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Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus for Android 2018 VS Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus for Android 2018

If you are looking for a reliable security application for your Android device, then check out this article.More
News   April 3, 2018

Hacker accused of hacking three American technology companies has pleased not guilty

A Russian man Yevgeniy Aleksandrovich Nikulin, a 30-year-old Russian hacker has pleaded not guilty in the US federal court.More
News   April 3, 2018

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2018 VS Norton Mobile Security 2018

Googe’s mobile operating system Android remains the most popular mobile operating system in the market.More
News   March 30, 2018

Newly announced flaws in AMD processors will be fixed soon

AMD has announced 13 critical vulnerabilities and exploitable backdoors in its processors.More
News   March 30, 2018

Top 5 Best Mac Antivirus Software 2018

If you think that your Mac does not require an antivirus product, you are wrong.More
News   March 29, 2018

Orbitz warns: 800,000 payment cards were exposed

Orbitz, which is owned by Expedia, announced a possible data breach that might have impacted 880,000 payment cards. More
News   March 29, 2018

AVG Free AntiVirus for Mac VS Avast Free Mac Security

Many Mac users still think that their devices are protected and they do not need an antivirus product.More
News   March 28, 2018

Facebook collected users’ contact data for years

There is no surprise that a social network Facebook knows about you a lot.More
News   March 28, 2018

Top 5 Best Android Security & Antivirus Apps 2018

. Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus. Bitdefender is one of the most advanced Android security apps on the market.More
News   March 27, 2018

Atlanta city is being targeted by Ransomware

Ransomware attacks in the City of Atlanta paralyzed affected several of its departments and paralyzed government websites that process payments and transmit court data. More
News   March 27, 2018

Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac VS Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Even though Macs are considered to be safer than Windows PCs, a reliable security for Mac is essential.More
News   March 26, 2018

Windows Remote Assistance flaw enables hackers to access your personal files

You are probably aware that sharing remote access to your computer with third-parties and untrusted people is not safe.More
News   March 26, 2018

Premium Security Suite: Kaspersky Total Security 2018 VS Trend Micro Premium Security 2018

Viruses and other malware targeting Windows PCs remain increasing.More
News   March 23, 2018

Is your VPN service leaking your sensitive data?

Researchers have recently discovered critical vulnerabilities in popular virtual private network services that potentially could leak consumers’ IP addresses or other personal and sensitive data. More
News   March 23, 2018

Free Antivirus 2018: Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition VS Avast Free Antivirus

Windows users should be aware of all the cyber threats targeting their devices and attempting to steal their data, money or sensitive information.More
News   March 22, 2018
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