OSHI Defender user manual

OSHI Defender user manual

This step by step guide will show you how to download OSHI Defender, then install it and use it. As you may know, this program is free to try, so you won’t have to pay a fee for downloading it.

OSHI Defender download

You can simply download the program from this page. Once you obtain the installation file, click it and the installation process will begin.

OSHI Defender installation

1. Confirm that you allow the file to make changes to your computer.

2. Now you have the Installation Wizard open. Press “Next” and confirm the terms of service.

3. Then you have to click ‘Install’ and the process will begin. The program will be successfully installed in a few minutes.

4. Now you can exit the Installation Wizard and start your software for the first time.

5. Let’s find the OSHI Defender icon on the desktop and start the program.

Main features

As you can see, this is the home screen. OSHI Defender has lots of useful features for you to use and we will shortly go through all of them.

Overviewthis is another word for a home screen. Here you will be able to see if your computer is safe. You will also see the last completed scan and how much time it took. There is a possibility to check for updates – is the version you are using the newest? If you need to update it, we recommend doing it instantly once a new version is available – OSHI Defender will upgrade in a few minutes.

The Cloud Scanner section shows you when the last Cloud Scan was completed and what the results were.

Secure DNS is an extra feature that helps you defend the PC from hacker attacks.

In the Quarantine section you will be able to see all the files that have been quarantined during the scans, while Subscription shows for how long your license key is valid.

Scanthe scanning tool is one of the most important parts of an anti-malware program. Here you will have the ability to choose which scan you want – you can use a quick scan to check the newest software and files on your program to identify their safety or hazardousness.

Keep in mind that OSHI Defender mainly works with cloud-based scanning technology, which means you will be able to carry out a full scan without slowing down your operating system. That sounds really good for those, who don't have a lot of RAM memory. You will also be able to carry out a custom scan. If you feel that one of your folders is suspicious and you want to remove any kind of threat (or you just want to be sure) then you should choose this feature and carry out a custom scan.

Schedulerthe scheduler feature will let you schedule a scan that will be carried out by the program automatically once you set it. It’s a valuable feature, as you will not be bothered by the program and you will open it just to check the scanning results. Usually, a full system scan might take up from 5 to 6 hours.

Settingsthe ‘settings’ tab will let you decide how many notifications you want to see. It will also let you adjust the level of security – that’s an option that most other anti-malware programs do not have.

For example, if you are really suspicious about the websites you browse on the Internet, you should set the security level to ‘maximum’. If you see that your computer is clean and you do not use the Internet much, then you can set the level to ‘average’ or even ‘minimum’ – in that case, the application will not bother you with needless notifications and will take up less RAM memory.

Also, the ‘settings’ tab will let you choose whether you want to start the program when Windows starts or begin a background scan once the system is running. You can choose the way it displays the results and whether the program should carry out a scan every day.

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