G DATA Antivirus user manual

G Data Antivirus user manual

To completely understand how this software works, check out this guide, which includes a tutorial on how to download, install and use G Data Antivirus properly.

This software can be installed on Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10), Android (4.0 or higher) and Mac (10.7.5 or higher) platforms.

G Data Antivirus download

If you decided to try G Data for yourself, the very first step you have to do is to download the software from this page. 

The download will begin shortly but it can take a while to complete as it is a pretty big file.

G Data Antivirus installation

The installation is fast and simple. Follow further steps and you will install G Data Antivirus by yourself in a few minutes.

1. Open the file that you downloaded first and the G Data Antivirus installer will open in a second. You have to choose your language in the first window. After selecting it, click “Next” to continue.

2. You can choose the way of installing the program. The easiest way is to select “Standard installation” and leave all the settings for the software to sort out.

3. You should notice that you can choose to participate in Malware Information Initiative. To learn more about it, click on “Malware Information Initiative”. To continue, click “Next”.

4. This is the license agreement window. You should read all these conditions in order to know what are you accepting. Click “Accept & install” when ready and the installation will begin.

5. As the installation includes downloading various components, it can take some time to complete (it depends on your internet speed). It should be done in a few minutes.

6. After the installation is completed, you can choose to activate the full version if you have one. If you want to use a free version of G Data Antivirus, click “Activate trial version”.

7. You are in the registration window now.

Choose whether you are an individual or business customer first. After that, fill in the fields below (only marked fields are required to proceed).

After the form is completed, click “Activate now”.

If everything is correct, you will get a notification. To complete the installation, you have to restart your computer. To do that, just leave the “Restart now” box marked and click “Exit”. If you prefer to restart your computer manually, unmark the box before clicking “Exit”.

And that is it, you've just successfully installed G Data Antivirus on your computer.

Main features 

The interface of G Data is not complicated and very easy to get used to. There are three sections on the main menu, which you should learn about:

Security Center – This is the information section. Here you will find everything from information about protection to license activation and more.

Virus Protection – to simplify the use of this section, you can think about this section as a scan page because you can perform scans to various locations of your computer, check the quarantine list or even boot the software to a CD for a portable virus check on other computers.

Autostart Manager – this section will help you to reduce the load on your computer while starting it. You will be able to set a delay on autostart applications, which is very useful when decreasing the stress for your computer on a startup.

Settings and Logs – these menus can be reached by clicking on the icons above.

There are many various settings in the first menu and all information about previous actions in the second (logs) menu.

Virus scanning and removal

To perform a virus scan on your computer, open the “Virus Protection” section on the program first. There you will see a menu list of 6 available types of scan. You can scan different locations by selecting differently, but it is always recommended to choose a full computer scan, which is the first one on the list. Click on it and the scan will begin.

After it is completed, you will see a list of detected threats on your computer. You can select to move them to the quarantine list, to the log list only, or to delete them immediately and click on “Execute actions” when you are ready.

Getting a full version

If you have tried the trial version of the application and would like to purchase the full version of G Data, you can do this by clicking “Activate license” on the Security Center page.

You will have to fill in the required details. After that, you will be able to buy G Data Antivirus and use it to its full potential.

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