New Google Play Protect for Android. What is new?

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Google announced the new comprehensive security suite for Android. This Google Play security software was established to protect Android devices from any harms or threats.

google play protection for android

Google announces it as a “one less worry for over two billion users.”[1]

Backed by the strength of Google, Play Protect brings control to your fingertips while giving guidance along the way. Together, we lay out the ideal security blanket for your mobile device. Consider yourself covered.

This article will uncover Google Play Protect software primary features:

  • Scanning Play Store apps for any malicious programs and malware – Google has been doing this since 2012.
  • Monitoring installed applications for any unusual behavior – Google introduced this in 2012 and expanded in 2014.
  • Remotely locating, locking and optionally wiping your Android device – it was available since 2013.
  • Notifying about websites that could infect your device or attempt to perceive your personal information – this feature was introduced in 2015.

So it turns out that the same features were available for years but many users had no idea about their presence. These features were overlooked and only security enthusiasts knew about their existence.

As a result, Play Protect is important not because of its functionality but because this reposition can actually help Google to solve the perception issue in the Android security area. Google is known for being good at doing things, however, its marketing strategy is not so great.[2]

Google Play Protect looks like it is, in all probability, just the start of a multipart correction. If you want to get the recent centralized Play Protect page on your device, go into the Google section in settings, look for “Security” section and then choose Google Play Protect.

Even though it is not very visible or easily found area, it is hoped to be more prominent in the near future.

In addition, Google Play Protect will also gain placement within the Google Play app store.

ComputerWorld indicated that Play Protect is not about solving issues on Android security but with all those updated protection layers, malicious software has actually never been a practical issue on any meaningful scale.

The main issue for Google was the perception of malware.

So what Google Play Protect is about?

According to ComputerWorld:[3]

Improving the visibility and awareness of Google's long-standing systems for keeping Android devices safe. It's a positive and overdue step—and the context surrounding it is as important as the effort itself.

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