Panda Mobile Security Review

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Android is the most targeted mobile operating system and mobile threats targeting Android devices are still increasing. In addition, privacy attacks and phone and tablet thefts are very common these days. In response to these mobile threats and attacks, a Spanish-based cybersecurity company, Panda Security, developed Panda Mobile Security – advanced and reliable mobile security application.

Pand Mobile Security Review

Panda Mobile Security provides advanced antivirus protection for smartphones against malware and other mobile threats. The application also optimizes the device’s performance. Users are enabled to track, control and lock the device remotely. In addition, Remote Selfie feature allows customers to use their smartwatch to take pictures with the smartphone or tablet.

What does Panda Mobile Security offer?

Maximum protection at all times

Panda Mobile Security[1] allows customers to enjoy peace of mind with one of the best antivirus systems for smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. So, if you have an Android Wear smartwatch, you can apply the anchor in order to know the location of your device at all times. You can set up an alarm to trigger if your device becomes too far apart, also you can find and lock it remotely. Your Android device, no matter if it is a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, is protected against all types of malware, cyber attacks, hackers and other mobile threats.

Performance optimization and memory management

Panda Mobile Security not only protects and secures Android devices but also provides performance optimization and memory management features. Panda Mobile Security analyzes the usage of the applications installed on the device, it also provides information about their size and CPU and memory consumption. Panda Mobile Security also blocks these apps if needed.

Track lost devices and lock them remotely

Panda Mobile Security location system enables users to track lost or missing devices. The feature tracks, locates and shows on the map your stolen or missing device’s location, in order to help consumers to find it quickly. In addition, users are able to remotely lock the missing device, wipe personal information to prevent access to sensitive and important data.

Control access permissions of installed applications

Panda Mobile Security enables users to check and display the information about applications’ installed in the device access permissions, such as access to contacts, bank accounts, photos, camera and more, and adjust them.

Panda Mobile Security Android

Panda Mobile Security offers users free and premium version of the mobile security

Panda Mobile Security Free features


  • Real-time antivirus

Panda Mobile Security performs application scans every time you download a new app before you start to use it. These scans ensure the newly installed application is safe to use and won’t infect your Android device system. The antivirus also scans apps’ updates.

  • On-demand scans

Panda Mobile Security also provides users with on-demand scans in order to detect viruses, spyware and other types of malware on programs or media content. Users can also scan their phones and tablets from their smartwatch.

  • SD card scanning

Panda Mobile Security also enables users to scan any SD card that is inserted into the Android device.

Privacy Auditor

The Privacy Auditor displays the information about the permissions required by applications that are installed on the device. So users will be informed which apps have an access to contacts, bank account information, user location, camera, and others.

Performance optimization

Panda Mobile Security also increases the performance and battery life of the device, by analyzing the activity and usage of active and installed apps, and blocking them if needed.

Anti-Theft and device locator

Panda Mobile Security uses GPS location system in order to track and locate a missing device.

  • Locate

Panda Mobile Security tracks and locates the device remotely in real time. You can locate your device remotely from your smartwatch as well.

  • Lock

Panda Mobile Security also enables to lock your phone remotely and prevent third-parties from accessing your private information. Users are also able to lock their devices remotely from their Android Wear smartwatch.

  • Wipe

Panda Mobile Security also allows users to delete all data stores on the lost or stolen device so no one will access your personal or sensitive data on the device or its SD card.

Even the most advanced antivirus solutions cannot prevent your phone from being lost or stolen. That is why Panda Mobile Security offers Anti-Theft and location features that are able to secure your personal and sensitive information. 

Panda Antivirus Android

Panda Mobile Security Pro features

  • Call Blocker

Panda Mobile Security Pro offers users the call blocker feature that enables them to add phone numbers to the blacklist and stop spam and unwanted calls.

  • Theft Alerts

If your device gets stolen, Panda Mobile Security Pro users will receive a picture of the person who has the device. The picture will be taken and sent together with the device’s location to the owner’s email address if the person using the device will fail three times to unlock it.

  • App Lock

Pro users also are able to lock the apps that may include personal or sensitive information (such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and other) with a PIN code, ensuring that their family’s private data is secure and protected.

  • Motion Alert

Panda Mobile Security Pro also enables customers to set up motion alert, that will trigger an alarm if someone picks up the device without the owner’s permission.

  • ‘Anchor’

Pro users are able to anchor their smartphone or tablet to their Android Wear smartwatch. For example, users can set up an alarm if the device will move too far from the watch.

  • Remote Alarm

Panda Mobile Security Pro enables users to trigger an alarm on a missing device remotely from Android smartwatch.

  • Remote Photo

Panda Mobile Security Pro features include the ability to take a photo with the device remotely from Android smartwatch.

Panda Mobile Security

Technical Requirements

Panda Mobile Security is compatible with smartphones and tablets with Android 4 or later.

About the Company Panda Security

Panda Security[2] specializes in IT security software and provides businesses and home users advanced reliable security, privacy, and optimization software. The company was established in 1990 as the antivirus software provides. Today this Spanish-based company is one of the leaders in the market, providing cybersecurity services with technology for preventing cybercrime. Panda products are compatible with Windows, macOS X and Android operating systems.

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