Mr. Robot: what you should know about cyber security

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The TV show Mr. Robot demonstrated information on the security world around the globe. It also indicated how vulnerable common users are to cybercriminals.

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However, the show also indicates that most cyber attacks are performed when victims expose themselves to danger. Users usually do not care enough and ignore the potentiality to become a victim.

This article will reveal Mr. Robot’s advisements about cyber security and protection in order to prevent potential cyber attacks.[1]

Using strong passwords

Hacking the accounts and getting access to the victim’s information is easy by employing brute force or simpler version of it known as a dictionary attack. The main principle is to attempt all combinations of characters until finding the right one. As a result, the simpler password is the faster the program will find it right. So protect yourself and use difficult and hard to guess passwords.

Do not give access to your device to anyone

Of course, you wouldn’t give your phone to a stranger. However, do not give access to your personal devices to anyone or leave them unattended. In addition, constantly check installed software, scan your system regularly from unwanted programs, make sure your Internet Security Software is enabled and up to date and detects hidden software. Finally, set passwords to all your devices.

Keep sensitive information only to yourself

Do not ever give your confidential and private information to anyone, especially over the phone. Criminals might call you pretending to be bank employees and get your important information, for instance by answering security questions.

Do not insert any unknown removable media into your device

Unknown removable media can potentially contain malware. For example, inserting a disc into your computer can compromise it with unwanted malicious actors, that can take control of the system.

Think before posting stuff on the Internet

When you are posting on the Internet, basically anyone can see things you post and use them against you. For example, Elliot uncovered drug traffickers and used their own tweets as evidence.

Overall, Mr. Robot is a great example illustrating why people cannot ignore cyber security questions and must take care of their personal information, computers and mobile devices. The TV show also illustrates real life examples and potential attacks in order to show people how easily they can be hacked and compromised. In other words, Mr. Robot demonstrates realistic and informative situations associating with cyber security issues and encourages people to take care of their security.

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