The ATM malware is on sale

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Extremely dangerous malware hacks ATMs. In order to hack cash machines, attackers usually exploit software and hardware vulnerabilities that make cash machines steal money.

atm virus on sale

However, now basically anyone can buy the ATM malware and generate illegal cash from ATMs because hackers are selling already established ATM malware in hacking forums. Researchers at Kaspersky detected the advertisement and dubbed the malware Cutler Maker. The price of the malware is approximately $5,000.[1]

The advertisement also provides a description of Cutler Maker and a manual for its toolkit. The malware is designed to target various of ATMs models by using API. In addition, the malware does not create any interaction with ATM users or their information and does not affect bank customers.

Instead, Cutler Maker is created to trick the cash machines and make them provide cash in ATMs without any authorization.

What is more, another infamous ATM malware known as Tyupkin is also mentioned in the manual. Tyupkin was first detected and analyzed in 2014 by Kaspersky Lab.[2]

The Toolkit is combined in these malicious programs:

  • Cutler Maker
  • Stimulator
  • C0decalc

According to researchers, two individuals are required to commit a crime by employing the Cutler Maker malware. The roles include – drop and drop master.

The description of the malware at Darknet include that there are 3 software types:

  • Checking the ATM balance in the 4 Cassette
  • Making the ATM cash out the money
  • Calculating the cod for the program 2.

The advertisement includes that the software is very easy to use and basically anyone can get rich from these illegal actions.

Access to the dispense mechanism of CUTLET MAKER is password protected. Though there could be just one person with the c0decalc application needed to generate a password. Either network or physical access to an ATM is required to enter the code in the application text area and also to interact with the user interface.

Moreover, in order to use the malware, the special library is required. This library is combined in ATM API and controls the cash dispenser unit. According to researchers, “Criminals are using legitimate proprietary libraries and a small piece of code to dispense money from an ATM.”

Cutler Maker cost about $5,000 when Kaspersky Lab detected it at one of the largest marketplaces on the Dark Web, AlphaBay Market. AlphaBay platform has widely been used in order to sell and buy drugs, guns, and other illegal products and services before it was shut down by the FBT.[3]



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