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SuperAntiSpyware and SpyBot are both similar anti-spyware applications that aim to detect and remove malicious software and various types of malware. Both applications provide low-budget protection, however, how effective are these applications? Researchers at Reviewed by Pro tested both security solutions in order to find out their pros and cons, and summarize them.

SUPERAntiSpyware  and SpyBot


To start with SUPERAntiSpyware,[1] the anti-spyware application was developed by a cybersecurity company that specializes in security products for individual users and businesses, SUPERAntiSpyware. The first version of the SUPERAntiSpyware software was developed in 2004, in the USA. The company focuses on innovative anti-spyware technology that detects, removes and protects PCs against malicious software and other cyber threats, such as spyware, adware, malware, Trojans, dialers, keyloggers, hijackers, and worms. 

The latest version of the software is SUPERAntiSpyware Version 6.0 that includes a simplified user interface, touch screen capable; system investigator increased scan speeds and more. 

SuperAntiSpyware reviewed

SUPERAntiSpyware also provides security for small and medium businesses, as well as large enterprises. 

For home users, SUPERAntiSpyware offers two versions: a free version and a premium version which includes additional features, such as real-time blocking and scheduled scanning. It is worth to mention that the company has 30-day money back policy, so users can try the software and if they are not happy with it, can get their money back. 

Researchers at Reviewed by Pro[2] decided to test the software for seven days. The download and installation processes are fast and easy. SUPERAntiSpyware is compatible with Windows operating system, Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.


  • SUPERAntiSpyware scans the computer fast and does not slow down system performance. 
  • The anti-malware solution does not have any negative impact on the system. 
  • SUPERAntiSpyware offers its customers 24/7 technical support that can be contacted via email.
  • Low price for the license.
  • The anti-malware tool also. Has low requirements for the computer, so it works perfectly even on older PCs that have specifications lower than average. 


  • The software looks pretty outdated.
  • SUPERAntiSpyware detected some legitimate and safe programs as malware, such as safe cookies. However, the actual malware detection was lower than the market average.
  • The software is not capable of completely covering the PC’s security, so if you want to protect your system totally, you have to get additional security products. 

superantispyware scan

The Final Verdict

After a week of testing the anti-malware suite, researchers came up with the final verdict. They highlighted that the program is cheap, but has only average detection and removal rates.

It is a low-budget program with an average virus detection rate. Not the worst solution for improving the security of your computer, but there is no doubt that it needs some improvement. This software is a great solution for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money for the license. However, make sure you have additional protection and don't visit malicious websites!


SpyBot[3] security tool was developed by Safer-Networking LTD, a company based in Ireland. The program’s main purpose is to detect and remove malicious files and software from infected PCs. SpyBot is also known as SpyBot – Search & Destroy the anti-malware solution which was designed for home and business users. 

SpyBot includes various malware detection and prevention features. The application fights various types of malware and potentially unwanted applications, including rootkits, adware, toolbars, networks scan and fix. Once SpyBot detects malicious software it removes infections straightaway, if users want additional functions, such as immunization or quarantine, they have to pay a fee. 

In addition, the anti-malware application removes usage traces, this way your internet activities are kept private and protected. It also removes browser history, access files programs and cookies. 

SpyBot review

SpyBot provides two different versions, one is for beginners and another one is for advanced users and experts. 

The free version, however, does not include a virus scanner. Still, before purchasing the software, we would recommend you to try a free version of SpyBot. 

Researchers at Reviewed by Pro[4] tested the software for about a month. The download and installation processes are easy and quick and the software is compatible with Windows operating systems, Windows Vista, 7, 8, 9, and 10. 


  • SpyBot offers a low price for the full version of the software. 
  • SpyBot also has very low requirements for the PC, so users do not have to have the latest PC or operating system to run SpyBot.
  • The anti-spyware application provides users with a number of useful features and can cover all of the PC’s protection or user privacy. 


  • SUPERAntiSpyware provides low virus detection rates. The anti-spyware application did not find all the hidden infected files and malware samples on the test computer. 
  • SUPERAntiSpyware has confusing and not easy to navigate user-interface, which also looks outdated. 

SpyBot features

The Final Verdict

After testing the anti-spyware application for a month, researchers revealed the final verdict. 

This is not the best software for spyware removal because of its low virus detection rate, confusing navigation, and a poor user interface.

Researchers also noted that the first version of this anti-spyware application was developed many years ago, and it was one of the first anti-spyware applications on the market. However, the second version which was introduced only later appeared not as good as it was expected to be. 

To Summarize

Both SUPERAntiSpyware and SpyBot anti-spyware applications offer low budget security packages and are great choices for those who do not want to spend a lot of money for an anti-malware application. 

However, both SUPERAntiSpyware and SpyBot demonstrated low detection rates, and they both have confusing user-interfaces.

If you need to choose one of these applications, we would recommend you SUPERAntiSpyware, because it has more useful features and also has slightly better detection rates. However, it does not provide complete PC protection, so you would have to have additional security software running together with SUPERAntiSpyware if you decide to choose this anti-spyware application for your PC. 

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