Rogue AntiVirus keeps going: 200,000 WordPress sites got infected

by Julie Splinters - -

An improved set of high volume injections has been targeting WordPress pages.[1] It appears that the malware has already compromised over 200,000 websites.

fake antivirus

The mass-injections direct potential victims to a false AV site which performs a scan on the device as an element of Windows Security Alert. The window that appears on the screen after the “scan” reminds of a Windows Explorer window which prompts to install an AntiVirus system. This “AntiVirus” system turns out to be a malicious Trojan.

According to Websense Security Labs blog, 85% of the infected WordPress Websites are hosted in the USA. However, the threat goes to everyone who visits these compromised sites.[2]

Senior Malware Analyst Vyacheslav Zakorzhevsky[3] announced that the number of fraudulent AntiVirus programs has been decreasing. Even though false AV notifications fall, those false “windows errors” pop-ups remain.


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