Comodo Internet Security Pro uninstall guide


As you already know, it is very important for you to uninstall and remove all unused applications, as it can improve your device’s speed and increase its memory. If you want to remove Comodo Internet Security Pro from your system, continue reading this article.

Please note, that simply dragging the Comodo icon to Trash will not remove the software correctly. In addition, you have to keep in mind that if you want to completely remove Comodo Internet Security from your computer, you also need to uninstall all the Comodo-related programs such as Comodo Internet Security, Comodo GeekBuddy, and Comodo Dragon.

Uninstall Comodo Internet Security using Add or Remove Programs

In order to uninstall Comodo Internet Security using Add or Remove Programs, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Add or Remove Programs, by click on Start menu, then go to Settings and Control Panel, then simply click Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Locate the Comodo Internet Security icon and run the Change option.
  3. Then, click the Next button on the Comodo Internet Security Setup.
  4. Simply click the Remove button and remove Comodo Internet Security setup, and click the Send Feedback and Uninstall button.
  5. Further, click the Remove from the Setup window.
  6. The uninstallation will begin.
  7. Finally, click the Finish button and select Yes, in order to restart your system.
  8. Congratulations! If everything is done correctly, Comodo Internet Security should be removed from your system.

Uninstall Comodo GeekBuddy

In order to uninstall Comodo GeekBuddy from your system, take the following steps:

  1. Click on Start, select Programs, then choose the Comodo GeekBuddy file.
  2. Run the Uninstall Comodo GeekBuddy uninstallation.
  3. Wait til the uninstallation is completed and close the Uninstall Complete window.

Remove your User Profile and Comodo Dragon

In order to remove your Comodo User Profile, run the Uninstall Comodo Dragon in Comodo – Dragon. In addition, you can keep the settings file for Comodo Dragon or select Remove user profile and click Uninstall from Comodo Dragon Uninstall.

Finally, to complete the uninstallation click the Finish button in Completing the Comodo Dragon uninstallation box.

Congratulations! Comodo Internet Security, Comodo GeekBuddy and Comodo Dragon browser should have been removed from your system. However, do not forget to protect your Windows PC.

Malware and other cyber attacks targeting Windows operating system increase rapidly. If you want to keep your device and the information stored on your device protected and malware-free, make sure to reinstall Comodo Internet Security or choose a different security application for your computer.

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