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ScanGuard Advanced Antivirus for Mac[1] is a security and optimization tool developed by a new company called ScanGuard.

There is not much information about it and some users also think that the software is a malicious program.

ScanGuard Antivirus for Mac Review

It is worth to mention that even though Microsoft does not recognize the antivirus and that can lead to conflicts with Windows Defender, ScanGuard is actually a legitimate application that is capable of protecting your devices.

The company provides security software and antivirus across all the most popular platforms, including Windows, Macs, Android, and iOS devices.

ScanGuard Antivirus for Mac does not include a free trial but offers a 30-day money back guarantee. The company provides users with three packages including:

  • ScanGuard Essential Antivirus which starts at $24.95 per year for the first subscription and $99.95 for the following years.
  • ScanGuard Antivirus Pro which starts at $39.95 for the first year subscription and $119.95 for the following.
  • ScanGuard Ultimate Antivirus which starts at $59.99 for the first year and $149.95 for further yearly subscriptions.

All plans are compatible with Windows, Macs, Android, and iOS devices.[2]

In recent years, Malware designed specifically for Mac has become more common. ScanGuard’s powerful real-time antivirus protection keeps your Mac protected from malware threats.

Test results

ScanGuard installation is very quick and easy. We downloaded the application to our test MacBook Air 13 Inch. Once downloaded, the antivirus program performed a free smart scan in order to reveal malware, PUAs, and privacy concerns.

ScanGuard also provides users with information and recommendations. It is worth to mention that only paid version will be available to actually remove the detected threats.

ScanGuard Antivirus for Mac started

Antivirus protection

Even though ScanGuard reviews could mislead the users and make them think that ScanGuard is not a real antivirus, it is not true. Once we have downloaded and installed the application, it performed a full system scan which revealed most of the malicious software samples. According to the company, ScanGuard’s full system scan will locate, quarantine and eliminate malware, trojans, adware, spyware, and more ensuring you are protected against all the latest viruses and threats. However, the application missed some adware. In order to clean the system from the threats, the full version of the application is needed, or users can remove them manually.

The application is still very new, so it does not provide its software to any independent testing labs, such as AV-TEST or AV-Comparatives, so the actual antivirus protection is difficult to evaluate.

SafeGuard Antivirus also protect users while browsing the internet. It secures users from various cyber threats, phishing and malicious websites that target to steal user data.

Additional features

ScanGuard provides Mac users with various features including the following:

  • Advanced Antivirus Engine
  • Real-Time Antivirus Protection
  • Protection against Phishing Scams
  • Device Optimizer
  • Remote Firewall Protection
  • Web Browser Cleaner and Manager
  • App Manager
  • Web Shield Extension
  • 24/7 Customer Support

In addition, for additional fee users can get Premium features such as Password Vault, Identity Protection service with monitoring and alerts, and VPN service. 

Note: If you are looking for a VPN service, check out our Privacy page, and choose the most suitable VPN for you.

ScanGuard also aims to improve internet browsing speed nu removing unwanted cashing and old history, as well as, enhance the device’s performance by identifying specific errors and programs which might have an impact on the Mac.

ScanGuard Antivirus for Mac Smart Scan

System-performance impact

ScanGuard Antivirus does not seem like slowing down any system performance in any way.  Customer reviews also indicate that the software does not have a negative impact on the computer during scans. As it was mentioned before, ScanGuard is a very new player in the market, so any reputed independent testers have not reviewed the application yet.

Scanning performance

The application provides users with two types of scans that include a quick scan which checks the most important and vulnerable parts of the system and a full scan. The antivirus defenses detect and quarantine adware, malware, spyware and other cyber threats that aim to infect your system. The scan was very quick and took only up to 15 minutes. ScanGuard full system scan includes Antivirus, System Boost, Disk Cleaner, and Web Security scans.

Customer Support

ScanGuard provides users with 24/7 live chat and email customer support.[3] The response times are great.

Users can also check on the website that provides information on how to fix a range of most common problems. The webpage includes Knowledge-base with FAQs and articles related to ScanGuard products, video tutorials, and more.

However, phone calls only limited to billing issues.

ScanGuard Antivirus for Mac Settings

User interface

ScanGuard has a very intuitive and well-designed interface. The application is easy to use and does not interfere with any of your devices’ experience. The interface cannot be resized but can be moved around the screen.

The ScanGuard’s dashboards display users any threats on the device and quarantined icons which are ready to delete. All the features are easily accessible and can be activated with a single click.

The main menu appears at the left side and includes the main options: Dashboard, Antivirus, System Boost, Disk Cleaner, Web Security and Password Vault.



Antivirus protection


Additional features

Privacy-focused feature set

System-performance impact


Scanning performance

Quick and informative system scan

User interface

Clean and intuitive

The final verdict

ScanGuard Antivirus is a brand new antivirus package that provides antivirus protection, privacy, and optimization features. In fact, the application is one of the most privacy-focused antivirus packages in the market. The program also has a clean and intuitive interface which is also very easy to use and works across all devices, including, Windows, Macs, Android and iOS operating systems.

However, ScanGuard has not been tested by any reputed independent testing agencies so it is hard to evaluate the application’s antivirus protection.

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