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Malicious URL attacks returned in Q3

The most recent report revealed the tendency that malicious URL emails soared by 600% in the third quarter.More
News   November 20, 2017

Children’s toys potentially spy on families

The Genesis Toys company launched innovative talking dolls that can eavesdrop on kids and families. More
News   November 17, 2017

Beware of Taxi Trojans

It may not seem suspicious to purchase on your smartphone, especially, paying for your Taxi ride.More
News   November 17, 2017

Showtime sites used as cryptocurrency miners

CBS Corporation subsidiary’s official websites and were found rigged to mine cryptocurrency Monero. More
News   November 17, 2017

Amazon Key increases security threats

Recently Amazon has launched a brand new service called Amazon Key.More
News   November 16, 2017

The language-specific ransomware attacks South Korea

Users in Asia Pacific region, particularly those in South Korea, should consider their cyber security.More
News   November 16, 2017

WannaCry and the NHS

The WannaCry cyber attack impacted health services in May 2017.More
News   November 16, 2017

CIA hacking tools are linked to Trojans and Malware

A range of malware targeting enterprises and businesses since 2011 is reminiscent of the Vault 7 hacking tools discovered by the WikiLeaks organization. More
News   November 15, 2017

An upgraded version of the Sage ransomware hits with style

The Sage ransomware is called ransomware with style because of its engaging user interface and international accessibility with an interactive ransom note.More
News   November 15, 2017

Are Mac users safe from ransomware attacks?

The recent WannaCry ransomware attacked Windows users. Mac users also start wondering if they are safe from ransomware. More
News   November 15, 2017

Mr. Robot: what you should know about cyber security

The TV show Mr. Robot demonstrated information on the security world around the globe.More
News   November 14, 2017

Learn Ethical Hacking

The Hacker News, THN now offers you the Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle that will allow you to learn how to hack ethically, regardless of your previous experience. More
News   November 14, 2017

Introducing Advanced Protection - advanced Gmail account security services

Journalists and government institutions that use Google, were invited be first to use advanced Gmail account security services.More
News   November 14, 2017

Bogus hits. Malware coming from DocuSign emails?

A new cyber attack campaign is under way, including distributing emails pretending to come from DocuSign and attempting to trick potential victims to open an MS Office Word document which contains malware.  A company that provides electronic signature technology, DocuSign, reported to consumers that hackers broke into one of its systems and kidnapped user email addres... More
News   November 13, 2017

Only half of lost USB sticks are returned to owners. What happens to the others?

ESET, the Internet security company based in the United Kingdom has conducted a research about USB sticks and other mobile handsets and dry cleaners.More
News   November 13, 2017
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