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TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security for Android[1] is developed by the app developer TrustGo Team.

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security for Android is the one and only application developed by TrustGo Team.  The app is available on the official Google Play app store.

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security Review

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security is a free professional security application for Android devices that includes one of the most powerful virus scan engines in the market. The application is capable of fully protecting your Android device, so you will not need any additional security layers, as it includes the main features required for a complete security.

TrustGo is a mobile security company that focuses on providing the best security possible. The company uses patent-pending mobile security technologies in order to secure its’ customers’ personal data and privacy against the latest mobile threats.[2]

Drawing on a wealth of experience from the network security industry, the team saw a need to counter the unique—and rapidly growing—threats to smartphone and tablet users with purpose-built mobile technology. This new technology recently came to life as the world's first App Reputation System, allowing TrustGo to identify and attack threats across the entire mobile space, including banking, email, browsing, social networks, games, and more.

The company specializes in mobile security for Android devices and does not deliver any security tools or products for Windows PCs, Macs or iOS.

The application has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 at the official Google Play app store.[3]

Researchers at Reviewed by Pro decided to test the mobile application.

Test results

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security for Android was tested with our test device Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F 64GB for about 10 days.

Antivirus protection

TrustGo Antivirus defenses include a decent set of Security prevention, Malware & Virus protection features, and utilizes Secure App Finder Engine, scans pre-screen apps on global markets and uses app reputation system.

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security was tested on our malware-infected Samsung. However, the application did not detect about 30% of the installed malicious apps and other dangerous software.

It is worth to mention that TrustGo is also tested by AV-TEST. The German-based independent testing lab conducted the latest test in July 2018 and rated TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security 2.0 out of 6.0. The antivirus engine only detected 83.1% of the latest Android malware in real-time and only 87.6% of the latest Android malware discovered in the last 4 weeks, while the industry average is 97.4% and 96.7% respectively.[4]

The antivirus protection rates disappointed us a bit, so lets’ check what features TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security offers.

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security features

Additional features

When it comes to additional features, TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security provides a very long list of features.

  • Prevention feature utilizes Secure App Finder Engine.
  • Malware & Virus Protection feature includes Pre-screen apps on global markets, app reputation system, real-time app scanning, and apps permissions vulnerability evaluation.
  • Privacy Report feature includes permissions dashboard and proactive privacy detection.
  • System Manager allows users to easily monitor data and battery usage. The feature also includes app manager and unused task killer.
  • Secure Web Browsing protects users while browsing the Internet.
  • Backup. TrustGo also secures user data and includes contacts backup, call log backup, and SMS history backup.
  • Device Security features include Find My Phone, Remote Alarm, Remote Wipe, Remote Lock and Candid Camera Intruder Alert.

As you can see, the security and privacy feature list is very decent for a completely free app. However, the application does not include some of the common features such a Call Blocker, Message Filter, Parental Control, or Encryption.

System-performance impact and scans

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security for Android is a lightweight application. We did not notice any performance drops or negative battery life impact while using the application.

In addition, according to the independent AV-TEST testing lab, TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security does not impact the battery life, slow down the device during normal usage and does not generate too much traffic.

The application was rated 5.5 out of 6 because it delivered a single false warning during installation and usage of legitimate software from a third-party app store.

The application offers real-time app scanning, including Full Scan which scans the system to find hidden viruses and App Scan which scans every app for malware and to protect user privacy. However, it does not have quick scan feature or scheduled scans.

The Full Scans is relatively quick, however, not the most accurate.

Trust Go Virus Monitoring for Android

Customer support

TrustGo offers its customers a reliable customer support which can be reached via email or Skype. The company also provides users with a very informative support webpage that includes FAQs, user guides, security ratings and allows users to leave a feedback.  

User interface

When it comes to the user interface, TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security is very well-designed. The interface’s dominant colors are green and white. It is easy to navigate and used. All the features are easily accessible. The interface does not include a visual appeal.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Poor
Scanning performance Quick without negative impact
Security and Privacy features Decent feature set for a free app
System-performance impact Low
User interface Simple

The final verdict

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security for Android is a free, lightweight security application with a decent set of security features. However, its’ antivirus protection rates are below the average. In this case, we recommend this application for average users who require a lightweight antivirus application without a negative impact on devices. 

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