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AVG Secure VPN review AVG Secure VPN[1] is developed by AVG Technologies.[2] The company started back in 1991 as an antivirus provider. Today AVG is one of the biggest names in the cybersecurity industry. AVG delivers a wide range of protection, performance and privacy solutions for consumers and businesses all around the world. In 2016 the company was acquired by Avast and became a part of the Avast family, the world leading IT security products.

AVG Secure VPN is a an average VPN service for the beginners

VPN or Virtual Private Network[3] is able to protect the Internet connection by encrypting the connection so no one can snoop on users’ online activities. As a result, customers get a secure and private access to any site on the Internet, anywhere, anytime. VPN is a must for those who want to increase their security and privacy online. AVG Secure VPN provides users with uncensored access to their favorite sites, shows, and subscription services. AVG Secure VPN was tested by researchers at Reviewed by Pro and they came up with the main pros and cons.

Pros Cons Verdict
Good performance Expensive per device Good performance and steady connections, however, has a limited feature set and could seem a bit expensive for a single device.
A quick and easy set up Limited additional features  
Steady connections Separate desktop/mobile plans  


You need a VPN Service if you want to be fully protected, even if you already have an antivirus application

If you think having antivirus and Internet security software is enough to ensure your protection and privacy online, but antivirus protection is not able to protect your privacy against cybercriminals, hackers, or those who aim to snoop your online activities. Even though you have an antivirus and Internet security software you still need a VPN service in order to receive complete protection. Antivirus and Internet security software provides protection for your devices against cyber threats, such as malware, viruses, data exploits and more, but only a VPN service is able to secure your Internet connection. If you think that you do not need VPN, think twice. Without a VPN service, users are vulnerable to cybercriminals, hackers, advertisers and even user internet service providers.

AVG Secure VPN Android

AVG Secure VPN is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. You can try it for free, as it offers a free trial. The license starts at $59.99 per device for one year. What we did not like is that it requires separate subscriptions for different operating systems.

AVG secure VPN trial

AVG secureline VPN demonstrates low connection speed

AVG Secure VPN applies the same backend infrastructure as Avast SecureLine, which is one of the best built-in VPN services available. Similarly, you can integrate AVG Secure VPN into other AVG products. It is very convenient if you use them. AVG Secure VPN offers users good overall performance and steady connections. According to the FTP speed test, AVG demonstrated slow 20MB/s speed from the USA. It has just 20 location points, which is relatively low in comparison to fully-featured VPN services that can have even hundreds. AVG Secure VPN demonstrated a very decent job in virtually shifting to a different location, just in case you need to bypass any geographical restrictions

A lack of Features makes AVG secureline VPN not the best solution on the market

AVG Secure VPN protects users while browsing the public Wi-Fi and secures the connection. What we really liked, that you can turn the VPN on whenever you connect the public Wi-Fi or set this by default. In addition, by using AVG Secure VPN you can access blocked content and bypass censorship abroad. AVG Secure VPN protection

AVG secureline VPN provides a free version of a VPN service with limited features

If you are not ready to purchase or think that AVG Secure VPN could not fulfill your requirements, you can try AVG Secure VPN free trial. By downloading free trial you will be able to try an advanced VPN protection for all your devices without any risk! 

AVG secureline VPN is relatively expensive and not the fastest service comparing to the other solutions

All in one AVG Secure VPN is an average VPN service which demonstrates slow performance and speed. It is very useful for AVG customers that can link their other security applications to the VPN service. However, in comparison to other VPN services, AVG is relatively expensive and covers only one device with a single subscription. We would recommend this product as stand alone VPN application for your everyday needs

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