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If you want to improve your system’s speed and increase its memory and battery life you have to make sure it is clean and do not have any unused and unnecessary programs installed in your system. This is why it is very important for you to uninstall and remove all applications that you do not use as they consume system resources and take up additional space.

Keep in mind that simply dragging the PC Matic icon to Trash will not remove the application from your system correctly.

This step-by-step user guide will provide you with the information on how to remove PC Matic from your Windows PC correctly.

Uninstall PC Matic from your Windows PC

In order to Uninstall PC Matic, simply just go to the Programs and Features, then Uninstall a Program link through the Control Panel.

Uninstall the following apps:

  • PC Matic
  • PC Matic Super Shield
  • PC Matic Info Center

Finally, reboot your computer after these applications have been uninstalled to complete the uninstall process.

Congratulations! If all the steps were taken correctly PC Matic should be completely removed from your system. Now you can reinstall the updated PC Matic software or choose a different application for your Windows PC.

Contact the Support Team

If you found any difficulties uninstalling the program, contact our Support team. To get support, click the Support button which appears in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard.

From here, you can visit forums, view the user guide and choose to get support now to contact PC Matic support team.

In addition, you can also go directly to pcmatic.com/help and fill out a ticket to contact the support team.

However, do not forget that once the PC Matic is removed, your PC is unprotected and vulnerable to various cyber threats, attacks, and malware. If you want to keep your PC protected and secured make sure to install updated PC Matic or use a different Internet Security and Antivirus application for your PC.

Find the right security application for your Windows PC

If you are not sure which Internet security software or antivirus application to choose for your PC, make sure to check out our security section and choose an application that fits your needs! Our security team at Reviewed by Pro constantly tries new products in order to provide you with up-to-date information and reviews of the latest Internet security and antivirus applications not just for your Windows PC, but also for your Mac and Android devices.

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