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SpyRemover was created in 2015. The developers of this software say that they are the leaders of anti-malware tools in the market. You can download the demo version for free and make the computer diagnostics. If any viruses are found, you can buy the full version of SpyRemover Pro and delete them from your computer.

spyremover pro

This software not only removes the threats but also protects your computer from many dangers like spyware, adware, keyloggers, Trojans, tracking devices, hacker tools and other malware[1].

It is a very user-friendly and fast program.

Spy Remover Pro is a very young product in comparison with other similar tools, but it looks like that they started to play a bigger role in the computer security market. User-friendly and fast software performance makes it really popular among computer lovers.

Also, this software offers real-time virus protection[2] and blocks all kinds of threats while you browse the Internet.

Moreover, SpyRemover Pro has a powerful antimalware tool, high detection rate, and low resource usage performance. These are very important options for the computer users of today.

Pros Cons The final verdict
 Fast scanning  Very basic software function list  The software is user-friendly and fast, but the creators could develop some of its features even further.  
 High virus detection rate  Not always finds and removes threats
 Real-time protection  Poor customer support

SpyRemover Pro Download and Installation

The installation package of the antimalware program contains only 2.7 MB of data (the size could vary on different versions), so you will download it very quickly.

After the download is finished, find and open the downloaded file named “SpyRemoverPro.exe”. It should be located in your computer’s “Downloads” folder.

The installation is very quick.

The installation of this software is the same as any other program installation. Simply locate the downloaded file, open it and the installation process will begin. A couple of clicks, and you are done with it. Note that this application works only with the Windows operating systems 7, 8, and 10.

After the successful installation of the program, the system will begin its automatic data base update. It will take a couple of minutes and the system will be ready for the first scan of your computer. 

Test Results

Antivirus protection

We were using this software for almost 14 days. It is worth mentioning that we used a computer with the Windows 10 operating system, Intel i7 processor, 4 RAM, and an SSD disk drive.

We had tested many antivirus programs before, and it was interesting to explore the positive and negative sides of SpyRemover Pro.

It is best to fully scan your computer for the first time after the installation.

We tested the demo version of the anti-malware application and we noticed that some of the functions were inactive, so we could not test all of them.

The application found many threats while our current anti-virus software was sleeping and didn’t react to any pieces of spyware[3] and malware[4]. We added some viruses onto our computer to see what will happen. Unfortunately, this software didn’t detect all the viruses we added.

The good news is that SpyRemover Pro found 30% more malware than other similar level software, but not all, while other premium and well-known antivirus software did this job well.

After the “Quick scan”, SpyRemover Pro found 4 security threats and almost 150 privacy issues. These numbers show that our computer is not safe at all. Before the scan, we thought that our computer was safe, but it looks like we were wrong.

SpyRemover Pro was not tested by any independent testing labs, so it is unknown how it would perform in bigger tests.

Additional features

SpyRemover Pro is an anti-malware tool so it is not a surprise that it does not include many additional features. The free version can scan your system, while only the paid version will actually remove detected threats. The package offers users Anti-malware protection, Real-time virus protection, and a PC optimization feature.

System performance impact

We don’t have the smallest complaint about the computer’s speed after installing SpyRemover Pro.

The good news is that the installation file was very small and its download was very quick. The database update was very quick too.

Although SpyRemover Pro performed very well in Reviewed by Pro test, as it was mentioned before, the program was not tested by any of the independent testing labs, that is why it is hard to evaluate the performance impact.

Scanning performance

There are two types of scanning: the full scan and the fast scan.

The full scan mode will scan every single part of your operating system. The “Smart Scan” will explore the most vulnerable parts of your operating system.[5]

During the computer scan, the computer was working fine as always and we didn’t feel any speed performance issues. The developers of SpyRemover Pro write on their website that the software won’t slow down your computer and it is true. It feels like you are using really good and modern antivirus software. What really surprised us was super-fast computer scanning.

When you run this software for the first time, we recommend the full scan of your computer. Otherwise, you will not be sure if your computer is not infected by viruses and other internet threats.

SpyRemover Pro does not slow down your device while scanning. 

User interface

Moreover, the user-interface was really friendly and simple, and the design of the software looked fresh. It feels like you are using really good and modern antivirus software. What really surprised us was super-fast computer scanning.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection High malware detection and removal rates
Additional features Basic anti-malware feature set
System-performance impact Low resource usage
Scanning-performance Scans are quick and do not drown the system
User interface Friendly and easy to use

The Final Verdict

This anti-malware app is very user-friendly, works fast, takes up very little space, and has a high virus detection rate. On the other hand, it has some issues like any other software.

SpyRemover is extremely user-friendly.

The developer of this program could expand some of its features and improve the removal of the threats found. The virus database should be improved as well. As software, it is professional, but it still needs some improvements on the things mentioned before.


SpyRemover Pro and SpyHunter 4

According to Reviewed by Pro, SpyRemover Pro provides users with fresh looking and easy to operate interface. SpyRemover Pro also scans the system really quickly and effectively. However, SpyHunter 4 offers better detection and removal rates and works professionally for both, businesses and individuals. 

For the detailed comparison of SpyRemover Pro and SpyHunter 4 click here.

SpyRemover Pro and SpyBot

SpyRemover Pro and SpyBot provides users with similar features and are both designed in order to detect and remove malware. It is worth to mention, that both applications have more features, for example. SpyBot offers privacy features and deletes digital traces in order to ensure user privacy. However, when it comes to malware removal and detection, SpyRemover Pro provides more reliable protection.

The detailed comparison of Spyremover Pro and SpyBot is here.

SpyRemover Pro and WiperSoft

SpyRemover Pro and WiperSoft both offer simple features, fast scans, high detection and successful removal rates. Both applications do not drown operational system or slow down outgoing processes during scans. But if you are looking for a software that protects your computer entirely, we would say that SpyRemover Pro offers more useful and necessary features. 

If you want to read a full comparison, please click here.

spyremover pro

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