Top 5 Best Premium Windows Security 2018

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Premium Windows Security does more than just detect and stop viruses and other malware. They often offer additional security and privacy features, such as file encryption, password manager or ad blocker and protects multiple devices. Premium Windows security prices start at approximately from 80$ to 100$. 

Top 5 best internet security premium

Kaspersky Total Security 2018

Kaspersky Total Security is developed by a multinational Russian-based cybersecurity firm, Kaspersky Lab. The suite includes many additional features and a very rich set of defenses, that protect users’ privacy and security. When it comes to antivirus protection, Kaspersky also provides superior malware detection and removal rates. The security suite has a very light system-performance impact while it works in the background, however, scans do slow down the system mediocre.[1]

Kaspersky Total Security

Antivirus protection

Kaspersky Total Security provides superior protection against cyber threats. In order to detect viruses and other malware, Kaspersky uses a digital-signature matching engine and heuristic monitoring. Anything suspicious is sent to Kaspersky Security Network for analysis. 

According to AV-TEST, Kaspersky hit nearly perfect score and successfully detected 100% both, known and unknown threats on test computers in all rounds. 


Kaspersky Total Security has one of the richest set of defenses and features, such as parental controls, anti-spam, virtual keyboard, webcam protection, safe money browser plugin, 2-way firewall, file shredder, password manager, file encryption, system optimizer, online storage, a VPN service. Kaspersky Total Security would be a great choice for those who want to protect their entire family. The security suite also bundles licenses for Mac and Android devices.

System-performance impact and scans

Kaspersky has a mediocre performance hit and slows down the system by 30% during scans. Scans take an average time to complete, about 30 minutes for a full scan, and two to three minutes for a quick one. 

User interface

Kaspersky has a very bright and easy to use user interface. Even though the main window is very informative, it does not look crowded.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Excellent
Additional features A great set of extra features and tools
System-performance impact Mediocre
Scans Average speed scans with a moderate performance hit
User interface Bright and easy to use

Bitdefender Total Security 2018

Bitdefender Total Security is a premium security package that can protect up to ten computers, depending on the package you want to purchase. In addition, users will also be provided with Bitdefender security licenses for Android, iOS devices, and Macs. What is more, with a purchase of Bitdefender Total Security users get a system optimizer and a device tracker.[2] 

Bitdefender total security

Antivirus protection

Just like other security packages, Bitdefender uses same antivirus defenses for all its Windows Products. The defenses start with a file-scanning engine which looks for known exploits and viruses, and a heuristic monitoring which searches for previously unknown malware. Each suspicious files are sent to Cloud-based Center labs for further analysis. Bitdefender’s Autopilot is able to adjust the application’s defensive posture according to current computer conditions. 

When it comes to detection and removal rates, according to German independent lab AV-TEST, Bitdefender demonstrated excellent protection against various kinds of widespread malware and previously unknown zero-day malware. 


Bitdefender provides a full set of security and privacy features including a password manager, secure browser, ransomware immunizer, file shredder, virtual keyboard, Wi-Fi scanner, resue partition, parental controls, 2-way firewall, file encryption, system optimizer, webcam protection, and anti-theft features. However, it lacks a VPN service and backup software, that other premium security suites usually offer. The protection is available on up to five computers. Bitdefender Total Security also bundles with Mac, iOS, and Android devices. 

System-performance impact and scans 

Bitdefender has a very light system-performance impact both, working in a background and during scans. Although there are quite system slowdowns during the initial and quick scan, an average user will not even notice them. However, when it comes to scan performance, the full scan took more than one hour. 

User Interface

Bitdefender Total Security’s main window cannot be resized or run in full-screen mode, it only can be moved around. The main screen is dark and has a white type, but many other screens are white with black type with blue details. 

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Excellent
Additional features A decent set of extra features but lacks VPN and backup software
System-performance impact Very light
Scans Slow initial scans with a little performance hit
User interface Modern and easy to use

Norton Security Premium 2018

Norton Security Premium is developed by a cybersecurity company that focuses on digital security products and services, Norton by Symantec. Norton Security Premium has excellent detection and removal rates and has a mediocre impact on a system. Even though Norton Security Premium provides a wide range of security and privacy features, including 25 GB of cloud storage, it lacks some common tools such as network scanner, file shredder or a hardened browser.[3]

Norton security deluxe

Antivirus protection

Norton, similarly like other products, uses same antivirus defenses for all its’ Windows products. Traditional signature matching is used to detect widespread malware, while heuristic monitoring checks for previously unseen viruses and other threats. Anything suspicious is sent to Norton’s cloud servers for further analysis. The security suite also includes browser extensions for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. 

According to an independent AV-TEST lab, Norton Security Premium detected all known and unknown malware signatures.


Norton Security Premium includes licenses for Android, Mac, and iOS devices, and can protect up to ten computers. The security suite provides users with many useful features such as anti-phishing system, anti-spam, password manager, 2-way firewall, web management portal, backup software, online storage, and parental controls. However, in comparison to other products in this list, Norton Security Premium lacks some common tools, including file shredder, a hardened browser, file encryption software.

System-performance impact and scans

In the past, Norton security software had a noticeable impact on a system. With the latest Norton Security Premium, the issue has been resolved, and now it has a moderate impact which is 30% during scans. Full scan took over an hour, and a quick scan took an average of 3 about minutes. 

User Interface

Norton has a very functional user interface, which is easily understandable to both, advanced users and beginners. 

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Excellent
Additional features Lacks some privacy features
System-performance impact Moderate
Scans Slow full scan with an average impact on a system
User interface Very functional

Trend Micro Maximum Security 2018 

Trend Micro Maximum Security is developed by a Japanese multinational cybersecurity company which was founded in the USA. The security suite can be used up to five devices and includes licenses for Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Even though Trend Micro offers nearly perfect malware detection and removal rates, its’ system-performance is very heavy, compared to other applications. It also does not include some privacy features, like webcam protection, or a VPN service.[4]

Trend Micro Maximum

Antivirus protection

Trend Micro Windows defenses start with a malware-scanning engine to detect widespread cyber threats and heuristic monitoring that searches for zero-day malware. In addition, any suspicious data is sent to the company’s cloud servers for analysis. Finally, the permission-based protection enables Trend Micro’s Folder Shield to protect users’ specified folders.

Trend Micro Maximum Security comes with browser extensions that notify users about suspicious and dangerous websites. The extensions support Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Safari browsers. 

When it comes to malware detection and removal rates, according to AV-TEST, Trend Micro has very good detection rates and caught all zero-day and known malware samples, and delivered only two false positives. However, in previous round Trend Micro stopped only 98.8% of previously unseen malware. 


Trend Micro Maximum Security comes with licenses for Mac, Android, and iOS devices. The security suite includes anti-spam features, firewall booster, ransomware protection, data theft shield, parental controls, privacy scanner, system optimizer, file shredder, file encryption, password manager, secure browser, and cloud storage scanner.  Even though it has a decent set of extra features, it does not include webcam protection or a VPN service. 

System-performance impact and scans

Even though the security suite has nearly excellent antivirus protection, the malware-detection engine uses a huge amount of system resources. During scans, the computer slows downs by up to 65%. The scans itself do not take long, the full scan can be finished in about 35 minutes, which is a market average. 

User Interface

The user interface cannot be resized, but just like other applications, it can be moved around. The interface itself is bright and open. 

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Very good
Additional features Lacks some privacy features
System-performance impact Heavy
Scans Average speed scans that drain a system
User interface Very light and simple

F-Secure Safe 2018

F-Secure Safe is developed by a Finnish cybersecurity and privacy company that operates the market for more than 25 years. The premium F-Secure security suite, F-Secure Safe has a very good antivirus detection and removal rates. However, when it comes to extra features, the security suite does not distinguish from other products. The system-performance impact is relatively heavy and slows down the system during scans.[5]

F-Secure Safe

Antivirus protection

F-Secure uses the similar malware detection techniques as other antivirus products: a traditional signature matching engine and heuristic monitoring. Anything suspicious will be sent to F-Secure cloud-based servers for further analysis. Even though F-Secure demonstrated advanced malware protection, it delivers too many false positives. 


F-Secure Safe has only a sparse feature set and includes anti-spam, game mode, browser extensions, hardened secure browser, network scanner, parental controls, and web management portal. Users can download separately rescue disk, password manager, and system optimizer. The security suite comes with licenses for Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows Phone, and technical support.

System-performance impact and scans

Even though F-Secure Safe will scan a computer relatively fast, the impact on a system will be huge and users will notice interruptions and slowdowns. 

User Interface 

The user interface looks fresh and modern. Even though the interface is easy to navigate, if you want to use your online F-Secure account you won’t be able to get there from the interface. 

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Very good
Additional features Not many
System-performance impact Heavy
Scans Fast but slows down a system
User interface Fresh and simple to use

 To Summarize

Kaspersky Total Security is one of those premium security suites that offer everything, what users expect from a premium security software. It offers not just excellent malware detection, that also offers Bitdefender Total Security and Norton Security Premium, but a wide range of security and privacy features, trustworthy parental controls, and advanced privacy features. 

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