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PC Matic[1] is developed by Iowa-based company PC Pitstop.

The company was founded in 1999 as a free computer diagnostic website. In 2011 the company launched Super Shield, which is PC Matic’s real-time protection based on a whitelist.[2]

PC Matic Review

PC Matic is not a traditional security suite. It includes Security software, Security Awareness Training KnowBe4. PC Matic Adblocker, and Automated PC maintenance.

PC Matic offers security and optimization software for home and home office, and for businesses and governments.

Let's check out what we find in the software for home users.

PC Matic offers users a Free limited version of the application or an annual subscription for $50, the Rest of Life subscription for $150 that includes all updates and the Pro version which you will have to ask. If you do not like the product, PC Matic provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so there is no risk when purchasing PC Matic.

PC Matic covers up to 5 PCs and supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

PC Matic Dashboard

Test results

PC Matic was tested on our Windows 10 PC for about two weeks. We find the installation and download quick and easy. The first impression was that the program is very interesting and differs from other traditional antivirus applications.

Antivirus protection

Unlike the majority of antivirus programs that applies blacklist approach, PC Matic uses a proprietary whitelisting technology for real-time protection.

PC Matic functions by using a list of known, trusted programs and allows them to run. Everything else that tries to execute that is not on our whitelist is sent to our malware research team to be tested. Within 24 hours it is categorized either trusted or malicious.

The company tracks tested and safe programs instead of changing malware algorithms and codes.

PC Matic found all malicious software installed on our test computer, however, we used only about 15 samples. Let’s check how it performed on bigger tests.

The application participated in the independent German-based testing lab AV-TEST[3] in July and August 2018. It was tested using about 20,000 zero-day and widespread malware samples. The protection against zero-day malware attacks including web and email threats was 99.2% in July and 100% in August. In addition, the detection rates of widespread and prevalent malware were 99.4% and 100% in July and August, respectively.

As you can see the antivirus protection is decent but not perfect.

Additional features

As it was mentioned before, PC Matic subscription includes not just security software but also security awareness training, Adblocker, and Automated PC Maintenance.

  • Security

PC Matic protects users against ransomware, advanced persistent threats, also known as APTs, polymorphic viruses, and zero-day attacks.

  • KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

PC Matic partners with KnowBe4 which provides every PC Matic subscriber access to free, top-notch cybersecurity training.

  • PC Matic Adblocker

The Adblocker aims to keep the PC and data secure from malicious ads and increasing advanced malvertising attacks. In addition, the tool also stops persistent pop-up advertisements which can obtain users’ personal information, such as location, device information, and browsing habits.

  • Automated PC Maintenance

PC Matic includes optimization tools which starts at every startup to defragment disks, update drivers, clean registry, optimize SSDs, remove junk files, optimize broadband, update common software automatically, remove unnecessary startup apps, deactivate unnecessary Windows tasks, disable resource hogging startups, accelerate downloads in FF and IE, fix software vulnerabilities.

PC Matic Security

System performance impact

At our test PC, PC Matic was working smoothly without an impact on a system. In fact, it actually improved the performance and speeds because of it automated PC maintenance features.

When it comes to AV-TEST results, PC Matic slowed down when launching popular websites by 5%, slower download of a frequently-used application by 1%, slower launch of a standard application by 102%, slower installation of frequently used apps by 8% and slower copying files by 1%. The rates are actually similar than the industry average.

Scanning performance

PC Matic works not just like a traditional antivirus suite, as it scans the PC not just for malware but also for issues including disk fragmentation, benchmark performance, and other problems. The scans are longer than average but very informative and detailed.

Users can also choose a quick malware scan, full scan or scan a specific folder.

Customer support

PC Matic offers users customer support 7 days a week. In order to contact the support users need to fill out the form.

PC Matic also provides with a very informative support page which includes users guide, FAQs, forum help, how-to videos.\\

PC Matic Scan Options

User interface

PC Matic is simple to use. The interface is very informative and provides very detailed results page when problems are found.

The interface looks dark.

The main window includes a very detailed and informative window about the PC’s health, such as scan summary, performance, security, disk, reports, user ratings, or summary.



Antivirus protection


Additional features

Includes various optimization features, adblock.

System-performance impact


Scanning performance

Very detailed reporting

User interface


The final verdict

PC Matic differs from traditional antivirus systems, as it applies a whitelist approach and focuses on optimization features. The program provides users with a decent antivirus protection at a reliable price. The tool includes a number of features, optimization tools, and adblock.

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