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Ugnius Kiguolis is an IT specialist, the team leader, and the founder of Reviewedbypro.com. He has worked in the IT area for over 20 years. He used all the experience he gathered throughout the years and founded Reviewedbypro.com, a cyber security website that helps people deal with various online threats by providing detailed and insightful reviews to those who are interested.

Reviewedbypro.com is fully dedicated to the fight against various types of malware like Trojans, spyware, viruses, ransomware, adware, etc. Ugnius himself wrote a big part of the articles on the page, which are mainly reviews and tutorials of security tools.

However, Ugnius does not work alone. He has a dedicated team of writers, editors, and IT specialists, who help him make his website as much interesting and user-friendly as possible. They are as hard-working as he is, working together to achieve shared goals. Today, the page is filled with articles on cyber security, privacy, and the latest news on malware and Information Technology, and all of this is possible because of Ugnius' dedication and leadership skills.

Even in his free time, Ugnius reads a lot about cyber security and the ways to fight it. He values knowledge above everything and thinks that a person must constantly try to improve. Aside from security issues, Ugnius is also interested in AI, electronics, and science. He is an extrovert and loves spending time with his family and friends.

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Posts published by Ugnius Kiguolis

F-Secure Total 2018 Review

F-Secure Total is developed by a cybersecurity company based in Finland F-Secure. More
Security   April 25, 2018  

Top 5 Best Identity Theft Protection 2018

The recent study revealed that over 16 million people in the USA have experienced identity theft. More
News   April 24, 2018  

What is the hkcmd.exe process and should it be removed?

There are some concerns regarding the hkcmd.exe executable which constant presence in Task Manager and auto-launches itself every time the system is started. More
News   April 23, 2018  

Sophos Home for Mac Review

Sophos Home Antivirus for Mac is developed by Sophos Group Plc. More
Security   April 20, 2018  

Top 5 Best Basic Antivirus 2018

If you want to protect your Windows PC without spending much money, we would recommend you entry-level or basic antivirus package. More
News   April 12, 2018  

AVG Free AntiVirus 2018 for Mac VS Sophos Antivirus for Mac Home Edition 2018

Even though Mac users tend to think that their computers are way safer than Windows PCs and they do not need a security and antivirus application, it is not true. More
News   April 04, 2018  

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2018 VS Norton Mobile Security 2018

Googe’s mobile operating system Android remains the most popular mobile operating system in the market. More
News   March 30, 2018  

Is your VPN service leaking your sensitive data?

Researchers have recently discovered critical vulnerabilities in popular virtual private network services that potentially could leak consumers’ IP addresses or other personal and sensitive data. More
News   March 23, 2018  

Free Antivirus 2018: Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition VS Avast Free Antivirus

Windows users should be aware of all the cyber threats targeting their devices and attempting to steal their data, money or sensitive information. More
News   March 22, 2018  

Top 5 Best Internet Security Software 2018

. Kaspersky Internet Security 2018. Kaspersky Internet Security Suite is one of the best antivirus products on the market. More
News   March 16, 2018  

SUPERAntiSpyware VS WiperSoft

This article will reveal SUPERAntiSpyware and WiperSoft main pros and cons. More
News   February 27, 2018  

AVG Secure VPN review

AVG Secure VPN or Virtual Private Network provides users with a secure and private Internet connection without any restrictions. More
News   February 27, 2018  
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