Phishing - the most popular vector among cybercriminals in 2017

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Phishing is still the most applied cyber attack form, which can manage to reach from 90% to 95% of all APT attacks globally. 

phishing attacks

The Email Security Report and investigation by IronScales, in which over 500 Internet security experts participated, announced that employees are the biggest target of impersonation and spoofing with 67%, followed by branded (35%) and seasonal attacks (31%).[1]

In the past year, fraudulent and malicious emails successfully avoided firewalls, legacy spam filters and gateways in order to boost brand spoofing and CEO fraud. In addition, busy and uninformed consumers are likely to become victims by downloading malicious attachments or clicking on email links that potentially empower attackers to access corporate data or other sensitive information.

46% of all organizations that participated in the IronScales online survey stated that after the detection of phishing emails, it takes the whole day or sometimes even longer to get rid of them from endpoints. Meanwhile, 72% of cyber security experts believe that email forensics and inbox scanning are able to protect from attacks and are relevant email security methods.

The vast majority of respondents (93%) reported that technology and humans should collaborate and work together to prevent and respond to phishing attacks.

In contrast, just up to one fifth of the respondents announced that they are capable of removing and blocking a phishing scam just in about half an hour.[2]

The founder and CEO of IronScales Eyal Benishti states:

“When time is of the essence, as it is with stopping and minimizing phishing attacks, the integration of human intelligence with technology significantly and effectively expedites prevention, detection and response. With email phishing attacks proliferating in frequency and complexity, it’s positive to find that cybersecurity professionals are beginning to recognize human-machine collaboration as an essential component of their organizations’ phishing response and email security strategies.”


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