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Cyber attackers never sleep and malware targeting Windows devices increase rapidly, that is why a reliable anti-malware tool is relevant. If you are looking for a stable and reliable anti-malware tool that is capable of protecting your Windows PC against various cyber threats and malicious software, check out this article. SpyRemover Pro and Defender Pro are both great anti-malware tools that were tested by security researchers at Reviewed by Pro. So if you are choosing between these two applications, continue reading. 

SpyRemover VS Defender ProSpyRemover Pro

SpyRemover Pro was developed in 2015. Today SpyRemover Pro is one of the most popular anti-malware tools in the industry and offers users easy and affordable solution against the most common cyber threats and malware. 

Researchers at Reviewed by Pro recommends users to download the software for free and run diagnostics for free. If SpyRemover Pro detects any threats, users should purchase the full version of the software in order to clean the system and protect the PC against future threats.[1]

SpyRemover Pro threats detected

Antivirus protection 

SpyRemover Pro is known as a reliable anti-malware tool. SpyRemover Pro, just like other antivirus programs, uses multiple layered protection, including traditional malware scanning engine and heuristic monitoring. Anything suspicious is sent to the company’s cloud-based server for further analysis. 

According to researchers at Reviewed by Pro[2] tested the virus removal tool for 14 days, SpyRemover Pro detected more malicious signatures than other similar anti-malware tools by 30%. However, it still missed some threats. 

Additional features

SpyRemover Pro is relatively young antivirus software and does not offer many features. It includes powerful anti-malware protection, real-time virus protection, PC optimization function. However, the feature set only covers the essentials. 

System-performance impact and scans 

SpyRemover Pro does not cause any performance issues. In addition, scans are super fast and do not slow down computer performances. The anti-malware tool offers two types of scans including full and fast scan. 

User interface

SpyRemover Pro has very friendly and easy to use user interface. 

SpyRemover Pro scan completed

The final verdict

The software was tested by researchers at Reviewed by Pro. They mentioned that the software is user-friendly, fast and offers high detection rates. However, it does not offer many features.

This anti-malware app is very user-friendly, works fast, takes up very little space, and has a high virus detection rate. On the other hand, it also has some issues as any other software. The developer of this program could expand some of its features and improve the removal of the threats found. The virus database should be improved as well. As software, it is professional, but it still needs some improvements on the things mentioned before.

Feature Score 
Antivirus protection High malware detection and removal rates
Additional features  Basic feature set that covers the essentials
System-performance impact Low resource usage 
Scanning-performance Scans are quick and do not drown the system
User interface Friendly and easy to use


Defender Pro Total 

Defender Pro is developed by an experienced cybersecurity company that operates the market for more than ten years, Epartners LLC. The company is based in the United States, CN. Defender Pro offers users a free trial, so you can try the anti-malware tool before purchasing it. Defender Pro total is a very popular software in North America and protects over one million Windows PC users around the world The anti-malware tool offers users an advanced protection and fights various cyber threats, and malware including viruses, spyware, ransomware and protects users privacy.[3]

Defender Pro Antivirus

Antivirus protection

According to researchers at Reviewed by Pro,[4] Defender Pro demonstrates an excellent detection and removal threats. Just like SpyRemover Pro, Defender Pro Total uses traditional malware signature scanning in order to find widespread threats and heuristic monitoring that looks for suspicious behavior in order to detect zero-day malware. In addition, anything suspicious is sent to the company’s servers for further analysis. 

Defender Pro Total revealed more malware samples installed on the test computer than other similar anti-malware tools.

Additional features  

The software provides users with a very decent set of security and privacy features, including real-time protection, firewall, safe browsing, and identity-theft features for multiple Windows computers. 

System-performance impact and scans

When it comes to system-performance impact, the anti-malware tool did not drown the test computer. Defender Pro Total offers users three types of scans including a complete scan, a quick scan, and an advanced scan. The full scan took more than 40 minutes which is more than the market average but it worked stable and did not have any negative impact on the system during scans.

User interface

Defender Pro’s user interface looks pretty and is easy to understand. 

Defender Pro Internet Security

The final verdict

After testing the software for about 30 days, researchers at Reviewed by Pro came up with the final verdict and noted that the anti-malware tool is a trustworthy and reliable application for a reasonable price.

Quality computer security and antivirus software for a reasonable price with a good-looking interface and intuitive management system.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Excellent
Additional features A decent set of extra security and privacy features
System-performance impact Low
Scanning performance Scans are longer than the market average and do not drown the system
User interface Looks modern and is easy to understand

To Summarize

SpyRemover Pro and Defender Pro Total are both reliable applications that demonstrate high detection rates better than other anti-malware tools. If you are looking for quick scans and basic coverage with a relatively high antivirus protection rates, we would recommend you SpyRemover Pro. The program is very simple and easy to use. 

However, if you are looking for more advanced protection that offers even higher detection rates and a very decent set of security and privacy features Defender Pro Total is your choice. The anti-malware tool has a good-looking interface, intuitive management system, excellent detection rates, low-performance impact and all of this at a very good and reasonable price. 

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