The best VPN for YouTube TV

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The best VPN for YouTube TV which will unblock it from abroad

YouTube TV[1] started its activity on the live TV streaming market in the US and Canada in 2017. Since then it became very popular because you can watch all the major TV networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, FX, AMC, CNN, TBS, Discovery, and ESPN. The subscription of YouTube is suitable for six users. The only problem is that YouTube TV is available only for U.S. market. If you want to to watch it from abroad, you need a VPN.

If you don't have time to read all article there is the summary of the best VPN for Youtube TV:

  1. ExpressVPN – one of the best VPN on the market, very good connections speed, very strong encryption and no log policy.
  2. NordVPN – great VPN for any user, unblocks Netflix from many countries, great user interface, a wide range of server selection around the globe, great support and no log policy.
  3. CyberGhostVPN – Works fine with Netflix from many countries, good connection speed, strong encryption, protection, and no log policy.

It is worth to mention, that it is very comfortable because you don’t need any hardware or cables to watch it. Here you can watch the newest movies and TV shows, but the only problem is that the content is available only for U.S. and Canada. In this article, we are going to provide you the information about the best VPN for YouTube and how to unblock it from abroad.

Supported devices for YouTube TV

At the moment YouTube TV supports the majority of well-known devices:

  • PCs and Laptops – Windows, Mac, and Linux. Just a simple browser is required.
  • Phones and tablets – Just download the application from Google Play store and you are ready to go.
  • iPhones and iPads – All iOS devices running on iOS 9.1 operating system and up.
  • Players – Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, Google Smart Displays.
  • Smart TVs – Samsung, LG, and other smart TVs

With the virtual private network, you will be able to bypass content geographical restrictions (geo-blocking[2]) and enjoy YouTube TV from anywhere around the globe. Moreover, you will be able to do it on any smart device you own. You just need to pick the suitable VPN service.

How to choose the best VPN for YoutubeTV

We have tested more than fifty well-known VPN service providers and did many tests with YouTube TV. Our evaluation of the best VPN for YouTube was based on these criteria:

  • Internet connection speed – slow VPN service is not suitable for online video streaming because the video is freezing or video quality is awful. That why we need a VPN with the fastest internet connection speed. As you might know, that the fastest VPNs has a lower data encryption rate. It means that if you want a fast internet connection, you need to sacrifice on privacy and security. But if you need a VPN just for watching YouTube TV, there are no problems at all.
  • Bandwidth limitation – some of the VPN service providers are limiting downloaded data. These kind of VPNs are not suitable for streaming online video, because after 2-3 days the service will be suspended. We have picked those VPNs which are not limiting downloads and uploads. In this case, you will not need to worry about how many hours you can watch online TV.
  • Multi device support – many VPN service providers will let you use a VPN just for one device. We think that is not right, because you might want to watch YouTube TV not only at home but maybe somewhere else. For example at the office, in the garden and so on. Moreover, you might share it with your family and friends. So we have picked only those VPN service providers which supports more than 3 devices at once. You even might share your expenses on the VPN costs with your friend.
  • Cross-platform support – this factor is also very important when you want to use a VPN on different devices. For example, you are using Windows and your wife is using Linux. You might want that VPN will work properly on both devices, right? So for these reasons, we also have picked only those VPNs which supports multi-platforms.
  • Customer support – When it comes to supporting questions, the VPN providers are very different. Some of them react to your problems straight away and some of them just ignore you are replying to your message only the next day. Why do we need a service with the law quality support, right? As always we have prepared you a list with the best-rated support for your VPN.
  • Price – Maybe it is not the most important factor while choosing a VPN, because the yearly expenses for this service are not so high, but why to overpay for the law quality service? We have seen many VPN services with not worthy prices for the quality we got. So be careful and don’t hook up on the nice marketing tricks. VPN should be just right for the price you pay.

What is VPN and why do I need it?

Some people still don’t know what VPN[3] is, so we will remind it shortly. If this paragraph is not actual for you, you can jump to the next one.

VPN (a virtual private network) is a service which allows you to use third-party servers which will forward your connection to the desired website or online service. Those servers are located around the world and you can connect to any of them by changing your virtual IP. It means that if you live in Germany, you can connect to the Canada's VPN server and bypass geographical restrictions. Your IP will become Canadian and you will unblock YouTube TV in our case.


Moreover, VPN encrypts your data and protects your privacy. Internet service providers and government authorities cannot see what you are doing on the internet. It’s no matter if you are watching YouTube TV, downloading torrents or visiting porn websites, your connection is encrypted, your IP is changed, nobody can track you down. You can unblock not only YouTube TV, but and other well-known online media service providers like Netflix, Hulu and so on.

Also, it is worth to mention, that some VPN services will clean your traffic from malware and viruses. So you don’t need antivirus software. How cools is that?

VPN gives you freedom and anonymity on the internet, so the only matter is to choose the best VPN for your needs.

Why You Tube TV is using Geoblock?

The definition of Geo-blocking – The algorithm of geo-blocking restricts access to specific content for a specific geographical location. This technique is very common also in entertainment industries which are offering paid online streaming.

The best VPN for YouTube TV which will unblock it from abroad

As you may know, many media streaming service providers like You Tube TV or Hulu, are blocking their content for geographical reasons.

Media streaming companies also offer other types of content (not only movies and tv shows) which is owned by various vendors. This type of content is licensed, copyrighted and exclusive with geographical protection. It makes the content accessible only for particular countries only. These kinds of rights of ownership may differ in different countries and the same content can be modified for a specific country.

Also, the specific content can be offered on the limited time of period. In order to avoid copyrighted and licensed content violations, media streaming companies are using the algorithm of geo-blocking. It helps to offer selective content to the users of the specific country.

Many users around the world are using these services and many users want to solve the problem mentioned above.

What else can I do with the VPN?

VPN could be using various reasons and it can help you:

Before we didn’t even hear about the VPN, but nowadays many users cannot imagine their lives without a VPN service. Especially those people who live in the countries where laws are very strict and content censorship is in the first place (China, South Korea, Iran and so on.)

How to set up a VPN for YouTube TV?

To set up a VPN it is a simple process and you don’t need any special computer knowledge. You just need to pick up a desired VPN service provider and do the following steps.

  1. Go to VPN service provider website
  2. Subscribe to service. You will receive a username and password.
  3. Press download the VPN software
  4. Install it on your computer or smart device
  5. Enter username and password
  6. Select country server the USA or Canada
  7. Press Connect to the selected server
  8. That’s it, your IP is changed
  9. Enjoy YouTube TV.

This process will take for you around 2 minutes. You will have 30 days money back guaranty if you will not be satisfied with the service. I think that you will be satisfied because we have picked only those VPNs which are trustful and worth attention.

Free VPN for watching YouTube TV

There are many free VPN services on the market as well. People always ask a question.
– “Can I watch YouTube, Netflix or other streaming services with the free VPN?”
The answer is yes, you can to watch online TV with a free VPN. The main and not the last problem is that connection speed will be very slow and you will watch law quality video with freezing.

Another problem is that free VPN service will not guarantee your privacy. They need to make money somehow because this is not the charity. Free VPN service providers are collecting your data and selling it to third-party advertising companies. Don’t be surprised if you will start getting tons of SPAM emails,

Moreover, you will see much advertising while using a free VPN service. That really annoying, trust me.
It is worth to mention, that after installing a free VPN software, you are opening some ports on your PC and it can become accessible for the hackers. In this case, you are risking to lose your bank account details, email and social login passwords. So it up to you what VPN service to choose. As you might know that free cheese is only for the mouse.
The best VPN service providers for YouTube TV

free vpn

Best VPN for You Tube TV

We did review many VPN service providers and picked the best one which suits best for You Tube TV. It is very important that VPN would not decrease your internet speed, otherwise, your video will be freezing or very low quality.

#1 ExpressVPN

expressvpn review
Rating ratings
Available applications available applications
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $6.67 (-49% deal)
Oder VPN with a discount order vpn
More information ExpressVPN review

You might already know, that ExpressVPN is a very popular service around the globe and trusted by thousands of users. Maybe this VPN is not the cheapest, but we can admit that the price is worth quality. With this VPN you can be sure that the connection speed will be perfect from any point of the world.

You don't need to worry about privacy and security. The encryption level is amazing and it does not affect the connection speed at all. You can browse adult websites, unblock Netflix, Netflix, Amazon Prime, do banking tasks without the fear.

Express VPN supports multi-device function and can work on various operating systems and devices: Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, open-source routers, BlackBerrys, Kindle Fire, Chromebooks, Barnes & Noble Nook tablets, Apple TV, Fire TV, PlayStation, Android TV box and others.

Moreover, there are available add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari for even better browsing experience.
Also, you don't need to worry about the bandwidth, which is unlimited. No additional fee for every single option.

So this VPN we would consider as one of the best VPN for online streaming (Netflix, Netflix).


Compatible with many devices and platforms High price
High level of security Configuration limits
24/7 customer service No ad blocker

It is also important to mention that you have the choice of 30-day money-back guarantee, so there are literally no risks to the user – you can get your money back if something goes wrong. Read more about ExpressVPN


#2 NordVPN

Official website
Rating 4.5 stars
Available applications available applications NordVPN
Money-back guarantee 30-days
Price from $3.49 (-70% deal)
Oder VPN with a discount order vpn
More information NordVPN review



Everybody likes NordVPN for a very friendly and modern user interface. It offers a wide range of server locations around the world. NordVPN servers are located in 62 different countries and contain more than 5000 servers.

Nord Virtual Private Network is a great choice for those who want to visit sites that are unavailable in their own country (for example porn websites) and to stream video (Netflix, Netflix).

We are have picked NordVPN as the second best VPN for streaming video online.

The main features of NordVPN:

  • NordVPN secures user internet activity from hackers and malicious software, including Ad Blocker. In order to have the highest possible level of security, this VPN uses double data encryption. In other words, the data that goes between your device and the server is encrypted twice using Double VPN technology. The features include Military-grade Encryption, CyberSec, and Double VPN.
  • Privacy protection features ensure that no one can track users’ online activity. The features include a Strict no logs policy, Automatic Kill Switch, DNS leak protection, and Onion Over VPN.
  • NordVPN allows users to bypass geographical restrictions and censorship. It offers more than 5000 servers worldwide, Streaming, SmartPlay, P2P and speed features.
  • The VPN also offers apps across all the major platforms and multiple devices, as well as extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

NordVPN is compatible with Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Android TV, Linux. It has browser add-ons for Google Chrome and Firefox. The VPN service also supports Windows Phone, open-source and branded routers.




Wide geographical reaches

Performance hits and drop connections

Double VPN for twice the encryption

A monthly plan might seem expensive

User-friendly and pleasant interface

Not clear ownership

Read more about NordVPN


#3 CyberGhostVPN

cyberghostvpn review
Official website
Rating 4 stars
Available applications available aps for cyberghost
Money-back guarantee 45-days
Price from $2.75 (-80% deal)
Oder VPN with a discount order vpn
More information CyberGhost review


CyberGhost is another great VPN service which suits perfectly for streaming online video and browsing adult websites. We like CyberGhost for its reasonable price and great quality. It is not worse than ExpressVPN or NordVPN. The main difference is fewer server locations and servers.

Also, we should admit, that the interface of CyberGhost is just great and might be one of the best in the market.

CyberghostVPN has multi-level encryption and you can choose the best for your needs: PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, and IKEv2/IPSec.




Offering one of the widest geographical reaches

Performance hits and slowdowns

A very informative user interface

Not many personalized options

Easy setup and quick to start

Rough reviews by third-parties

Read more about CyberGhost

As it was mentioned before, we did the evaluation of the best VPNs for You Tube TV by these criteria:


1. VPN Connection speed

One of the most important aspect while choosing a VPNs service services as You Tube TV is connection speed. It is always better to choose a VPN with better internet connection speed. Otherwise you video chat will be freezing.

If you are already using the VPN service, it is very easy to check the connection speed. Just open and start the test.

We have provided you the list of fastest VPN service providers below.

VPN service
Download speed (Mbps)
Upload speed (Mbps)
Visit website
cyberghost vpn 65.99 Mbps
31.22 Mbps
vypr vpn 65.98 Mbps
30.82 Mbps
pia 65.80 Mbps
29.57 Mbps
expressvpn 65.76 Mbps
29.44 Mbps
ipvanish 65.55 Mbps
28.95 Mbps
tunnel bear vpn 65.42 Mbps
28.90 Mbps
nordvpn 65.29 Mbps
28.41 Mbps
vpn unlimited 65.19 Mbps
28.01 Mbps
pure vpn 65.05 Mbps
25.05 Mbps
hidemyass vpn 64.95 Mbps
24.01 Mbps


2. Bandwidth limitation

Bandwidth limitation is the most annoying thing that exists in the VPN market. We don’t know why, but many VPN service providers are still using it. Just imagine, your VPN service just stops in the middle of your favorite tv serial, tv show or movie. That why we have prepared for you a list with the VPN service providers which are not limiting their bandwidth.


VPN service providers Bandwith limit Visit website
expressvpn unlimited visit
nordvpn unlimited visit
vypr vpn unlimited visit
hidemyass vpn unlimited visit
ipvanish unlimited visit
pia unlimited visit
vpn unlimited unlimited visit
tunnel bear vpn unlimited visit
pure vpn unlimited visit
cyberghost vpn unlimited visit


3. Multi device support

Let’s say you are the owner of the household and you want to protect all the users of it. For personal use VPN, there would be no questions, but for more persons, you need a service which supports multi devices. Some of the VPN providers allow multi-device support, some of them no. We have reviewed more than fifty VPN service providers and made you the list of the best VPN services which allows you multiple device support.


VPN service providers Simultaneous supported users Visit website
nordvpn 6 users
cyberghost vpn 5 users visit
hidemyass vpn 5 users visit
ipvanish 5 users visit
pia 5 users visit
pure vpn 5 users visit
tunnel bear vpn 5 users visit
vpn unlimited 5 users visit
expressvpn 5 users visit
vypr vpn 3 users visit


4. Cross-platform support

The support of the multi-operating system it is important for many people. It is so natural that every person uses different devices with different operating systems. So for families, it is also very important to use a VPN, which supports as many operating systems as possible. One employee likes Android, another employee likes iOS, another likes Windows OS. It is better when your VPN service provider supports more operating systems. You never know what will be your needs after 12 months, right?


VPN service providers Supported platforms Visit website
vypr vpn 14 visit
expressvpn 10 visit
vpn unlimited 10 visit
nordvpn 9 visit
ipvanish 9 visit
pure vpn 8 visit
pia 7 visit
hidemyass vpn 7 visit
tunnel bear vpn 6 visit
cyberghost vpn 5 visit


5. Customer support of VPN service

There could be various cases when you might need a customer support service. For example, you cannot connect to your vpn server. What to do? Of course, you will try to contact the customer support service. Should be as simple as one, but that’s not true. As you already know, we have reviewed many VPN service providers and we could say something about customer support desks. Let’s see the best customer support table ratings.


VPN service providers Customer support Visit website
expressvpn 10/10 visit
nordvpn 9/10 visit
vypr vpn 9/10 visit
hidemyass vpn 9/10 visit
ipvanish 8/10 visit
pia 8/10 visit
vpn unlimited 8/10 visit
tunnel bear vpn 7/10 visit
pure vpn 7/10 visit
cyberghost vpn 7/10 visit


6. VPN price

Another and not least important option while choosing a decent VPN service You Tube TV is the PRICE. We have seen a wide range of prices while reviewing the VPNs.

The prices vary from 1 dollar to 20 dollars per month and sometimes it was difficult to understand why it so different while service remains the same. Below you will see the table with the best price options of VPN service providers.

The simplest way to calculate the price for the multiple device support is to divide the price from the number of supported devices and you will see the price per one device. It is so simple.
Total Price / Supported device number = Price per 1 device

Very often, a VPN service provider offers super deals on sale. Try to visit every website and find the best deal of that day. Trust me, it is worth your effort to get a real deal on the price.


VPN service providers Price / month Visit website
cyberghost vpn $2.75 visit
pia $3.33 visit
vpn unlimited $4.17 visit
pure vpn $4.91 visit
vypr vpn $5.00 visit
tunnel bear vpn $5.83 visit
ipvanish $6.49 visit
nordvpn $6.99 visit
hidemyass vpn $6.99 visit
expressvpn $8.33 visit


Final thoughts

As you can see from the article, we did a fascinating job by testing so many VPNs. We did it in order to make the output of the best VPN for YouTube TV. We have picked the most valuable VPN service providers to our opinion. At the final step, we have compared the price and the quality to pick a TOP3 VPN for YouTube TV. Here is the Winners. Also, check our section about the best no-log VPN.

  The best Firefox VPN 2019 - expressvpn The best Firefox VPN 2019 - nordvpn The best Firefox VPN 2019 - cyberghost
Download Speed 65.76 Mbps 65.29 Mbps 65.99 Mbps
Upload Speed 29.44 Mbps 28.41 Mbps 31.22 Mbps
Server locations 160 59 62
Multi device support 5 6 5
Supported platforms 10 9 5
Kill switch function yes yes yes
Unlimited bandwidth yes yes yes
Router support DD-WRT & Tomato Firmware, Linksys, Asus, Netgear DD-WRT & Tomato Firmware, Linksys, Asus, Netgear DD-WRT & Tomato Firmware
Customer support 10 10 9
Price $8.33 $6.99 $2.75
Visit website visit visit visit


How to set up a new VPN for YouTubeTV?

To set up a VPN it is a simple process and you don’t need any special computer knowledge. You just need to pick up a desired VPN provider and do the following steps. You are not risking, because of 30 days money back guaranty.

1. Go to VPN service provider website.

2. Subscribe to service. You will receive a username and password.
3. Press download the VPN software.
4. Install it on your computers or smart devices or router.
5. Enter username and password.
7. Press Connect to the VPN server.
8. That’s it, your privacy is increased
9. Enjoy your YouTubeTV.

This process will take for you around 2 minutes. You will have 30 days money back guaranty if you will not be satisfied with the service. I think that you will be satisfied because we have picked only those VPNs which are trustful and worth attention.

Our security team at Reviewed by Pro constantly tests new products in order to provide you with up-to-date information and reviews of the latest Internet security and antivirus applications, privacy solutions, recovery tools, and other utilities, not just for your Windows PC, but also for your Mac and Android devices.

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