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Mobile Shield Antivirus for Android[1] is developed by the company called ShieldApps.

Mobile Shield Antivirus Review

The company is known for specializing in cyber security and privacy solutions, including anti-tracking software, ID theft prevention, PC security, mobile security and optimization software and more. The company delivers security products not only for consumers but also for businesses.[2]

Actually, the range of products that the company offers is very wide.

When it comes to the mobile-based applications for Android smartphones and tablets, ShieldApps offers a list of apps available at the official Google Play app store, including Note – Hidden Photos, AppLock, Cyber Privacy Suite, Anti Malware, Ransomware Defender, Microphone & Camera Blocker, ShieldApps Microphone Blocker, ShieldApps Camera Blocker, Identity Theft Preventer, Camera & Microphone Blocker, Privacy Shield, and Mobile Cleaning Utility.

Mobile Shield Antivirus is an Android edition of ShieldApps developed flagship software Shield Antivirus. The mobile antivirus application aims to protect Android smartphones and tablets against malware, viruses and similar mobile threats.

Mobile Shield Antivirus Scanner scans through all of the device’s files including internal and external memory, looking for threats endangering the device’s health and performance. The application is powered by the active protection that safeguards the phone without any interruptions 24/7. It also features an app behavior analysis mechanism that notifies users about potentially dangerous and suspicious applications.

The application is available at the official Google Play app store and has been already installed more than 5,000 times and has a rating of 4.1 out of 5. The application requires Android 4.2.[3]

Mobile Shield Antivirus for Android

Test results

Mobile Shield Antivirus for Android was tested using our test device Samsung Galaxy S8 G950F 64GB for about 10 days. The first impression after the download of the software was good, as the software runs smooth and quickly.

Antivirus protection

Once installed we performed a full scan. The scan detected all of the malicious apps on our test smartphone, however, it also delivered a couple false positives.

Even though ShieldApps notes that Mobile Shield Antivirus demonstrates 100% detection rate, the application was not tested by any of the big testing labs, such as AV-TEST,[4] so it is unknown how the software would perform in these big tests.

Additional features

Mobile Shield Antivirus offers a free trial, so before purchasing the full version, you can try the software for free. The application offers essential security features for those, who need straightforward security application and does not require a bunch of features which will never be used.

  • Virus Protection. Mobile Shield Antivirus provides a reliable and stable protection against any potential malicious attack or infection.
  • Real-Time Protection. Mobile Shield Antivirus provides users with advanced algorithms that are always on top of every rising threat and informs users about any potential threat instantly.
  • Scheduled Scans. Mobile Shield Antivirus allows its users to schedule automatic virus scans and set up protection settings to ensure device’s safety at all times.
  • Privacy Advisor. Mobile Shield Antivirus’ Privacy Advisor monitors the permissions of the apps that are installed and active on the device. It also categorizes them by their risk level and removes them from inside the app is needed.
  • Automatic Updates. Mobile Shield Antivirus provides users with automatic updates and keeps itself up to date at all times.
  • Detailed Reports. Mobile Shield Antivirus will provide users with a detailed report on malware that was detected.
  • History Report. Mobile Shield Antivirus also keeps track of the single scan and removal action users have taken.

Mobile Shield Antivirus features for Android

Mobile Shield Antivirus is an all-in-one security solution for your Android phone.

As you can see, there are some unique and interesting features, such as reporting. However, if you need a full-featured application that includes parental controls, VPN, or backup, you better look for a different antivirus application.

System-performance impact and scans

Mobile Shield Antivirus had an average of 15% to 35% impact on our test device. It may not be noticeable, but still, it consumes quite a huge chunk of resources. The application has a minimal impact on battery life, as well. However, these results came from our small test on a single device. As it was mentioned before, Mobile Shield Antivirus has not been tested on bigger tests and multiple devices, so it is hard to measure the overall performance.

When it comes to scanning performance, scans take longer than an average, however, they are very informative and detailed. According to the vendor, Shield uses algorithms that scan deep into files and programs searching for suspicious icons, that is probably why, the app takes a bit longer than an average. Users also can get reports of the scans and use it for future prevention.

Mobile Shield Antivirus for Android screenshots

User Interface

Mobile Shield Antivirus has a very bight and red interface. It can seem a bit annoying looking at it for a longer time. All the features are easily accessible in the sidebar menu. The interface is very detailed and informative, which is good but can also seem a bit confusing.

Feature Score
Antivirus protection Unknown
Security and Privacy features Basic security features
Scanning performance Longer than the average, informative
System-performance hit Mediocre
User interface Bright

The final verdict

Mobile Shield Antivirus for Android is recommended for those, who look for a detailed and informative antivirus application. You will be able to get the security reports, which is not only interesting but also can be used for future prevention against various threats. However, Mobile Shield Antivirus has not been tested by any of the independent testing labs, so it is hard to evaluate its’ performance and efficiency, even though, the app’s protection looks quite reliable and trustworthy to us.

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