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Shield Antivirus is an impressively powerful software that will protect your PC from all threats in the most efficient way possible. The software was developed by the company called Shield Apps, which has been protecting its clients for more than 10 years now.

They have their offices based in USA, Germany, France, China, India, and Israel.

Pros Cons Verdict
Perfect scan results Real-time protection is not perfect A brilliant anti-malware application with a high-quality quick scan feature   
Simple to use
The scans are quick

Shield provides users with a range of Internet security and antivirus products including Shield Antivirus, Cyber Privacy Suite, Ransomware Defender, PC Cleaning Utility, Identity Theft Prevented, Hard Disk Shield, PC Privacy Shield, PC Password Shield, Password Recovery Shield, Anti Malware, Mobile Shield Antivirus, and Mobile Cleaning Utility. 

Download and installation

To have the application on your computer, you have to download it first, which you can do on our page. The size of the installer is not big and the download will be completed in no time.

After the download is finished, open the file and follow further instructions to install Shield Antivirus. The installation is surprisingly simple and you will have to go through only 2 windows to complete it.

There is a Shield Antivirus Android version.

Shield Antivirus is supported by Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. There is also a version for Android devices.

The installation took a few minutes to complete, but it was because of the updates that had to take place during the process.

Although everything went smoothly, a window of the program showed up saying “Loading” and it kept staying on the screen for a few minutes and you could not turn it off until the loading was completed. It can be a little annoying if you are busy with something else at that moment. However, it is just a one-time thing.

Test results

Antivirus protection

For all its Windows products Shield uses same malware detection techniques for all its Windows products. The defenses start with active protection mechanism to protect devices from the latest malware, that monitor, block, and alert users whenever the threat is detected.

We tested Shield Antivirus for about 30 days. The computer that we used had the Intel i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and HDD. The operating system was Windows 10. 

We had a few infected files on our computer for testing purposes. 

Most of the other antivirus programs didn’t find a single threat during a quick scan, while Shield Antivirus found all the known threats and even detected some new viruses, which were never noticed by other programs. All of our infected files, which we got for testing, were detected during both deep and quick scans.

Although this software is very efficient, we noticed that we were able to open one virus-infected file without Shield Antivirus stopping us. When we moved the virus file to another folder, it notified us that this is a virus and gave us a choice of removing or ignoring it. But the point is, that we didn't get any notifications after opening it, which is a bit disappointing. 

The application still has an outstanding virus detection rate, which is actually higher than the market's average at the moment. However, we do not know the software is ranked in bigger antivirus tests, such as AV-TEST. Shield Antivirus was not tested by any of independent testing labs so it is hard to evaluate the antivirus protection, even though it performed almost perfectly in our test. 

Additional features

Shield Antivirus has a basic security and privacy feature set that can cover the essentials. The features include All-in-one PC Security which detects and removes various malware, Real-Time Active Monitoring, and Protection, Ransomware Protection, Internet Security, Deep Threat Scanning, Scheduled Scans, Automatic Updates, and Secure File Eraser. In addition, Shield Antivirus also offers mobile protection and includes a license for Android devices. 

As you can see, Shield Antivirus does not provide users with advanced features, such as parental controls or a password manager. 

System-performance impact

This software truly stands out from other antivirus programs because it is very fast and light. Shield Antivirus was designed to use a minimal amount of computer resources. We did not notice any system-performance impact or interrupts while the antivirus was working in the background. As we tested, it only impacted system by 13% which is better than the market average. 

However, as it was mentioned before, we do not have the results from any of independent testing labs, so it is hard to evaluate the system-performance impact. 

Scanning performance

The quick scan of Shield Antivirus takes a bit longer to complete in comparison with other similar programs, but it is a really efficient quick scan, which might actually be more useful than the ones of other software.[1]


In addition, it was impressive how calmly Shield Antivirus was scanning in the background – we didn’t notice any PC performance drops or other interruptions.

User interface

Shield has a dark and modern-looking interface. The interface can be moved around the screen but cannot be resized. Shield Antivirus is very easy to understand and use as all of the features can be easily found in the main window. 

Customer reviews

There are some user reviews about Shield Antivirus on the Internet. When we discovered these reviews we weren't surprised that all of them were 100% positive. Almost all the users were completely satisfied with the efficiency and simplicity of Shield Antivirus.

Although the majority of the users were happy, you can find some negative comments too.

Shield Antivirus will find all the Potentially Unwanted Programs.

Before searching for reviews from other users, remember that not every opinion is logical and based on real facts.

There are some companies that are unable to compete with other great developers. To overcome that, they often create fake accounts on various forums and write negative opinions about other programs[2]. These opinions can be written by anyone and without any reason because everybody can express their thoughts freely and anonymously on the Internet.

In order to stay away from false information, do not trust every opinion expressed online, especially if it looks suspicious.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Advanced
Additional features Feature set covers the essentials
System-performance impact Light
Scanning performance Longer than the average scans with a minimal impact on a system
User interface Easy to understand and use

The final verdict

Shield Antivirus is a brilliant software for all kinds of users. You will not only find the infected files but also various potentially unwanted programs[3]. The quick scan function works as it is supposed to work – you will find all the main threats on your computer as quickly as possible and you can delete all of them just by one click.

Other products

ShieldApps for Android: Mobile Privacy Shield 

ShieldApps has developed a list of mobile privacy applications in order to protect Android users privacy. The applications include Mobile Privacy Shield, Mobile Camera and Microphone Blocker, and Mobile Identity Theft Preventer. Applications highlight security and privacy feature such as privacy advisor, danger level report, camera blocker, microphone control, and also automatic updates. 

Mobile Privacy Shield

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PC Privacy Shield

PC Privacy Shield was developed to keep private users information private by wiping out their online digital footprints and activities including browsing history, file, and program usage, messaging records and more. PC Privacy Shield safeguards against Internet fraud and Phishing, erases users' tracks, protects personal and private data, blocks advertisers from prying and even more. 

PC Privacy Shield

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Shield Identity Theft Preventer

To help users to avoid Identity Theft, ShieldApps developed Identity Theft Preventer which provides a proactive approach to protect their identity and sensitive information. The security tool protects user identity, removes traceable personal data, online browsing habits, blocks advertising mechanism and more.

shield id theft preventer

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Shield Ransomware Defender

Ransomware attacks are increasing rapidly, that is why users should consider protecting their home and businesses against ransomware. ShieldApps provides home and business users with advanced ransomware protection tool called Shield Ransomware Defender. The tool highlights ransomware detection, offers deep scans, 24/7 real-time, active protection against ransomware. 

Shield Ransomware defender

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Shield Mobile Antivirus

Shield Mobile Antivirus for Android provides reliable and stable protection against viruses and malware. The application offers users powered antivirus system that safeguards the device 24/7. Shield Mobile Antivirus features include virus protection, real-time protection, scheduled scans, privacy advisor, automatic updates, detailed reports and even more. 

Mobile Shield Antivirus

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Shield Mobile Cleaning Utility

In addition to advanced protection and antivirus system, ShieldApps has developed Mobile Cleaning Utility that increases your device performance and extends battery life. Mobile Cleaning Utility offers features including RAM cleaning, battery saver, application management, storage display, and notification. What is more, the application is completely free, so users can boost their Mobile devices for free!

Mobile Cleaning Utility

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