Top 5 Best Identity Theft Protection 2018

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The recent study revealed that over 16 million people in the USA have experienced identity theft. The crimes range from credit-card fraud to full-on impersonation. In order to prevent any identity-related issues, Reviewed by Pro provides users with a list of the best Identity Theft protection providers of 2018. 

Best ID theft protection 2018

IdentityForce UltraSecure+Credit

IdentityForce UltraSecure+Credit is developed by an American corporation IdentityForce, Inc. The company focuses on providing identity theft protection software for individual users, businesses, enterprises and U.S. government Institutions.[1]


IdentityForce UltraSecure+Credit is one of the best identity protection tools in the market. It protects users from fraud and allows them to watch their credit scores and reports at any time. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktop computers or laptops. The service secures its users’ accounts with two-factor authentication. The service monitors consumers’ files with three credit-reporting agencies and offers up to $1 million for remediation, including stolen funds. When it comes to pricing, the basic service costs $20 per month, but it lacks credit monitoring. If you want to add credit scores and access to the IdentityForce’s credit simulator, it will cost you $24 per month. The service also provides affordable family protection plans. IdentityForce UltraSecure+Credit could seem a bit pricey, but it is worth it provides a comprehensive protection and full set of features. 

LifeLock Ultimate Plus

LifeLock Ultimate Plus is a relatively expensive service, however, it provides one of the most comprehensive monitoring against fraud and identity theft. The protection also comes with a very decent set of extra features and $! million remediation including lost funds. LifeLock was acquired by Symantec, an American-based software company that provides cybersecurity software and service for individual users, businesses, and organizations across the world.[2] 


For an additional price, you can get Norton by Symantec antivirus software together with LifeLock Ultimate Plus Identity Protection. Alone, LifeLock Standard provides users with the entry-level protection cost $10 per month or you can get a yearly subscription for $110 for the first year. The package covers the basics, including credit monitoring and lost wallet protection. 

LifeLock Advantage plan adds more features such as bank monitoring, criminal activity notifications, and alerts of breaches, but it cost $20 per month. 

Finally, the most expensive tier LifeLock Ultimate Plus for $30 per month offers three-bureau credit monitoring, $1 million remediations for the reimbursement of stolen assets as well as restoring your identity. The identity protection comes in very easy to use interface. However, when it comes to downsides, LifeLock provides monthly credit report only from Equifax and has a volume of complaints to BBB. 

Identity Guard Platinum 

Identity Guard Platinum provides identity theft protection services. The company is based in the Chantilly, Virginia, USA. The service provides users with a range of identity theft protection products in order to protect users from identity fraud and misuse.[3]

Identity Guard

Identity Guard Platinum also offers users up to $1 million remediation that includes lost wages and stolen funds. In addition, the service provides a range of useful security tools, such as antivirus software or password manager. 

When it comes to cost, the Identity Guards individual service plans are slightly cheaper than LifeLock and starts at $20 for a basic monthly plan which includes ZoneAlarm antivirus software, quarterly credit scores and reports, a password manager, anti-logger software and an analyzer. For $25 a month you will get the full-feature set, including monthly credit scores and full credit reports, bank takeover alerts, security utilities, and software. Finally, the most expensive tier will cover it all and also adds protection for couples and families $28 and #30 per month respectively. 

Identity Guard Platinum provides the best tools and utilities in the market, as it includes antivirus protection, password manager, and anti-locking software. The package would be a great choice for couples and families for a reasonable price and great feature set. However, it does not provide a composite credit score and does not monitor credit cards or bank accounts. 


IDShield is one most experienced identity protection services in the market that successfully protects users’ identities since 2003. The company offers identity theft protection services for individuals and families. Relatively inexpensive plans start at $10 per month for an individual user or $25 per month for families. IDShield provides users with up to $5 million remediation for identity restoration by professional investigators, while other services usually offer only up to $1 million to investigate incidents of identity theft and your identity restoration.[4]

ID Shield ID Theft

When it comes to additional features, the service includes password manager. In addition, it monitors many different kinds of accounts which is great. However, the identity theft protection service does not offer many extra features, has only limited support hours, and covers only the essentials of your privacy. What we did not like is that it applies only Experian data, and does not provide a composite credit score. 

If you do not require any extra features or 24/7 help support than this solution would be a great and inexpensive choice in order to protect your family’s privacy. 

ID Watchdog Platinum 

ID Watchdog is developed by an American-based company ID Watchdog, which provides identity theft protection and resolution services. ID Watchdog Platinum offers users only the essentials of identity protection. The service protects users against sex offenders, data breaches, and payday loans. It also monitors users’ files and documents with three credit-reporting agencies. It provides users with up to $1 million for remediation and pretty affordable personal plans.[5]

 ID Watchdog ID Theft

ID Watchdog Platinum costs about $20 a month. It also monitors healthcare database and uses two-factor authentication. However, when it comes to downsides, the service does not offer many features, as well as it does not monitor credit or bank accounts. It also lacks composite credit score. 

In general, ID Watchdog Platinum is a great tool and covers the essentials of identity protection. However, users can get more additional features if they choose other Identity-theft protection services, such as IdentityForce UltraSecure+Credit.  


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