Protect your devices against spyware: SpyHunter vs SpyRemover

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This article provides a critical evaluation and comparison in order to choose the best spyware protection for users.

Spyware protectionResearchers at ReviewedByPro checked two simple and easy to use security solutions SpyRemover Pro and SpyHunter Internet security. Both security packages were tested on a computer running Windows 10 operating system in order to test their performance against spyware and other malware. Both of them offers free and paid versions – the free version scans the system and detects malicious programs, while the paid one will remove the detected malware as well.

SpyRemover Pro

To start with SpyRemover Pro. In 2015, SpyRemover hit the market. According to its developers, they lead the security industry by offering customers quality anti-malware tools.[1]

spyremower antivirus

As it was mention, you can download the demo version for free to run computer diagnostics and scan it for malware. If the security software detects any viruses, you can purchase the full version and remove them from your machine.
In addition to virus removal, the security software also provides protection against spyware, adware, Trojans, and other malware.[2]

Researchers at ReviewedByPro tested the software by using it for almost 2 weeks.

Spy Remover Pro is a very young product in comparison with other similar tools, but it looks like that they started to play a bigger role in the computer security market. User-friendly and fast software performance makes it really popular among computer lovers.

The security package is small and easy to download. After the installation, it begins the automatic database update for a couple of minutes. After the update, the security solution is ready for the first scan of your system.
The researchers revealed these advantages:

  • Fast scanning and powerful anti-malware tool. The security solution offers users two types of scanning: the full scan and the fast scan. The differences include that the full scan will scan every part of your system while the fast scan will only check the most vulnerable parts. You are strongly recommended to scan your computer fully for the first time. Even though the virus detection rate is relatively high and the software found one third more malware than other similar level solutions, SpyRemover did not discover all the added testing viruses and malware.
  • It is very important, that the scan is very fast and doesn’t have any impact on system’s performance and speed. “It feels like you are using really good and modern antivirus software. What really surprised us was super-fast computer scanning.” – the researchers indicated.
  • The antivirus solution also offers real-time protection. ReviewedByPro strongly advises you to choose the security software that can offer you this feature and is able to block threats while you are browsing the Internet.
  • The researchers also noted that the user interface is very friendly and simple to use, also looks fresh.

spyremover internet security

Just like any other security suite, SpyRemover has aspects to improve. The researchers discovered these disadvantages:

  • The Internet security is relatively young and offers only a very basic software function list, including scans and removal of malware.
  • The detection is high but not as high as other more developed internet security suites. It does not always find and remove malware and the virus database should be improved.
  • Poor customer support.

The Final Verdict

According to the test results, the software is professional and easy to use. It offers consumers fast and easy scan which does not slow down the computer and affect operating systems in any other negative way.

The final verdict from ReviewedByPro is:

The software is user-friendly and fast, but the creators could develop some of its features even further.

SpyHunter 4

SpyHunter is known as simple and effective malware detection and removal which belongs to well known Enigma Software Group. The company is based in the United States and established their first software in 2003. In comparison to SpyRemover, SpyHunter has much more experience in the security industry.[3]

spyhunter internet security 

SpyHunter 4 is the most recent version of this antivirus program and is considered as professional software in order to protect user devices against all malware types. The free demo version will scan the system and detect malicious programs, while the paid version will remove them. The provider states that the software is a great choice for both individual users and companies. [4]

Just like SpyRemover, the installation of the SpyHunter is quick and easy. Once it is installed, the antivirus starts to scan the computer by looking for malware and other computer viruses.

Researchers at ReviewedByPro tested the software and highlighted these advantages:

  • The security solution frequently updates the system and malware database. It is extremely important in order to provide the quality malware detection rate. The software revealed the most of the malware. It is very informative and reveals even the smallest threats to your computer. 
  • The system is also very well optimized, looks clean and everything is easily accessible.
  • SpyHunter works quickly without any noticeable impacts on the system. “The good point is that a full system scan does not slow down your computer – it runs just like there is nothing in the background,” – the researchers added.

spyhunter antivirus

However, the antivirus also has a couple negative aspects:

  • Automatic scans can be quite annoying and start every time you turn on the device. In addition, the scan takes some time.
    No option to “Restart PC later” after reinstalling or uninstalling the program.
  • The researchers also advise you not to download illegal versions of the software because it could be infected with rootkits, Trojans, and other similar malware.

The Final Verdict

The final verdict provided by ReviewedByPro is:

SpyHunter is a great choice for those who want to protect their computers from all kinds of viruses and want an easy-to-use alternative.

To summarize

We would say, if you are looking for a quality and experienced security software that detects all kind of malware with the highest rate of detection, and works professional for both businesses and individuals, you should get SpyHunter security software. It scans every time the device is turned on to make your computer super safe. ReviewedByPro was impressed with its detection rate and that it reveals even the smallest threat.

However, if you require high but not the best malware detection and removal with easy to operate and good looking interface, we would recommend you SpyRemover. This software offers you a quick scan option and high detection rates, which won’t annoy you with automatic long scans.


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