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If you need additional help with your infected PC or notice that your computer is acting weirdly, SpyHunter Spyware HelpDesk[1] would be the right solution for you. This article will reveal you the information you need to know about SpyHunter Spyware HelpDesk – SpyHunter's Tech Support and Repair tool, that consist of advanced malware removal and live customer support. SpyHunter Spyware HelpDesk offers what you need if you have any problems dealing with malware on your PC.

SpyHunter Spyware HelpDesk

What is SpyHunter Spyware HelpDesk

SpyHunter offers its customers Live customer services that include one-on-one technical support, direct access to a technician and custom automated fix. SpyHunter Spyware Helpdesk combines malware removal technology together with live customer support.

How does SpyHunter Spyware HelpDesk work

So if the SpyHunter’s scanning process is not capable to discover a potentially malicious threat, the user gets the option to generate a diagnostic report. The generated report will be transmitted to the HelpDesk Center.

In only 24 hours, SpyHunter’s technicians will check the diagnostic support log and will get back to the user with a unique customized fix which will completely remove the threat.

The new infection will also be added to Spyhunter’s definition database.

The SpyHunter’s database is updated two times a week from diagnostics support logs that are collected from consumers through the HelpDesk system.

Spyhunter's repair tool

Three levels of support are offered by Spyware HelpDesk Support Center:

  • Level 1 
    The customer receives visual instructions that explain how to update the SpyHunter Definitions, or how to update the software to the latest version. Thus, a wide range of malware can be removed by updating definitions and rescanning the system.
  • Level 2
    The customer will be provided with visual instructions on how to operate the custom automated fix that is generated from the diagnostics report and support log which was transmitted to HelpDesk Support Center.
  • Level 3
    If SpyHunter and custom fix are not able to remove the infection, technicians at SpyHunter will contact the infected user directly on the phone and remotely will kill the threat on the user’s PC.

These levels of SpyHunter Spyware HelpDesk support are included with the semi-annual subscription of the security software.

SpyHunter HelpDesk tech support Tool

About the Company SpyHunter

SpyHunter was established by Enigma Software company that specializes in Microsoft Windows operating system security products. Enigma Software Group USA, LLC focuses on the development of PC security software, online security analysis, adaptive threat assessment, and detection of cyber threats. The company has offices in the United States, Lithuania, and Bulgaria.


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