the most popular operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Microsoft Surface. The VPN provider uses the variety of advanced protocols such as IKEv2/IPsec, IKEv1/IPsec, Open VPN, STTP, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec, and the jack of all trades SoftEther client software.

We tested the VPN service for about a week on our Windows desktop and Android smartphone. The Windows client software allows users to connect the VPN service in just around five minutes. The installer package size is only 6 MB, so both installation and setup did not take long. Download and setup the VPM app on our Samsung test smartphone took only a couple of minutes. The Android version of VPN has over 1 million installs and a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 at the official Google Play[2] app store. The first impression of the VPN service was very good, as it has pleasant and intuitive interface and many features. However, we needed to provide them an email address in order to register for a service. VPN Windows Setup

Pricing packages comes with limited data bandwidth offers users a free version of the limited plan which includes 2 GB of data transfer and 1 simultaneous connection. It also includes a Plus plan that starts at $4.99 per month and includes 75 GB data transfer and 1 simultaneous connection. Finally, a Premium version starts at $9.99 per month that includes unlimited data transfer and up to 5 simultaneous connections. However, the service does not provide any discounts for yearly subscriptions. Even though users have to provide their email address while registering to the service, the payments can be done anonymously since VPN accept various payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, SoFort, GiroPay, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments. offers users 14-day money-back guarantee, so users who are not happy with the service can get their money back.

Not too much Features are available for customisation

The VPN service replaces the original IP with an anonymous one, encrypts user data, helps to avoid geo-restrictions and censorship, protects and secures the Wi-Fi connection and provides unrestricted access for expats and travelers. As it was mentioned before VPN offers the free limited version of the client software that include 3 limited locations and 2 GB data transfer. For the free version, users do not have to provide their Credit Card information. When it comes to the paid services, users get an unlimited data transfer, up to 5 simultaneous connections from across all the operating systems, SOCKS proxy, fixed IP address, dynamic port forwarding, unlimited bandwidth, full protocol support, premium customer support, and more than 45 locations.

Plenty of Data encryption algorithms to choose from

  • VPN offers users a wide selection of VPN protocols that include the following: OpenVPN that supports up to AES-256 encryption for Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux and Android. SoftEther which is one of the most powerful, open source is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Free BSD and Solaris. The protocol combines the advantages of IPsec and OpenVPN protocols.
  • IKEv2 is available for Windows and Linux. The protocol supports AES-128 and AES-256. The protocol also supports Mac, iOS and Android devices and is perfect for home users.
  • SSTP or Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol supports Mac, Windows and Linux devices. The protocol is baed on a combination of SSL and TCP.
  • IKEv1 supports up to AES-256 and is available for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android devices.
  • PPTP is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, DD-WRT, and others. However, it does not support AES encryption but uses Microsoft Point-to-Point encryption.
  • L2TP/IPsec is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS, and supports up to AES-128 combined with Microsoft Point-to-Point encryption. also offers Open Internet features, encrypted connection, global IPTV, and claims not to log or monitor any personal user data, even for the free version.[3] Android VPN

Performance drops up to 70% while using this service

To connect to the free Canadian VPN server took about 10 seconds, which is one of the longest time among all the VPN services we tested. The latency (how long it took to respond) was about 50 milliseconds, which is somewhere in the middle. Data transfer speed was about 60 Mbps which is about 70% slower than the baseline. The performance rates are somewhere in the middle. It is worth to mention that we only tested the free version of the package, however, on the official VPN website, it says that Whether you're a Free, Plus, or Premium user, we never throttle your connection so you can expect fast speed. Which means that the paid version would also have average performance rates.

Customer support is just fine VPN offers users to contact the customer support in various ways, by creating a support request, via live chat. It also has community forums. The support webpage provides easy VPN setup guides for Windows PC, OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Ubuntu, Routers, and Blackberry. Finally, the official support webpage also includes FAQs section and billing information. VPN Connected

The User interface could and better

The user interface is simple and easy to use. The desktop version does not run a full screen and it cannot be resized. The main window displays user IP address, connection location, and the VPN service status.

An expensive service with slow internet speed. We would not recommend it VPN supports a variety of protocols, a decent feature set, and flexibility. However, its speed rates are just mediocre and its’ Premium service is relatively expensive is paid monthly.

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