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Trend Micro Antivirus and Security is developed by a multinational cybersecurity company based in Japan. The company originally was founded in Los Angeles, California, USA. Trend Micro provides users security software products for servers, cloud computing environments, consumers, and businesses.[1]

Trend Micro Antivirus and Security Review

When it comes to Windows products, Trend Micro offers users a wide range of products, including Trend Micro Antivirus and Security, Trend Micro Internet Security and Trend Micro Maximum Security. 

Trend Micro Antivirus and Security is a cheapest Trend Micro’s tier and starts at $39.99 a year for a single PC. The package includes advanced antivirus protection and ransomware-blocking Folder Shield, it also scans email attachments and blocks potentially dangerous websites. 

Trend Micro Antivirus and Security is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit). It also requires at least 1 GB of memory and 1.3 GB disk space. The browser extension supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0, 11.0, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. 

Trend Micro SecurityTest results

Antivirus protection

All Trend Micro products for Windows uses same malware detection techniques. In order to find known malware, Trend Micro uses heuristic checks of new software and monitors behavior. All suspicious icons and files are sent to Trend Micro cloud-based servers for examination. In addition, permission-based protection Folder Shield protects selected folders from possible attacks. 

In order to protect its users while browsing, all Trend Micro products come with browser extensions that support all major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari. 

Trend Micro’s malware detection engines deliver very good protection, especially against unknown zero-day malware signatures. Trend Micro Antivirus and Security demonstrates 98% – 100% malware detection rate and delivers only couple false positives.  


Trend Micro Antivirus and Security provides protection to a single Windows device. It delivers protection against ransomware, offers machine learning technology and safeguards users’ emails against scams. If you want more additional features for multiple devices across Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices, such as parental control, optimization features, password manager or social media protection you need to purchase a more expensive package, such as Trend Micro Maximum Security. 

Trend Micro parental controls

System-performance impact and scans 

Even though Trend Micro Antivirus and Security provides superior malware protection, the malware-detection engine uses a lot of system resources. According to our test result, Trend Micro hits the system by 23% while working in the background. 

During the full system scan, Trend Micro impacted system performances by 63%, while the quick scan had a system slowdown by 34%. When it comes to scans’ speed, the full system scan takes an average about 35 minutes, and a quick scan took about 3 minutes. 

User interface

The user interface cannot be resized but can be moved around. The main screen is bright with grey and white color scheme. The interface is simple to understand and easy to use. 


Trend Micro offers its customers call desk from Monday to Friday from 2 AM to 5 PM. It also includes helpful information, tips, FAQs and videos online, and a support technician is available via the program’s interface. If you want to get 24/7 premium support with a troubleshooting and network help, it will cost you $80 a year. 

Trend Micro no threats found

The final verdict

Trend Micro Antivirus and Security is relatively not expensive and reliable antivirus for Windows PC. It offers great malware detection and removal rates, has a decent set of security and privacy features and simple user interface. The only downside of the package is its’ huge impact on a system, one of the heaviest in the market. 

“Trend Micro provides users with flawless malware protection, along with useful additional features. All additional features depending on the package you want to purchase. However, the application’s system-performance is very heavy and uses a lot system’s resources.”

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Great
Additional features A very decent set of extra security and privacy features
System-performance impact Heavy
Scanning performance Scans are quick with a heavy impact on system performances
User interface Simple

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