What is the rubyw.exe process and should it be removed?

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The genuine executable rybyw.exe is a common process used by a VPN service Private Internet Access. Some users reported that the executable consistently takes up system resources and is related to the “Failed to create process” error. In addition, you should analyze the process further because the executable possibly can be hijacked by a malware infection.

Rubyw executable fixThe rubyw.exe process

As it was mentioned earlier, the rubyw.exe executable is commonly used by a VPN service named Private Internet Access is known as PIA.[1] The executable’s main aim is to run a package copy of the script and the executable and the other components that broker the VPN network.[2] The rubyw.exe is an essential process that works as an interpreter. 

It is natural that the executable uses a huge amount of system resources when the process boots from the process and extracts a copy of Ruby and other required components. 

The legitimate and genuine rubyw.exe executable does not cause any security threats. The process is simply called in order to find out and optimize which data center to use to receive the best speed possible. 

How to find out if the rubyw.exe executable is malicious?

It is very simple and easy to figure out if the rubyw.exe executable is genuine or malicious. Users can determine that the process is safe if they have installed the PIA VPN service.

In order to be extra sure, you can temporarily disable the VPN connection and check if the executable disappears. If it appears that the rubyw.exe process is still running in Task Manager and consumes the same amount of system resources, it is very likely that your system is infected by malicious executable. 

If you do not have PIA on your system than it is even more likely that you are dealing with malware. So if the rubyw.exe process is running in your Task Manager and you do not have the PIA VPN installed, then you should scan your system with a powerful antivirus application. 

However, you should keep in mind that many antivirus applications are known to deliver false positives when scanning VPN processes. So if you rely on your VPN connection, you should not let the antivirus application to quarantine the process because it will disable your VPN service. 

Should you delete the rubyw.exe executable?

The executable is a relevant component of the PIA VPN software, so I you use this VPN service you should not remove the executable. If you do not use this software you can remove the executable together with the whole VPN software. In order to do so, take the following steps:[3]

  1. Press Windows key + R and open Run command, then in the search box type ‘appwiz.cpl’, then press Enter to launch Programs and Features
  2. Locate Private Internet Access in Programs and Features and remove PIA by right-clicking on it and choosing Uninstall
  3. Finally, follow on-screen prompts to completely remove the PIA VPN service from your system.

In addition, if you keep receiving “Failed to create process” error, you should also reinstall the VPN suite. 

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